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    [WIP] Terrain "Benzopila"

    Hey, There's a lot of good ideas here. I just can't wait to being able to test this map ingame. It's clearly the kind of terrain that can be used for multiple types of scenarios, combat, exploration, stealth... Using a Ghillie Suit and hide in the vegetation can get some real nice infiltration moments
  2. Ghost_Warden

    setBehaviour bugged?

    Hi, According to the Notes in this BI Wiki page concerning the "setBehaviour" command, it's not a bug. I suppose that it's link to the reaction of group members. If one of them is in Combat mode, the other ones will go in Combat mode too. Like in real life, if someone move into Combat position after spotting a possible hostile, the other ones do the same to prevent any situation. BI surely want that like it to simulate this grouped reaction. The only issue I find in this, it's when AI are not grouped and can not see the other ones but react as well as the one they don't see and being alerted without any communication between them. Here is the page link : https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setBehaviour
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    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi Team, Thanks for the last update and content added ! Is it possible to see the Omega 9K suppressor white end (canon side) being blackened ? That can be better for rendering in weapons. With some of them, we can see the white part and that's a little weird. If you can take that in consideration, that can be cool. Thanks The overall equipment, weapons and vehicles is really awesome, like always.
  4. Ghost_Warden

    HAFM NAVY v1.0

    Hi ! Really nice work ! And a great idea ! I remember that I already made a mod request for this kind of boats in another forum (out of BI ones I mean), and at this time, somebody says me this stupid thing "If you want it, do it yourself" in the badest way possible. And now, after some years, you come and release us this really nice idea, a thing that is missed a lot since the release of ArmA III, and you bring it to those who don't have any knowledges to do it, like me. Thanks, and thanks again ! I've always think, like manu other here and out there for sure, that the naval aspect of ArmA III has a really huge lack of content. And you just bring a little light in this dark area. I'll test your work and keep an interested eye on it. Thanks for your time and your work.
  5. Hi ! I searching for a member that can help and explain me how I can make a PBO file with a config.cpp to execute a script for each class Man ingame. I already know how to make a config.cpp, and already own the script file in SQS format. I just need help to know what to write in the config.cpp to define it to execute the SQS script for each class Man in the game. CBA dependency not needed, but that's not a problem to have it if it's better. Thanks a lot !
  6. I'm back for the last time I want to thanks all of those who helped me in this case, UK_Apollo and grezvany13. Thanks again, really ! It finally seems to work correctly. I explain what I've done. In the first step, searching in the file wasn't the real thing to do. So, I find in the config.cpp. And got it. I use the SQS format, and here is the content of the file : _p = selectRandom ["MIDDLE","UP"]; #loop; @ (behaviour (_this select 0)) in ["COMBAT"]; (_this select 0) setUnitPos _p; @ (behaviour (_this select 0)) in ["AWARE"]; (_this select 0) setUnitPos "UP"; goto "loop"; exit; With that, I launch the script with the XEH, thanks to you two for theses informations. Here is the content of the config.cpp : class CfgPatches { class PosCBTMod { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Characters_F","Extended_EventHandlers"}; author = "HellGhost"; }; }; class Extended_Init_EventHandlers { class CAManBase { class CAManBase_Init { init = " [_this select 0] exec '\PosCBTMod\PosCbt.sqs'"; }; }; }; The issue was with the config.cpp, that's why I have this error message. In fact, I replace the original : init = " [_this] exec '\PosCBTMod\PosCbt.sqs'"; By : init = " [_this select 0] exec '\PosCBTMod\PosCbt.sqs'"; And with that, it works fine, no more error message ingame and the AI correctly take randomly the standing or crouching position. So, I share the content of this mod here, for you if you want explanations and like you searching with me, so