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  1. I really like the mod and the work you have put into it! My suggestion would be that if you get hit another time either while being wounded, but not deadly or after being healed up you'd shout again. From what I tested you only shout 2 times per life, when you get wounded the first time and when you die, adding shouts for everytime you get wounded would make this mod much more usable for people that orientate on milsim and usage with mods/scripts that change the wounding/revive mechanics of the game and it could be a temporary solution for ACE.
  2. Retch

    Multiplayer FPS problems

    Does that problem only occur on that specific mentioned server or on any? Are you using something like ACe or some other view range / object view range changer?
  3. Retch

    Profile reset when Arma 3 starts.

    The first file is called %.vars.% what for me looks like it has to do with the virtual arsenal, I may not completly understand you problem, but if you could provide a rpt.file we might be able to see if there is a reason for what you experience. You can find you rpt.files here: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Arma 3 Thank you Retch
  4. Retch

    Mr. Skellingtons CBRN Defense Units

    Just got pointed out to this, gonna try it out straight away!
  5. Retch

    Newb questions about zues.

    Yes simply select the AI, hold down CTRL and then connect the line to the player, that adds him to the players group AND faction.
  6. Retch

    Problem with multiple Zeus curators

    Make sure that in the modules it allows p2-p5 to have acess to all objects+modules including unofficial ones. That should fix the problem, for you they are running as a kinda spectator/ helper slot. Tell me if you need further instructions but it should be straight forward. Retch
  7. If you are just looking for the location they are stored its this: Savefiles: C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Arma 3\Saved Self created missions: C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Arma 3\missions Profilefiles: C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Arma 3 If you have several profiles the path is slightly different adding in: C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\%profilename% and then the resprective location. I hope I could help you Retch
  8. Retch

    Session Lost

    Hey jake, are you playing with any friends on the server that can say why you got kicked off. (See Error message in the chat) Also what could help us is if you could upload a RPT-File when you encountered the issue, you can find it here: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Arma 3 In the meantime I suggest you to browse the forums and see if there are other people that had the same issue like you, maybe they found a fix for it. This is a thread where someone got a session lost message maybe this can help you, or someone else will post here if they know the solution. Thank you Retch
  9. Retch

    This isn't a mod issue it seems...

    First off config and more. And secondly if I understand the system correctly its just like KokaKolaA3 said, if you do not own the Apex Expansion and the server requires it you will be unable to join the server. If it's different please correct me. Retch
  10. SInce one of the last updates, it should work like this: You can only see the markers placed in e.g. Side-Chat if you are in the same one. So if you would then switch to e.g. Direct_chat you can no longer see it, unless you switch to the correct one. For 3LGStevo, it might be that custom radio channels are not supporting the above mentioned system, since the update. See if you can disable your custom radio channels and check if the clients still encounter the same issue. If thats not the case, Im quiet certain R0adki11 could help you out or you can open a report here. Thanks Retch
  11. If you could please provide some RPT-Files, that should make it easier to find the problem and see if everyone hast the same issue. Also check what Addons the server requires, whic map/mission it is running. Thank you Retch
  12. If you have an issue next time just see if you can google it mostlikely someone already had that issue. Here is a thread for the same issue, they solved it by simply restarting Steam. Make sure to reinstall BattlEye, otherwise you'll have problems joining servers. Have a nice day Retch
  13. As kridian said, check out the memory allocator provided on iceman's thread and report back if that fixed the issue for you or if it caused a change in your situation, I suggest on the other thread. It works for some people and the more can give input the faster the problem can be pinpoint. Thank you and good luck Retch
  14. Retch

    L-ALT to Hold Breath Broken

    Default key is as already mentioned holding RMB while aiming down the sight. If you changed your default keybind check your settings and look if they haven't reseted, as there was a new controll mapping added, at your first startup after you played the expansion for the first time it asks you if you want to use that mapping if you confirmed it obviously overwrote your settings. So have a look in your controll settings. If you have further problems, please report and we try to help. Retch
  15. Retch

    How much would you recommend the Apex Expansion?

    I really have to say this mostlikely the best map ever created in the ArmA Series, it feels amazing. We did a patrol through the jungle along one of the small paths while raining. You could hear the rain hitting the leaves, flash then a thunder and out of nowhere you are surronded by IR-Lasers and you get attack by Bug and Spidermans. Very nice expansion, even incredible. 10/10 Retch
  16. Retch

    Apex Preview, issues with campaign.

    Hi can you reproduce teh problem with the stable game version? It might just be a bug with the Sneak preview.
  17. It is Aware with normal movement speed.
  18. Retch

    Trouble with my arma 3

    Yeah same here, I only have t for trees that are about 800m away and against the sky, they are mostlikely already aware of the issue and working on a solution. Retch
  19. Retch

    Tanoa latitude?

    Tanoa is kinda based of the fiji islands, they might have taken that latitude: Link Are you using ATRAX? Retch
  20. That makes no sense you cant still deploy them "pre-cautionary" just that you lose to many. You where able to prevent a hit with pressing it 2-3 times now, I think it should be the pilots decision. I see how the System works, I'm pretty sure you can rewrite it and add it in as a small mod/script, I know RHS for example has the timed System too. I'll Report about it once I know more. Retch
  21. Retch

    TF47 Launchers [WIP]

    @blackpixxel That Looks very nice, the Carl Gustav is my favourtie launcher together with the Pzf-3, I love the metallic Sound it does and that Picture is just " :wub: ", is RHS also going to add it? I would love to be able to use it again, Keep up the nice work! Retch
  22. Will definetly do that as soon as im home, as we are already talking alot about fixed-wing aircraft, I would like to suggest to also get a Manual flaring System, just how it was in ArmA 2 with 2 flares being deployed and not 24. I run out of flares really quick in A3 and have to RTB for that. I think that would improve alot, especially in Mil-Sim /COOP-Units. The System for changing countermeasures is already in the game (CTRL+C) and would be just a cycle Option. What do you guys think about it? Retch
  23. I'm afraid you can't unless you change the weather, clouds are usually at about 1-2km height and if you fly above them you obiviously can't look at the ground. Same for any Aircraft but there for, depending against what Kind of enemy you fight, you can use the clouds for cover. Retch
  24. @autiger Hey make sure to follow the steps posted by terox, also ALiVE and MCC can definetly decrease your performance do you notice any performance loss before the Server crashs? Are letting both of the Programms controll the AI at the same time? Retch
  25. Yes you can change that in the waypoint properties. @Heroes On what map did you test that and what type of Terrain? I feel like that at a night without a full moon or overcast, not using NVGs makes you blind (without tweaking any Settings) and that if I would be Standing in a field unable to see anything it's actually quiet good that the same Counts for AI and it should Keep like this. I think it's just again a Mission making aspect somehow as a missionmaker you'll have to figure out how to Balance it. Campfires, flashlights, flares, Static lights all that Kind of stuff and NVG's arent that superior anymore. So always Keep in mind that we are effected the same way if we dont have that gear. Retch