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  1. Not using any other mods other than unsung Charlie and have no problems when using transport module
  2. I totally agree as one who used unsung on arms 2 and to arma3 I think these guys are great in what they deliver out of there own time and resources, I am embarrassed when I see these jerks demanding this or that, take the mod for what it is and enjoy what in reality is a free game.
  3. Sorry should be sp missions and winge
  4. Well done guys and thanks. I have no crashes ect only make so missions or play so from store. Do not take any notice of people who wings as the simple answer is there is no other Vietnam game . Also these guys forget its free and you have put in your own time and resources for nothing. Its a great mod and gets better every release. Thanks.
  5. Why not leave these guys alone and let them finish the next release of this mod , which will be a great mod so that we can all enjoy the hard work they are putting in to please us. No more distractions for them, great work guys thanks.
  6. I am on the edge of my seat waiting for this update, been enjoying some little missions i made for alpha , played hours on arma 2 and 2.6. Well done guys for making this mod which fills a big gap left by game makers