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  1. Where do I enter my steam code? It doesn't open a box or anything for entering text. The small log on the right doesn't allow text to be typed either.
  2. Have you tried allowFleeing? Perhaps using this inconjunction with careless may force him out? If that doesn't work, use a switch trigger and force him to switch waypoints.
  3. I used this so I could atleast get a starting point for it as well, forgot to mention :P http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=35771
  4. Right here is the latest log. Attempted to save loadout, nothing.
  5. I'll run a version of the server now, upload the logs, see if you can spot anything. It is just me doing this within my community rn anyway so no harm in a second pair of eyes.
  6. @gc8 Thank you for trying, helped me clarify some stuff anyway so your time wasn't completly wasted ;)
  7. Damn, oh well see if anyone else can, will gladly provide more info for anyone! :D
  8. We're using hostHavoc, current startup params: While using the find function, nothing else was found for "inidbi2".
  9. Yep, here is the extract. "database_check" addPublicVariableEventHandler { private ["_Request"]; _Request = _this select 1; _dataplayrowner = _Request select 0; _dataplayrname = _Request select 1; _dataplayruid = _Request select 2; _datanamearray = format ["%1_%2_mycustommissionname", _dataplayrname, _dataplayruid]; _databasename = _datanamearray; _Database = ["new", _databasename] call OO_INIDBI; _databasefind = "exists" call _Database;
  10. hmm I have done all of this and when I call _Database = ["new", _databasename] call OO_INIDBI; //Obviously there is more above but it can't find the function. it says it can't find it. Mod is in serverMod not general, tried both and didn't work. hosthavoc ensure me that the .dlls have correct permissions. I thought the packages thing might have been it but not sure anymore :/
  11. So the packages folder is going into ..\A3\ the @inidbi2 is going into my mod location and the inidb2_x64.dll is going in the @inidbi2 correct?
  12. Where do you add the other files? I couldn't see anything about them, excl. the @iniDBI2 mod file in the documentation, unless mine is old or something. Maybe a screenshot could help ;) It states nothing about where I add the packages files, and the other iniDBI2 folder.
  13. 56Curious


    Thank you Larrow, got it working last night with player. Hopefully all goes well.
  14. 56Curious


    Hello, I can't remember the list of what gets sent over when you click and rscButton via a createDialog. Which Select # is it? 0 and 1 wasn't working.
  15. 56Curious


    Within the dedicated environment, I can use player yes? I hate multiplayer scripting with a passion.
  16. 56Curious


    So I have a GUI setup that allow players to select which unit they're in. this execed via the initPlayerLocal.sqf Within my WelcomePlayer.sqf Now this works fine so far and I haven't had an issue with double declaring, you know where player becomes everyone, thanks to it being executed from the initPlayerLocal.sqf, however when they respawn, they're not longer that old object and need to be declared again. I tried just resetting the variable but I came into all kinds of issues like it taking everyone there, or sometimes not even working. I was just wondering if there was a quick way of getting WHO clicked the button, so I can just keep it confined and be done with it. If you need my dialog, here is the CUR_Welcome_GUI As for the actions, I clearly stated it was an example.
  17. My bad if that's the way it came across, I was saying to add it in the file itself and execVM the script from a new source, not in the initPlayerLocal. Of course you're not going to check for dedicated in a local script :P
  18. 56Curious


    So when the player selects a button created via the GUI editor, I want to get the object that executes it, obviously this is the player but like, for example when you run an action, you use _this select 1; to get grab the player and then can use this in a script. Depending on which button the player selects, it takes them somewhere. In mutliplayer I obviously can't just use player and hope. My question is which select # is for while using dialogs as I couldn't find any documentation on it.
  19. that's strange, have you tried adding if (isDedicated) then { /*Code*/ }; inside of the breifing file?
  20. Forgot about the onPlayerRespawn event ahah. Did the breifing show at all on initPlayerLocal?
  21. There's your problem, so you need to create a file called initPlayerLocal.sqf and add anything you want every player to see, start or JIP. So for you, all you need to do is add that line above into the file and it will execute evertime a player starts the load in phase. It will now look like this: initPlayerLocal.sqf: [this,"US1"] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia; 0 = execVM "briefingSetup.SQF"; I presume you have no folder structure. Any issues reply back :D
  22. Hello, I am unable to get BEC working correctly. Here is a photo of what i'm getting. https://imgur.com/a/GOtjb So, you'll want the following: BEC Config.cfg: BEServer.cfg Server configs TADST_Basic.cfg TADST_Config.cfg I've tried lots to try and fix this. The following are things i've checked - Ports are OPEN. - Ran as admin. - Using the following target line: "C:\Arma 3 Server Files\Admin Tools\BEC\Bec.exe" -f config.cfg --dsc - Added BEPath to target line of Arma: Here is that: -port=2302 "-config=C:\Arma 3 Server Files\Arma 3\TADST\default\TADST_config.cfg" "-cfg=C:\Arma 3 Server Files\Arma 3\TADST\default\TADST_basic.cfg" "-profiles=C:\Arma 3 Server Files\Arma 3\TADST\default" -name=default -filePatching -netlog -pid=C:\Arma 3 Server Files\Logs\PIDLog -ranking=C:\Arma 3 Server Files\Logs\RankingLog "-mod=Argo;Curator;Heli;Jets;Kart;Mark;Orange;Tacops" -enableHT -hugepages -loadMissionToMemory -maxMem=6144 -cpuCount=4 -BEpath=C:\Arma 3 Server Files\Arma 3\TADST\default\BattlEye\ As a quick side note, I can connect to the server, however i get kicked with "battleye initialization failed" as the error message, however sometimes it just kicks me with nothing. If BE isn't on when I boot the server, I can connect, however no-one else can see the server. Any help would be amazing!
  23. Hello, is it possible to force bis_fnc_playvideo to work like say3D, be it audio plays from a TV instead? So as you move away, the audio gets quieter. Any extra info can be requested.