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  1. On 1/3/2017 at 0:34 PM, jmayr2000 said:

    I'm having issues with the mouse control. After the update the mouse went from smooth motion to this choppy mess. For example you turn right or left and it is smooth but you stop and its like you hit a wall and stop. If you wiggle right and left there is a pause in the stop for like 1 sec before you start moving again. I tried playing with the mouse resolution and there was no change.


    There is an option in menu, Input. Fluid Camera Movement = YES


    I hope this help hehe.

  2. On 5/9/2016 at 11:04 AM, Kimzu said:

    From my experience green goes to red and red goes to green... i know it seems a tad silly but think of it as red is output and green is input, or vice versus i always seem to mix that up.


    GREEN= Energy OUT (OutPut)

    RED=Energy IN (InPut)


    For example, in Solar panel, you have GREEN connections, the energy flow from inside of panel to outside, plug there something to get in the energy IN (the RED conenction) so in the other side of the cable you have the GREEN output. In that output you will can connect the Refiney (RED connections because need the energy go IN) or another cable for loooong connections hahaha.



  3. Well i suppose this kind of a mod for a game version which is no longer current. I don't suppose you are going to make a mod like the normal method and creating an addon rather that using a external program?


    OH! Its not a mod hehehe, and I have no idea how to create a mods (yet hehe). Due it is using CheatEngine program (exteral tool) these steps will also works for any version... not only old ones. The use of CheatEngine is really easy for these tasks, really intuitive.


    I just wanted to share this way for allow us keeping playing our scenarios without radiation limits, maybe the game should have more options (DIficult level) for activate/deactivate solar events and so on, or just radaway pills heheheheh. *cough* this name sounds me...  ^_^

  4. After advising this, due this game PURE editable, i think is not against rules... This thread is because we CANT edit an important paremeter of the game (I think due it is in the game core, no idea)... the SOLAR ACTIVITY problem.


    After months searching and searching... i found nothing about how to reduce radiation, only someone saying about in the elevator it can drop around -0.000001/second but didnt checked yet... it sound me as a glitch or something hehehe.


    I dont understand why RADIATION implemented with nothing to do against this... How the hell can we survive in a survival game where you will die for sure because there is no way for survive?, ... no sense. Before adding radiation (can KILL you) it must have also something for avoid it...(try to win a game you will lose always?)


    Anyway... im still with old version v0.9.0200:39318 running in 32bits really good (many bugs but... i can support it lol) newer version only running in 64bits (i dint see any advise about this for 32bits users... sad)  and .... YAY!!! I found a way for STOP RADIATION with CheatEngine. The problem is you must repeat this short trick everytime you restart/load a game, but is not complicated...


    1. Open CheatEngine and select TKOM.EXE process (the game)

    2. IN GAME: Using Medical tool, keep an eye in your Radiation SV value, if it is zero (0) just wait to rise to 0.001, if you already have some much better

    3. IN CHEATENGINE: search that value you have using VALUE TYPE: FLOAT that will show a lot of addresses, just wait for next Radiation SV value change and repeat this operation with the new value for reduce that list. You will see only 1 address is constantly increasing with constant speed, that is your radiation!!. Double click it for add that address to the list below, just mark the box on the left, double click in value and write there zero (0).

    4. VOILA!!!! you will have constantly radiation ZERO!!!!  :D


    Personally i do this because i worked in my base for months... and I reached a point where i cant continue... i die in 3 minutes later due the radiation.. :( But NOT ANYMORE!!! ... One day... the whole Mars will be mine!!  ^_^


    Enjoy Marsnauts!!


    EDIT: Dont really need to do it everytime you load/start a game, only when radiation values are going a bit dangerous hehehehe, for reduce the value to zero (0).

