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  1. I'm hosting a Zeus mission in the future and I want to allow players to be able to respawn. However, I don't want a timed respawn and I want them to respawn as a group. I don't want them to respawn individually. The reinforcements would respawn back in the base whilst the rest of the unit is fighting. The reason I want to do manual reinforcement respawns for my players is so that I can wait for an appropriate amount of players to die before respawning all of them at a time that's convenient. How could I set this up to where I could perform a reinforcement respawn whilst playing as Zeus? How can I do this?
  2. EyeSpyU

    "Old Man" campaign still a thing?

    I'm sure there's still interest in it but they have a lot of projects on their hands.
  3. EyeSpyU

    VR-Support! Please it´s time!

    VR would require a lot of resources. I'd rather them just put their resources into Arma 4 and its new engine and then get VR on that game. Track IR should be acceptable for now
  4. EyeSpyU

    Arma 3 still a popular title

    Arma 3 is still very popular and relevant, especially with this new DLC