I considering I owe you the answer after all the help you give to me to get to this working state. Thanks again, and if I can be helpfull one day, don't hesitate to contact me directly. I've made a little last modification : _p = selectRandom ["MIDDLE","UP"]; _beh = ["COMBAT","STEALTH"]; #loop; @ (behaviour (_this select 0)) in _beh; (_this select 0) setUnitPos _p; @ (behaviour (_this select 0)) in ["AWARE"]; (_this select 0) setUnitPos "UP"; goto "loop"; exit; Like that, I can finally get ride of all these AI getting down on the floor when an hostile is spotted, it's boring to have ArmA playing as Grass Shooting Simulator, without taking in consideration all these moments when Ai can see throught grass and shoot you when you just can't see it to counter attack. The AI can still be prone if an order is giving to them for that.
  7. Ok, it seems that every things I posted above isn't working. It's getting to be really tired. Everybody seems to says that SQF is easier and better, but actually, I already see that it's really boring and capricious. EDIT : I just realised that I need to make a loop. So, I must use the "while" command instead. And actually, all my tests for incorporate it is unsuccessfull, no change, it's the habit. Here is the code : _unit = _this; _p = selectRandom ["MIDDLE","UP"]; while {true} do {{if ((behaviour (_this select 0)) == "STEALTH") then { hint "STEALTH MODE TEST" } else { hint "NOT STEALTH MODE TEST" };}; Sleep 5;}; I've already try to add a Sleep command between the last "}" sign and the one before, like in any other scripts, but of course, like it's the mine, it pop an error saying that it's "Generic error in an expression". Normal. I let this in one line, because if I try to do it in multiple lines, it says me that it missed the end of the line where the next line started. Really weird. I'm actually trying the loop command, so, when I have the hint appearing correctly ingame, I can know that the command is correct and can replace by the commands I need for the script, that's why I change the commands.
  8. Ok, I'm back after a little time about researches. I don't know if it solved anything concerning the "behaviour" command, but now, it seems that the engine is occupied by another "error" after the behaviour command, so it's maybe the sign that it's solved for that. Like always, when you solved an issue, there's another one that coming. Never happy, this engine. So, here is the code I have now : _unit = _this; _p = selectRandom ["MIDDLE","UP"]; #loop; if ((behaviour (_this select 0)) == ""COMBAT"") then { (_this select 0) setUnitPos _p }; goto "loop"; exit; I've already try with adding "()" symbols to surrounds the part in the "then" area, but still the same, the engine keep saying it missed a sign. I'm close to send him another sign, made with my hand, and more exactly only with a finger, and I doubt he'll like that. Anyway. I send a screen capture to show the error message he shown now. EDIT : It seems it's linked to the double "" signs surrounding the COMBAT word. Letting just two of them, one before and one after, and the error message disappear. Now, I must test to know if it's working.
  9. After testing this solution inside the same script in the mod file and testing, still the same error popping up. Here is what I have now with the changes you mentioned : _unit = _this; _p = selectRandom ["MIDDLE","UP"]; #loop; @ (behaviour _unit) in ["COMBAT"]; _unit setUnitPos _p; hint "COMBAT MODE"; @ (behaviour _unit) in ["AWARE"]; _unit setUnitPos "UP"; hint "AWARE MODE"; goto "loop"; exit; I think I have a little idea on how to convert the first part in SQF, maybe that can help you with the rest ? I can make a little part, but when it's getting more complicated, I just don't know how to do. I'll try the same solution with the script version. Thanks again for your time helping me to solve that. EDIT : Same error popping with the script version. So, for testing, I made it SQF, I think, at least the extension file is SQF, and here is the content of the file : _unit = _this; _p = selectRandom ["MIDDLE","UP"]; #loop; if ((behaviour _unit) == "COMBAT") then { "_unit setUnitPos _p" }; goto "loop"; exit; But even like that, it seems that the engine don't want to let this pass, he's still on the same error, again and again. I take the same example like in the "If" BIWiki page. The thing I find really weird is that the script works nice and without any error in SQS file, but the error appear only when I try to make it executed inside an addon file or in script and addon file with the SQF format. Is it a sign that all scripts inside addon files must be in SQF format and that this "translation" into SQF from SQF is wrong ?