  5. There is something really bad here about DRT instrument.


    In the LARGE ROVER, it is supposed you can mount DRT in those 4 front slots, looking forward... but the surprise is, when you move the rover to the metal part for the experiment, the instrument is really far away from ground... OUT OF RANGE. Why the hell allow to mount DRT in those slots? have no sense!!! It should have another slot just in the rover belly at least, due there are no enough slots in the robotic arm for all experiments needed.

  6. Hi folks,

    I thought I'd have a go at my first scenario, and tried following dariusz1983's great tutorial on Steam. 

    I've attempted to have the players starting position inside of the decent vehicle, as is makes it's decent to the LZ, but no matter what I do, the player position always seems to remain on the ground, watching the decent vehicle coming down.


    Here is a dropbox link to my .SCN file:



    If anyone can clarify what needs fixing, I'd really appreciate it! :)

    Interesting... did you try to attach the players to a seat? In this way they should be in the seat position i guess.

  7. Sorry in advance for necroing this thread. I'm having issues in one of the scenarios, Kaiser Colony no. 001, in the premade hab. There seems to be a leak near one of the airlock doors that leads to another section of the premade base. I tried looking for any leaks or missing structure, none found; then I tried to dissemble and re-assemble the room to fix the error near the depressurized section. No luck fixing the depressurized zone. I know that there was / is a known issue regarding the algorithm that determines pressurized zones. Any news regarding this known error for Kaiser Colony no. 001 or is it related to the algorithm error.


    Side note, I have also noticed this same error, though in a different capacity. I was building a separate base with partially sectioned off rooms for dormitories and a head (bathroom). The sectioned off area is just an alcove with a very narrow entry with a curve for 'privacy' for the beds and computer workstation. Once the structure was completed walking through the module I came across four different depressurized areas with no leaks when bringing up the construction tool. I'm inclined to think that the algorithm is still bugged which is causing the above error.

    I noted something like that... but i fixed it just checking the door orientation. In my case, a simple room with a simple door, then in that door the place for store/recharge the suit and finaly the main airlock door. Pretty simple, right? but it didnt work! hahaha, the area between doors (where the suit rechage place) was totally unpresurized... Well, I fixed it just adding a new section to the recharge suit, just for enlarge it and then, making sure the door orientation open to inside, not outside of the habitat. Let me put you a simple pic...



    Usually, all presurized devices, need this configuration for allow the interior pressure seal the door/hatch.

  8. Hello there space cowboys!!!




    Once landed with my rover in mars, im ready for start my mission. Everything going perfect, in NAV mode i see some spots where I can perform some experiments, so I move there, I do the photo mission perfectly... the problem is when I need to perform an experiment with instruments. I see the area marked and showing a label with diferent experiment types label, for example (APXS, MICRO, DRILL)... cicling the names in red, when I select any of those, it change color to normal so i can perform the experiment. After finished just 1 of those 3 types... all area disappear!!!, its like I need to choice between those 3 types of experiments, but only 1 can be done??


    BUG: DANGEROUS ONE!!!, i was using a Large Rover with the Robotic Arm. All works perfectly ONLY if I manage it manually. Using the console, try to send this orders to the rover:

    1. Create a point on ground close to you.

    2. UNSTOW ROBOTICARM1 (It should deploy your robotic arm)

    3. TOPT ROBOTICARM1 (It should move and aim to the point you created, but.... SURPRISE! It crash (not the game, just the arm) and you will lose all instruments in the Roboticarm), so... unable to continue with mission.




    I was testing several scenarios, but in "SP Prototype Cydonia", i cannot load a savegame!!! Why?? after hours and hours working hard... i cannot load the savegame, it is freezed in the loading screen, even no crash to desktop, no pop ups, just freeze. I need to use CTRL+ALT+DEL for close the program... when lucky! other times i need just suspend computer due the freezed window dont show my desktop hahahaha.





    Im new here, so i has not enough time for navigate all forums and so on, but I want to say, i can colaborate with Spanish translation. I have a lot of time at the moment (jobless.... argh) so... If you want, it will be a pleasure!