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  1. If you don't have moderate experience coding, and a lot of experience installing addons, this probably isn't for you. This is all of my client and server files from when I hosted Harsh Environment Gaming. Included: An ATM hacking mission, an updated and improved Xtended Base Raiding MechaniX, a perk system that ties into many scripts included like a safety deposit system to store your most prized possessions in a safezone, a virtual hangar, revival perks, base spawn perks, and a few others i think?!?. There are a couple other simple things included as well. There is no instruction other what little info I remember off hand and leave here, and I'm offering no support for this as I haven't touched any of this in years. The schema is included to create the db. All configs are included from my napf server folder. Most of these require items to be placed in the editor, those that do have a file in the serverside pbo with my previous locations. You'll just need to replace the coords for the ATM placements, you'll need to also replace the coords to match the new placements in the server-side config. DMS is required for the ATM missions as well to spawn AI, you only need it loaded, you don't have to use the missions. Virtual Hangar is accessed through the air craft vendor (can be changed in config.cpp). I take no credit for Enigma Revive, and Base Spawn, I just left them in because they're tied in with the perks. I only take minor credit for the Hangar as it is just a reworked virtual garage that was released before they were implemented into the mod. Sorry if I missed anything that isn't my work. All of the menus are branded for Harsh Environment Gaming/HEG so you'll want to change them. Good Luck, and enjoy. If anyone gets this working and cares to to repost with instructions, you do with it what you wish. EDIT: I noticed that this does NOT use ExtDB3 (I removed the bit about ExtDB3 from the original post), at one time I had extdb3 working on a test server and these came from my main server. I have picked through a bit of this code, and it will take quite a bit of picking through the overwrites as they include a TON of other scripts I didn't write or bother to keep because I wasn't expecting the forums to just drop off the planet. You can find out what scripts are what mainly by going through the client side init, description, configs.. so on so forth, they may still be available elsewhere, but I haven't bothered to look. Here it is! The original version of XBRM is here --> XBRM - Legacy Edition Installation in ReadMe.txt 😃
  2. Added the OG version of XBRM for those who just want an easy install without having to pick it apart.
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    New Map : GOS Al Rayak

    When booting my server after updating to v0.0.4 I get error: Addon 'pja310' requires addon 'brg_africa' Arma server version 1.6 CUP Terrains (maps and core) version 1.1.0 CBA version Not sure where this addon it's dependant on would be located. Didn't see it in the AiA that I was using prior to the update. That leaves me to assume it was in arma 1.58 and the removed or renamed it like many other addons in the 1.6 patch. Maybe this is only me having this issue. I would ask in the Exile community, but I'm hosting 1 of only 4 Al Rayak Exile servers and the others are inactive.
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    New Map : GOS Al Rayak

    <3 Thanks for the quick fix!
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    New Map : GOS Al Rayak

    Absolutely loving the map, however, is there any ETA or chance of a hotfix in the near future? Arma 1.6 requires some sort of new map config and as of now and the skies are pitch black rendering it near impossible to see if it is anything put perfectly clear weather..