  10. Hey, Here is the SQS script : _unit = _this select 0; _p = selectRandom ["MIDDLE","UP"]; #loop; @ (behaviour _unit) in ["COMBAT"]; _unit setUnitPos _p; @ (behaviour _unit) in ["AWARE"]; _unit setUnitPos "UP"; goto "loop"; exit; The objective of this script is to force the AI to only can get into crouch or stand position while in Combat behaviour. When I use this script in script version, there's no error at all, and it works well. The problem happened when I integrate the script in the addon. The message always concerned the "behaviour" command, the error message ingame says : Translation (I'm french) : "Error behaviour : type board, object expected"
  11. Hi grezvany13, I see ! I don't make the one I already done like that, I will change that immediatly. Unfortunatly, I think that there is a problem in my script. Ca you take a look at this ? I'm sorry, I really try, but never succeed to get theses error messages away, and like I suggest that it's better to make a SQF instead of a SQS, I really need help. Are you available ?
  12. Hi UK_Apollo, I don't know if you follow this thread or if you will see this message, but I still don't get my mod working. Tried many things from some sources, but still not working. Like my mod is based on AI attitude, and more precisely on the combat body positions, I don't think that using Event Handlers will do the trick. Maybe by adding an init forthe mod to all Man classes ?
  13. Hi Loyalguard ! Thanks for these explanations. I just tried to do this thing, but I think there is something I missed or do wrong. Can I contact you by PM to have some help and explain you what I'm trying to do ?
  14. Ah ! Hi UK_Apollo, thanks for taking some of your time to answering me ! I'll look at what you write. I've already try many and many times to make a file based on the Wiki advices, even by searching along the internet, but nothing like I need or I can adapt to my situation and I always failed to do it. Thanks, I'll try that. Maybe I need to rewrite my original script and change the SQS format into SQF ? In the script, usually, I used global values like : _soldier = _this select 0 So, maybe I need to change that to make the script defined for each Man classes ? class Extended_Init_Eventhandlers { class UK3CB_BAF_Merlin_HC3_Base { class UK3CB_BAF_Merlin_HC3_Base_init { init = "_this call UK3CB_BAF_Vehicles_Merlin_fnc_init_EH_MerlinHC3"; }; }; }; I understand this part, I've already make many mods using a config.cpp. So, after that, define the base class of the vehicle/object/entity to covered the entire class and subclasses, in this part, I surely can write Man for the class like it's for each entity ingame without exception. After that, I need to create a class with the classname and adding "_init" at the end. Then I add the "init" line to define the folder and the name file, but here, that's different, apparently,you don't use a line like "\foldername\scriptfilename". So, I don't really understand this last sentence in this class. class CfgFunctions { class UK3CB_BAF_Vehicles_Merlin { class UK3CB_BAF_Vehicles_Merlin { file = "uk3cb_baf_vehicles\addons\UK3CB_BAF_Vehicles_Merlin\functions"; class init_EH_MerlinHC3 {}; }; }; }; Concerning this part, I'm completely lost. I've never ever have to make this class in any of my addon file until then. But it's clear that it's here that you define the folder and script file name. I think I need an example and some explanations. I'm sure it's logical, that's a fact, but like english is not my mother tongue, I try to understand as simpliest as I can. class UK3CB_BAF_Merlin_HC3_Base_init class UK3CB_BAF_Vehicles_Merlin Is these two classes create for the file or existing inside other config file ? Because I know that we can sometime create new classes just to be a subclass to an existing parent class, is it the case ? I think I need someone that have the time to explain me with example. Actually, I'll try different things about what I've think understand with your example, thanks for that. I'll come back and post again if I failed, thing that is pretty sure.
  15. Nobody able to give some help about that ?
  16. Ghost_Warden

