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  1. @TheGeneral2899 Hi, loved the guide. I use Nitrado to host my Arma 3 server, but when I upload the mission as a .pbo (for an addon) it is automatically converted back into a text document. I have tried changing the server.cfg file to read from Altis_Life.Altis.pbo but no luck, it just says that it can't find it.
  2. railgame1

    Disappointed with lack of Interactability on Tanoa

    I am fairly (guessing here :P) sure that they will get opened up upon initial release. As for this, I think they are there to show it is abandoned, as the story is that the island has fallen into chaos, so it was done on purpous to set the atmosphere. Also do remember this is an open-world military tactical shooter, so I don't think bulldozers are needed anyway. ~ Railgame1