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    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hey everyone, for realism purpose in a mission, i would like to force 3d option for scopes for everyplayers (i think the 2d version is unrealsitic). Is there a way to force the 3d option ? (in the init of the unit, or module, or else?)
  2. Thanks for your quick answer. It works except that the cache doesnt spawn: when i start the mission in sp by the editor, the green dots for the Intels are on map but not red dot of the cache. Does it need anything else? Edit: Anyway i found my answers with another script, anyway thx for your precedent help :) .
  3. Hello phronk, with your authorization i would like to isolate the weapon cache system for another mission (all credit to you for sure). Here is my question: what files exactly manage the system? I isolated already: -init.sqf (deleted the calls for other scripts eos/civs...) -initserver.sqf (same deletes) -and the folder "core" Do i need something else? For now nothing spawn, even in single player i cant see the caches marker on map. Thanks for your interest and ofc if you dont want your scripts to be isolated i'll stop instantly the work and start searching for another one :). ps: the errors i get when launching :
  4. Hi, again thank you a lot for your answer and your time. Basically what i had in mind is a insurgency like mission with 2 sides of insurgents (guerria with small arms and RU army with heavier equippement). So i need to clear this randomization cause it apply only to RU army ( which is EAST) and block Guerria ( which is INDEP). I know that i just need to add a line for Guerria in Randop4 but RHS already randomize his units when they spawn. Moreover i will remove all the additionals script ( like strobes, jtac...) to make it lighter. Finally i just need the AI system, the EOS script, the COS script and the CACHE/ Intel script ( i didnt found another one that was developped as much as yours . Thanks for your repplies and again you're doing great job man keep going.
  5. Thanks a LOT for your quick repply man, you're really doing great job :D . Edit, so i tried your solution and now the AI dont even spawn, that's weird cause if i go in the spectator mode i can see the AI markers on map like if they spawned but not modelized.
  6. Hello, first i would like to thanks you for this mission which is amazing, this is a real tribute to the original Insurgency on A2 :). I would like to "force gear" in fn.sqf to let the orginial gear of RHS and cant make it: -if i remove the "exec fn.sqf" the AI are not spawning anymore. -If i juste remove the "force gear" or "force uniform"... the eos is not working anymore. I dont know if you understand the problems but if u can check it that would be realy nice! :)