    [WIP] Terrain "Benzopila"

    Hi ! It's been a while I waiting for some map modders to bring up the realism and detail to the terrains. Original BI terrains and majority of the maps created, even if many of them are really nice, aren't enought detailed and some terrain areas are still cubic instead of smooth. But they are really nice, I don't spit on their works at all, don't misunderstand me. My opinion on this map after seeing all these screen captures : It's the kind of map I'd like to see since many years. It's a really great work. Realism, smooth and worked terrain, nice object placement... In other words, the kind of map that we should have on ArmA III ! I'll keep an eye on it and thanked you for the time and work you done on this map
  17. Ghost_Warden

    The CSAT Modification Project (Release)

    No problem, when we can help each other in a community, just do it haha ! I was a little skeptical while I see that uniforms don't have any armor values in the base config', and then, I just search in the Virtual Arsenal each uniforms whith armor values, then copy/paste them and explore the "characters_f.pbo", inside the "CfgVehicle" like it concerning the Man bases. And then, I see that the characters defined to wear the uniforms with armor values in Virtual Arsenal have the armor values defined like the vests. So, I just try to copy/paste the classes and modify the armor values with the ones I find by default from the CSAT Officer (similar to each other one) and now, I can see that CSAT uniforms don't have any armor and I can shoot all CSAT unit in one shot, even with the P99, like any other NATO units. So, in clear, even if you surely already understand what I've done (but my english is a little rusty haha), just explore the Virtual Arsenal, then copy/paste the classname of each uniform you want edit/reduce/delete armor value, then in the "characters_f.pbo", in the CfgVehicle, use the search function of your text editor (Notepad++ in my side) and you can find each character that defined to wear the uniform (the uniform classname is define in the config' of the character) then going down in the same classname, you can find the same part I have copy/paste. And here it is ! Now, I'm absolutely sure to be clear, english is not my mother tongue so I prefer using this clear way to explain and be sure to be understandable. EDIT : I just finished the edition to make all the base CSAT units, including the CSAT Viper ones, without any armor value. The CSAT Viper too because I considering thet Viper units are Stealth Special Forces, and who say stealth sayt light, and who say light say no armor. If you want the file to avoid you some search and work, just ask me and I will send you the content.
  18. Ghost_Warden

    The CSAT Modification Project (Release)

