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  1. Hey all. I recevied from a big company hosting server and I downloaded the arma 3 server files to it and run the server on it. thing is, the server is very strong, but when there are a lot of people inside the server(25+) we begin get a lot of desync and lags. The server is incredibly strong, and I tried to figure out what causing the problem. I have seen in the log file, this error repeats itself, increasngly during people are in the server: CAPIJobStoreUserStats::BInit() - no stats found, aborting Is that the reason we get the desync? and how do I fix it? Thank you !
  2. zivtix

    backpack gear duplicates

    THANK YOU. I just put all the commands between this: if(local this) then {//commands} and it fixed the problem.
  3. zivtix

    backpack gear duplicates

    should I edit the mission.sqm file and add this line, or can I just put that one line on top of the init of every player in the 3d editor?
  4. zivtix

    backpack gear duplicates

    You mean letting them get their own gear from the virtual ammobox during the mission?
  5. zivtix

    backpack gear duplicates

    I've read the article, and I'm not having the problem of duplicating when someone JIP, it just duplicates the bag gear, and shows the sign of desync. however, it may be the reason, I'll check that out. I don't use any kind of scripts. I just copy the and pasting the gear from the Arsenal that I made before and placed it in the init of every player according to its class.
  6. Hello there. I got a small clan of arma 3, and we got hosted server running. during the mission our gear duplicates, and makes us, players, redicilously heavy. I've been trying to figure out what causing it, and it seems that whenever there's desync with the server, it's get duplicated. thing is, the server is very strong, and our internet connection is good as well. only when there's 10+ players this duplication bug appears. Does anyone know what to do? thanks !
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    List of features

    looks nice