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  1. On 10. 6. 2017 at 8:45 PM, zulu1 said:

    Ok I'm trying to get my server going again but it's not being seen in OFPMonitor.

    I got someone to connect remotely using my IP, but nothing shows in Monitor.


    I have reportingIP="master.ofpisnotdead.com"; in my server config.


    I am behind a router and I have ports forwarded:

    2300-2400 TCP/UDP

    2234-2235 TCP/UDP


    Are there other ports that I should open for Monitor to work?


    I think you don't need to forward any ports to use OFPMonitor.


    Can you send me output of

    tracert master.ofpisnotdead.com

    Also check if you don't have any strict firewall rules.

  2. 28 minutes ago, cacahuete said:



    As Serveradmin, i have to make any change in the server cfg for reportingIP?

    Yes. It is written in first post.




    @poweruser can you please change this in first post?  I'm not sure if hostname works for reportingIP, anyway it is not clear what to setup. It will be nice to distinguish online and offline master servers better.

  3. 3 minutes ago, poweruser said:


    There's ofpisnotdead.com, but the master server is running at master.ofpisnotdead.com (ofpisnotdead.com works now also, but it is not meant to be). Can you please change that?


    4 minutes ago, poweruser said:

    But loading them from a file, would be more handy, especially on a restart. And: saving the current ones before exit

    There's no need to save them. Just to open some file at server start and run that addserver command for all lines. I can try to send you pull request, but I have no idea how to build PowerServer. I tried to import that into Netbeans without luck. Also there's no build script.

  4. OK, I did few things.


    I registered ofpisnotdead@yandex.com email and ofpisnotdead.com domain (based on that email, paid for 2 years) which I want to donate to OFP community. So feel free to ping me if someone is interested to join this community. The main goal is to not depend on one person. Everyone with access to that email should be able to operate with domain and master server.


    I started ofpisnotdead.com community master server at master.ofpisnotdead.com ( -> that's Elastic reserved IP, it will not change unless we will release it). It is hosted at AWS EC2 Frankfurt based nano instance (4.5$ per month).


    My server called "# XR CTI Server" is already reporting to that master server. I think it can be also part of ofpisnotdead.com community in the future.


    @poweruser feel free to add that master server to https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wiki/poweruser/ofpmonitor/masterservers.txt.


    It will be nice to add some functionality to PowerServer so you can add servers manually (via some config file), so we can list all current servers and also servers not using new reportingIP (Pioneer, ALC, LOL, ...). Doing some reverse heartbeat (asking servers for state, instead of waiting for heartbeat) should be the key of this solution. I saw some command for that, but loading from file will be nice here.


    If you'll get response from current master server maintainer (PFC, Rozek?), feel free to send him here.

    I'm not sure if it is good idea to run two master server at the same time. Is it possible to share server lists across two PowerServers? If unification is the solution here, we can run rinetd to route PowerServer traffic to new ofpisnotdead.com community PowerServer.

    Ahh it is already built in.