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  1. So anyone else notice that while there seems to be an extensive description on how to use the Animated Briefing Framework, the actual function to start it seems to be locked for the public? I am talking about BIS_fnc_AnimatedBriefing As you can see here: https://i.gyazo.com/c7729f4ba2be3312709868acef4cb734.png all the frameworks sub-functions seem to be in the Functions Viewer with the exception of BIS_fnc_AnimatedBriefing. I wonder what the reason behind this is.
  2. I really hope we get to see the olive camouflage for more AAF vehicles than just the AWC Nyx. In general I would greatly appreciate if Bohemia could show consistency when it comes to a factions camouflage options on vehicles. If some of the CSAT vehicles have the black camo...all of them should have it. The same should go for AAF vehicles, don't just have the olive camouflage be available for one of the new tanks and one helicopter.