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  1. I'm having a MAJOR issue here. The drag function is not working in ArmA 2(Not Operation Arrowhead) I don't have Arrowhead Expansion or DayZ Mod. My issue is that it's not working. It WON'T show up in the action menu. I even went to tutorial to see, and it's completely invisible to the game for some reason. I go to verify the game cache, and it said, "31 Files Failed to Validate and will be reacquired" and then an update file of 294.6 MB starts. After the update, I verify the cache again to make sure it's all installed, but what I explained above keeps repeating this! What's strange is that when I verify the game cache DURING the update installation, it says, "All files are successfully validated". It's like the update is intentionally removing the new files. I'm not sure if my ArmA 2 is updated or not, but it's in version 1.11.86734... is my game updated, or is it still in an old version? I suspect this immature installation is causing the drag function to not work. Any clue as to why this is?
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    ARMA 2 Patching FAQ

    Apologies if I post this in the wrong thread A Steam related question to the update of Arma 2. I've been trying to Verify the Game Cache with Arma 2, and it states as following when it was completed: "31 Files failed to validate and will be reaquired" After that, an update would start for Arma 2 of approximately 294.6 MB. After the update, it should've been done and over with. Instead, when I try to verify it again to make sure they are all validated, it still says: "31 Files failed to validate and will be reacquired" and the update starts again. It keeps doing this over and over everytime I verify the game cache. I can't identify the problem preventing the update to install properly. Is there any possible causes for this strange behavior? I've already tried resetting the PC and reinstalling Arma 2. No success. At this point, I do not have any expansion packs or mods installed on Arma 2. It is still the only Arma game I have. I suspect this immature update behavior could be related to the Drag Action failing to appear in the Action Selection menu when dealing with injured soldiers within the game.