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  1. If it would say something failed it is an error, what dosent mean that it causes a crash. Normally it is the last line as error as after the crash no more error can be written. I be honest with you I had that problem on Exile but and also at other occasions midgame but I cant remember how I fixed it. Sometimes I think its jinxed. One evening not working the next 4 weeks everything is fine then there is one crash a evening and then nothing again. I'm not an expert on Crash fixes and definetly not regarding Memory problems, feel free to upload you RPT file and once I have time I can check it out and see if I can spot something. Keep on trying Retch
  2. Hey yeah looks jsut like a problem a couple other guys have here (see some previous posts), still did you already check what it says towards the end of your report file? C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Arma 3) Are you running any additional mods or does it happen while running vanilla, do you notice anything before the Crash? Like Lag, desync, fps Drops? Retch
  3. I would atleast expect a Showcase on the VTOL as there hasn't been one in A3 till now.
  4. Retch

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Hey I hope this is the correct place to write this but I should be. I saw that in the Dev-Branch/Sneak-preview in the top right corner of the Main menu there was a button for A3 Units leading you on the A3 Units page, I think A3 Units is a good idea but it has much more potential, for now I was thinking about somehow connect the Unit Picture to be used as a Squad-Xml and depending on your squad-xml it will be shown in the top right. Please tell me what you think about it and if that is feasible. Retch
  5. I haven't checked lately but having humidity, so rain and fog greatly decreasing the effectivity of thermal diveces (less range) might be a help for the mission makers. Also now with the new expansion there will be gear covering thermal sources (Infantry gear aswell as structural covers) that way I think correctly used thermals wont be so strong anymore. For vehicle level I prefer to use IED and Mines, 1 nice hidden SLAM placed at the site of a building is quickly overseen, after that you just need to send the enemys from the right direction, if possible using structures, terrain and forrests as cover. Retch
  6. @vashcz listen man, firstoff I did not say that ArmA dosen't got any problems but surely it's being worked towards solutions. You are saying that you are having Problems since ArmA 2, as far as I can remember there wasn't a Workshop for it and when A3 just launched I can neither remember that. Workshop mods normaly are also shown in the Steam Libary under downlaods, did you try to cancel/stop the downlaod there? There can be conflicts between mods ,not by beeing in the same folder but content wise, i.e. AiATP and CUP Terrains, I'm not sure if both of them would work good together. Same class names or overwriting of files and stuff wont work anymore. I can't support you on this because it is not a bug, I can try my best to explain it to you, that are different systems chained together that cause your sroblem. Steam Workshop, you subscribed the Mod, your Steam automatically starts to downlaod the Mod unless you are already In-Game. The A3 Launcher checks if there are any new folders in your A3 folder, if it finds something for example in the Workshop folder it will check the Status and either allow you to activate the mod now or show that it is being downloaded. So either cancel the downlaod of the mod in the Steam Libary, unsubcribe the mod, delete the mod Folder in you A3 main Directory(not suggested) or check your steam settings to see if there is a setting that mods are not automatically downloaded. I hope that helped and pls mind your language Retch ;)
  7. Retch

    mission from altis to Tanoa issue

    I think @kaysio is talking about the link to the Mission on you onedirve, did you Change it or uploaded a new one, maybe moved Directory? To the map Problem: How are you trying to convert it, I can't download the map obvioulsy so what type of respwan System is it? Retch
  8. Retch

    Happy Birthday Arma

    Happy Birthday ArmA! :wub: Had almost 10 years full of awsome experience and meeting new cool People and making new friends. Thank you to all developers , modders and the whole community, for making this great game and giving us daily new experiences. Let's Keep up the great work and continue spreading the word of ArmA! Retch
  9. There is nothing to blame there mate, I suggest you to download big mods over night. The reason being why you can't Play while downloading is for example to ensure a complete and clean Installation of the mods, downloading and storing 50GB is a big load for your hard drive, Imaging trying to Play at the same Moment with the game also reading stuff from your drive will slow everything down what would decrease your fun ingame. The think with the Workshop is a compatability Thing, if you find a mod that you like on the Workshop and you dislike that you can't play at the same time but still want to ignore that you can find most of the mods on websites just try to Google the mod name. Small tipp: Don't try to download all the 50GB at once, try it once after another to see if there are conflicts. I hope I could help you Retch ;)
  10. I reall like the idea of an advanced flight model for FW, so keep up the good ideas. My question is what do you guys think about the auto-vortexing? Is there a way to disable it? Would greatly apreciate any help and comments. Retch