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    Faces of War [WW2]

    My server is being upgraded currently, but most days I host the insurgency style mission we played together Pedersen. It might be up and down for the next week until i finish upgrading things. Details: I'm also about half way through the first in a series of missions called Taking Tarawa. The first part is a beach landing at Red 3 and clearing the Western tip of the island. I'll post here when it's published then start on part 2. Delayed at the moment because there's a lot of scripts/functions to iron out.
  2. Arma has a hard limit on the number of groups you can have in a mission for each faction, it's around 145 I think. Put a cleanup script or some way of deleting enemies into your mission and the zones will spawn new enemies.
  3. RenNZ

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Thanks Pedersen. I see on my server log: Player Pedersen connected Pedersen was killed Pedersen was killed Pedersen was killed Pedersen was killed Yes I played it with some friends yesterday and we also got destroyed constantly, which is how I think it should be on Tarawa haha. On the version running on my server I'm running VCOM AI as well so they're extra good. Regarding the AI patrols on the beach, the EOS system that spawns them in is fairly simple and just randomly fills the squares, but without them patrolling on the beach the defenses aren't really occupied so I decided having them out in the open was better than being able to walk right up to the trenches. I'm aware it's not so realistic, but it's something people can test out the mod with while other missions are created :) I'm currently hosting this on if anyone wants to try it out. Just be aware that i's super hard to survive alone.
  4. RenNZ

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Have created a simple 30 player co op clear the map mission for this. Loving the work team, will definitely be a huge fan for a long time :) Mission file is here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=803818518
  5. RenNZ

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Give me a few hours I'll have an insurgency - style mission up.
  6. RenNZ

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Anyone experience a bug with launchers where your arms are stretched to the ground while aiming a shoulder launched weapon? Searched the forum and googled a bit, maybe I was using the wrong terms. I've created a multiplayer mission but any player that equips a launcher (RPG, Javelin etc) has their arms elongated and runs around looking like a silly tripod. AI don't have the same issue and if I remote control an AI unit it doesn't happen, only when a player slot does it. MIssion is running on a dedicated box. Any help or a point in the right direction would be great. Edit: Have discovered it depends on the uniform worn. About 15 uniforms cause this, others work fine. Any ideas?
  7. I think this is outside the scope of EOS. I suggest you look into the alive mod, it does much of what you're after when properly configured.
  8. The caching is handled in eos_cores.sqf but removing it looks like a fair bit of work. You could try removing all the _cache scripting...I'd be amazed if this didn't break everything else though. Maybe an easier way would be creating a mobile spawn vehicle, instant player respawn and setting the spawn distance for eos quite far. That way the zone never caches because players are respawning nearby thus keeping the zone active.
  9. Thanks for taking the time to answer. My cleanup script starts with !isServer check. So looking at the wiki page you pointed me to, I could instead use: if (!hasInterface) then {}; I'll try replacing the isServer check with that and see what happens. Want it to work on both dedicated only and dedicated with HC. Feel like I'm getting close. EDIT: Fixed thanks to Ikincheloe's suggestion. For anyone else: In the script that passes AI to the HC, I added: if (!hasInterface) then { [] execVM "scripts\clearBodies.sqf"; (that's the script that clears groups) diag_log "Cleanup"; }; Before the if (!isServer) exitWith {};
  10. Thanks for this. Yes 650 is a lot but it's a large map :) So I have a cleanup script that removes groups running on the server but have just realized that all AI units are being passed to the headless. How do I run that script on the headless? EDIT: After you gave me the idea, I loaded the mission on dedi without headless, works perfectly...I learn everything by trial and error but I'm stumped on how to have the script passing AI to the headless also run a cleanup.
  11. Hi guys, looking for some help in a Tanoa insurgency mission I've created. Apologies if this is answered elsewhere, I looked through pages of this thread and couldn't see anything. My problem is that after some time the zones stop spawning enemies. Zones work fine with multiple factions for a while, but eventually no enemies appear and zones are cleared by simply entering them. I had the same issue when creating an eos file for the unsung mod a while ago. On both mission files everything works as expected for quite a while, then randomly no enemies are spawned. Each zone has its own array in openMe.sqf (around 650 zones each with its own array). It's not particular zones that don't work, when it stops working I restart the server and teleport to a zone that wasn't working, and it spawns enemies fine. Nothing in RPT log to point to a problem. Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated. EDIT: I can replicate this by teleporting a player in and out of the enemy spawn zone. After several times working perfectly, no more enemies are spawned. Also when 1 faction stops spawning, the other can carry on fine for a while before breaking also ie. independent zones no longer spawn enemies but EAST zones still do for a while, before breaking also.
  12. Hi, Wow, I feel like a fool for not trying that. The site said CBA no longer required so I didn't have it running on the server. Mission loaded just fine, thank you so much opendome! Wasted so many hours over something so simple!
  13. Hi team. Firstly, amazing mod, totally loving all the new features, inspired me to make a mission...but. When I create a mission and attempt to load it on a dedicated server running unsung, I get "you cannot play or edit this mission. It is dependent on uns_(classname)". I triple checked that only unsung was running when I created it and the mod set is the same on the server (even reinstalled both on PC and server). I created a test file placing just a single unsung soldier on the map - no bueno. When I place a vanilla nato unit it loads on the server fine, just not with any content from unsung. The server can load and play unsung missions created by others, just not anything I create, so I'm missing something here. I've been googling for hours, tearing my hair out. Different mission files throw up different "uns_(name) is missing" errors. Anyone got any tips or at least point me in the right direction? Edit: Missions run smooth as a listen server and in eden I can't see any addons required other than unsung...any help appreciated (I'm a bit of an arma noob).