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  1. Rename the texture file temporarily?
  2. ((get3DENSelected 'object') # 0) setObjectTexture "texturePath"; Executing that in the debug console (found under Tools, or Ctrl-D) while having a object selected should work. If you enable filepatching in the launch options, then you should be able to point texturePath at something outside your mission directory.
  3. Freddo3000

    ORBAT in Config

    Do as in this example: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_ORBAT_Viewer#Config where the classes are placed inside of each other. Do not define subordinates[] Also, never say "I solve the problem" without saying what you did to fix it, it will make future users very upset.
  4. Freddo3000

    ORBAT in Config

    Alright, that most likely means that your addon is not loaded, so check if that is the case. Do you have a proper CfgPatches class in your addon?
  5. Freddo3000

    AI Facts & Myths Compilation List

    Going by https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_AI_Skill#Sub-Skills it seems that AI is entirely unaffected by fatigue seeing as the endurance sub-skill is disabled.
  6. Freddo3000

    ORBAT in Config

    Check in the config viewer if it is actually present
  7. @darkxess Setting vehicles to "locked" in Zeus in reality means "locked for players". See the lock command for more info.
  8. @AlexMercerIV There's a lot of variables here, how close were they to one another, were they in an open field, elevation, etc.
  9. @Duke101 Thanks for the report. @genesis92x seemingly pushed the development branch to stable without prior communication, which has left a few things without proper playtesting.
  10. See release on github here: https://github.com/genesis92x/VcomAI-3.0/releases/tag/3.3.0
  11. Freddo3000

    How to check wether a player is a curator?

    @Dedmen That is a better solution.
  12. Freddo3000

    How to check wether a player is a curator?

    Posting a solution I found for fellow googlefu users: allCurators findIf {getAssignedCuratorUnit _x == <unit>} This will return -1 if <unit> isn't a curator.
  13. @JD Wang I'd recommend placing a move waypoint between them, as VCOM doesn't check if the "HOLD" waypoint has moved. Other than that, it should work.
  14. @Jessar The way that VCOM launches changed in 3.2, from being in the init.sqf to a function called on mission start. I'll look if I can find what may make it not run on Headless clients, but again I must state that VCOM isn't tested with HCs in mind. On the topic of performance, it really depends upon the server. I can run with 100 - 150 AI without the server struggling, though I haven't done much testing beyond that number.