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    Warning to all life mod players out there!

    I don't personally agree for charging people to join up, or selling in-game perks. As its been said earlier in the thread, if your server is good enough , many will gladly donate and support running costs.
  2. UkLifeMod

    Warning to all life mod players out there!

    Thats abit harsh dude - I totally agree with nearly everything that has been said about life mods. Yet i'm making a life mod. A London map & mod to be precise. But lets not forget that Arma 3 is now very popular due to Altis Life and Life mods. Bohemia or anyone cannot deny that fact. But on the other hand, i get why all the veterans etc hate life mods and people like Caiden , Deaddem (Kane) etc. They are scumbags who rip people off. I also agree that they rip of models from games like forza etc. They are not talented people as they cannot model. I initially bought Arma 3 for what it is, but upon searching the server list, i initially believed that Altis Life was a soldier role play type thing. I quickly learned otherwise but i was so amazed by what i was seeing. But , i will say this. My London map will be readily available for any Millsim unit and any other A3 community member to readily use. It would give me great pleasure to see people enjoying my creation. So although 99% of life mods are money grabbing idiots, i'd like to point out that there is a small percentage of us that just have a passion to deliver something awesome :).