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  1. New updates have been moved out, be sure to check it out :)
  2. Hamworthy Barracks This is not an exact replica. This is a work of my own. Map size approx: 5km x 5km ~ Description : Royal Marines Base Poole (RM Poole) is a British naval base located in Hamworthy a suburb of Poole, Dorset, England on the Poole Harbour and is the centre for Special Boat Service activities. Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2419770771
  3. Yeah not reading that horrendous novel. Hmm, now being rude. Great way to sway me to speak with you. Your way with words is almost as bad as your ability to read rules. No one asked you to explain yourself here. Merry Christmas by the way.
  4. Just be very clear. As I love to do my due diligence. I was going to give you both warnings about what you've been accused of, I had 4+ people telling me you've done the same thing. I was about to let you go on your way, even though that would've made the accusers unhappy. But I won't do anything without proof. As I am indeed fair. Instead of acting like normal human beings, you then proceed to run me over and drive off giggly like some little school girls. Just to clarify, the accusers are not Friends, they are active and long time players of the mod. So this whole notion of "don't mess with the admin and his buddies" is a load of baloney. You are the first people to come on the server and ruin the experience for everybody. You then proceed to ban evade like some life server hoodlums. Remember, if you only read one rule, like you said you did (the RDM part) and you then break one of the rules you DIDNT read. Expect to be removed.
  5. Squad name: 23rd Marine Regiment Timezone/location: GMT/UK Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Coop Contact email: admin@23rdmarineregiment.com Website address: https://23rdmarineregiment.com/forum/ Short description: The 23rd Marine Regiment is an ArmA 3 milsim unit with the goal of emulating the US Marine Corps’ 23rd Marine Regiment. Aside from that, we aim to provide members with a healthy and warm community that can provide enjoyable and professional operations and campaigns. Our unit is based in and around Europe and we run our operations every Saturday at 7 – 1900pm GMT. Language: English Speaking Only