    Hi ! Do you plan on making uniforms for CSAT units without armor ? As I understand, you want to deactivate this horrible situation. I'd like this too for my mod, I deactivate each armor value to get back the punishing firefights we known on ArmA II. Way better than having to shoot four or six times on the same unit. I prefer the one shot one kill for hostiles, player and allies. If you want to be able to disable the armor values for CSAT uniforms, here is how I do. Just solved the mystery. In fact, there isn't any armor defined for CSAT uniforms, the armor values are defined in the CfgVehicles for the Man classes belongs to OPFOR side. For example : class O_Soldier_base_F : SoldierEB { class HitPoints { class HitFace { armor = 1; material = -1; name = "face_hub"; passThrough = 0.1; radius = 0.08; explosionShielding = 0.1; minimalHit = 0.01; }; class HitNeck : HitFace { armor = 1; material = -1; name = "neck"; passThrough = 0.1; radius = 0.1; explosionShielding = 0.5; minimalHit = 0.01; }; class HitHead : HitNeck { armor = 1; material = -1; name = "head"; passThrough = 0.1; radius = 0.2; explosionShielding = 0.5; minimalHit = 0.01; depends = "HitFace max HitNeck"; }; class HitPelvis { armor = 1; material = -1; name = "pelvis"; passThrough = 0.1; radius = 0.2; explosionShielding = 1; visual = "injury_body"; minimalHit = 0.01; }; class HitAbdomen : HitPelvis { armor = 1; material = -1; name = "spine1"; passThrough = 0.1; radius = 0.15; explosionShielding = 1; visual = "injury_body"; minimalHit = 0.01; }; class HitDiaphragm : HitAbdomen { armor = 1; material = -1; name = "spine2"; passThrough = 0.1; radius = 0.15; explosionShielding = 6; visual = "injury_body"; minimalHit = 0.01; }; class HitChest : HitDiaphragm { armor = 1; material = -1; name = "spine3"; passThrough = 0.1; radius = 0.15; explosionShielding = 6; visual = "injury_body"; minimalHit = 0.01; }; class HitBody : HitChest { armor = 1000; material = -1; name = "body"; passThrough = 0.1; radius = 0.16; explosionShielding = 6; visual = "injury_body"; minimalHit = 0.01; depends = "HitPelvis max HitAbdomen max HitDiaphragm max HitChest"; }; class HitArms { armor = 1; material = -1; name = "arms"; passThrough = true; radius = 0.1; explosionShielding = 1; visual = "injury_hands"; minimalHit = 0.01; }; class HitHands : HitArms { armor = 1; material = -1; name = "hands"; passThrough = true; radius = 0.1; explosionShielding = 1; visual = "injury_hands"; minimalHit = 0.01; depends = "HitArms"; }; class HitLegs { armor = 2; material = -1; name = "legs"; passThrough = 0.6; radius = 0.12; explosionShielding = 0.2; visual = "injury_legs"; minimalHit = 0.01; }; }; armor = 2; armorStructural = 0.5; explosionShielding = 0.05; }; In fact, you must explore the "characters_f.pbo" to be able to find each OPFOR soldiers in the "CfgVehicles" with some armor values defined, then copy past it in your file and edit these values at your tastes or the same those I copy/paste above, I used the one in the CSAT Officer for all other CSAT units. Like that, they all have the same armor value.
  19. Ghost_Warden

    3den Enhanced

    Copy that, I'll surely do that. The actual translation is already nice, but I just want to add my part and let you decide which one is better. I'll send you that by PM.
  20. Ghost_Warden

    3den Enhanced

    Hey, No problems, thanks for the amazing work. Yep, I've already read the post for the translation, but I need to have an account on the GitHub to be able to perform a submission as I understand, right ? Seems logical, that can prevent anybody being able to change things. Your mod is at the top five mods I still check, it's really a needed for someone like me who just want to have a realistic ArmA III, as punitive than ArmA II.
  21. Ghost_Warden

    3den Enhanced

    Hi R3vo ! I'm back after testing this mod much deeper, and I must say thank you for the unit abilities function, before that, impossible to be a Special Forces Unit and come close to hostiles in their back, now, it's just completely possible, and if the MOCAP mod is fixed for the desync' animations, that can became possible to perform CQC against AI. Placing the value at 0.5 for each elements permit to move closer to AI without being noticed and perform close shots, or adapt the camouflage value to being able to hide correctly from AI. Of course, 0.5 for hearing detection is nice beause walking or switching weapons don't get detected but start running completely break the stealth. Thanks again, and a last thing, I spot some errors in the french translation, how can I submit my own translation to correct that ?
  22. Ghost_Warden

    Folders in Virtual Arsenal

    Hey, That can be a nice function. Being able to categorize each weapon type can be really usefull.
  23. Ghost_Warden

    BloodLust (Version 2022.04.13)

    Hey, Thanks for your answer and your work on this great mod.
  24. Ghost_Warden

    BloodLust (Version 2022.04.13)

    Hey, I've got a question since I use this mod, do we need to remake all the configuration in the ingame menu after deleting older version and replacing by the new one or is it all saved in another file for keeping configuration between each version ? I think it's the second case, but I ask anyway. Thanks !
  25. Ghost_Warden

    Weapon Eventhandler Framework

    Hey, Again, I come back to ask if there is any possibility to see an adapted animation for the Cheytac M200 (LRR Rifle). Using built-in anims from HLC or RHS mods don't permit to have adapted animations for the M200, and giving the opportunity to test this mod with an adapted animations to play with the only vanilla bolt rifle can be a great addition.