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    What type of gun would you like to see in game?

    IWI Galil Ace SAR Black 7.62 X 39
  2. ShallowTech

    Thank you.

    Awesome, it is great to see a company engage with its customers/community! This is something that is missing from a lot of development studios and Bohemia has always been about communication for all of its games! Can't wait to try this game and I can't wait for DayZ beta/game preview on console! :-)
  3. ShallowTech

    Can I join beta/early access testing?

    Sounds good, thank you for the update.
  4. ShallowTech

    Founders pack when ? + how much £££££

    Monday the 30th? That would be cool, I will probably pick it up.
  5. ShallowTech

    Dayz and Vigor coming to xbox?

    Looking forward to both games. I really wish Bohemia would release a Battle Royal style game to compete with PUBG... especially on console. It is a fun genre based on Bohemia's (Arma) realism anyway! The large open maps, realism and the amount of players is awesome! It is like a fast paced DayZ... or at least the PvP interactions.
  6. Is it possible to join the beta/early access testing, if so how?