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  1. This script is outstanding, works really well. I do have an issue when trying to add custom factions from different mods though.
    I am trying to add opfor units using the FIA Faction. (or any other for that matter)

    I added this to the OpenMe.sqf. 
    null =[["EOSzone1"],[0,0],[2,2],[0,0],[0],[0],[0,0],[5,1,200,EAST,FALSE,FALSE]] call EOS_Spawn;


    And this to the unitPools.sqf.
        if (_faction==5) then {
        _InfPool=    ["O_G_engineer_F","O_G_medic_F","O_G_officer_F","O_G_Soldier_A_F","O_G_Soldier_AR_F","O_G_Soldier_exp_F","O_G_Soldier_F","O_G_Soldier_GL_F","O_G_Soldier_LAT_F","O_G_Soldier_lite_F","O_G_Soldier_M_F","O_G_Soldier_SL_F","O_G_Soldier_TL_F"];


    When i try it I get an error pointing to the mission path;
    "line 123 error undefined variable in expression _unittype"

  2. Hello,

    I am quite new to editing stuff in Arma 3 and was wondering if someone could help. I searched for clues online but found no real solution. I am trying to make a bridge for various maps to traverse water. I have made a lovely straight one in virtual reality so its nice and flat. When I copy it and try and place it over water, in chernarus 2035, the whole bridge follows the contour of the land. Is there an option to turn this off and just place it as it is?
    Many thanks


  3. Hi guys, been away for a bit so thought I would create a new ravage mission. Seems I cant enable the Ravage in game save option by double pressing "0" The in game Arma menu comes up when I do. I defo have a save module in the scenario. Weird.

  4. Sorted. My resolution is at 1920x1080. I just changed this;


            class statusBarImage
            idc = 55557;
            type = 0;
            style = 48;
            x = safezoneX + safezoneW - 1.41;    //1.50     left       1.20     right

    to this;



        class statusBarImage
            idc = 55557;
            type = 0;
            style = 48;
            x = safezoneX + safezoneW - 1.90;    //1.50     left       1.20     right

    Same with the status bar text also.

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  5. 2 hours ago, R0adki11 said:


    Are you on the latest release of Ravage? We had an update recently.

    Sure am. 1.48?

    Just reinstalled Ravage and a few scenarios. The steam scenarios semm to work but cant for the life of me figure out why when I do a test map with Ravage modules, the loot sill aint happening.


  6. Hi everyone,


    Just thought I would let people know there seems to be a problem with loot spawning in the ambient furniture & wrecks. I played a few steam sceanrios that were working great but yesterday and today they are spawning no loot at all. I tried placing a loot and equipment module down on a test map and the same thing happens, not a thing spawns when searching.

  7. Another great mission, for this great mod. Love it. Just one thing, my ai buddies remained on the chopper when I got out. The only option to order them was, move to, stop and hold fire. They cut up a few zeds then flew to the edge of the map. I could still see the rectile in the distance



    ooops, i'm such a noob, sorted now :lol:

  8. I cant get this one to work. It loads up and goes straight to the map, when i click continue it shows my player in the map for like, half a second, then goes straight back to main menu. I have the recomended mods loaded in.


    One thing though, I have;


              @CUP Terrains - Core

              @CUP Terrains - Maps


    This mod asks for, or links to CUP_Terrains complete.


    Is there a difference? I am a bit confused on this bit, thanks

  9. love this mod, outstanding work. One question. I managed to get myself a dose of radiation poisoning (dont know where or how, any clues?) i did manage to find some anti-rad pils, took the full bottle but it still says I have radiation sickness. Don't know what to do really as i am quite far into a descent game ;)