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  1. Hello friend! Thank you very much! It works flawlessly. I tried so many different ways to achive this, searched everywhere, tried every combination I found or could think of, but nothing worked. I really appreciate your help! And yeah, since fall is on it's way I'm also spending much more of my free time editing missions like DUWS, adding cool stuff etc. As a basic framework, I'm using the latest DUWS Unofficial version - which is based on yours if I remember correctly, which was and still is the best framework to build upon. Will have a look at your updated version sometime. Had to adjust some stuff too, added in a few nice scripts/functions, while reworked most of the request stuff like vehicles, units and squads, etc. (Order, new vehicles, units, squads, and support/compatibility for other armys/mods etc.) Thank you again! Hope you enjoy your time, and godspeed! Regards, MajorBlunderbuss.
  2. Hello friends! A couple of days ago I've ran into some trouble I couldn't solve myself, and I found help here very fast. Right now, I'm at the point where I'm unable to find a solution for some sort of problem, again. What I'm trying to achive, is to spawn a vehicle - the AWC 302 Nyx (Wiesel), to be exactly - with alternate, official texture. The Nyx features the standard AAF-Camo, and alternatively an simple Olive-Camo. Since I'm making a own verison of DUWS - many of you will know what this is -, you will also know how those vehicles do spawn: Go to the headquarters, talk to the officer, choose the vehicle, spend the credits, and the vehicle will spawn outside of the HQ. Heres a little insight of how I try to spawn this vehicle with the alternate Olive-Camo: case 18: { if (commandpointsblu1 >= 28) then { hint "Vehicle ready !"; commandpointsblu1 = commandpointsblu1 - 28; ctrlSetText [1000, format["%1",commandpointsblu1]]; _vehic = "I_LT_01_AA_F" createVehicle _spawnPos; _vehic setObjectTexture [0,"Indep_Olive"]; _vehic setObjectTexture [1,"Indep_Olive"]; _vehic setObjectTexture [2,"Indep_Olive"]; _vehic animate ["showTools", 1]; _vehic animate ["showCamonetHull", 1]; _vehic animate ["showBags", 1]; _vehic animate ["showSLATHull", 0]; } else { hint "Not enough command points"; }; }; If I do place the vehicle in 3den-Editor, change it's visuals like the camo, SLAT-Armour, camonet etc., and then export it, copy paste it somewhere, the Olive-Camo is defined as "Indep_Olive", like above. Exported stuff looks like this: _veh = createVehicle ["I_LT_01_AA_F",position player,[],0,"NONE"]; [ _veh, ["Indep_Olive",1], ["showTools",1,"showCamonetHull",1,"showBags",1,"showSLATHull",0] ] call BIS_fnc_initVehicle; Of course I already found out that this won't work with SetObjectTexture, unfortunately. The vehicle does spawn with all the extras like SLAT-Armour, tools, but with missing textures (At least this showed me, that it somehow works). I then tried different things to achive my goal, changed something here and there, tried to find the path to those textures, etc. Funny enough: It's possible to use this code instead of the old one, and spawn the vehicle with all the extras and the correct textures. Bad thing is, It's spawn behaviour is totally different and all over the place - sometimes even glitches into the HQ. Results in apocalypse. If I'd use the new code instead of the old one, it'd look like this: case 18: { if (commandpointsblu1 >= 28) then { hint "Vehicle ready !"; commandpointsblu1 = commandpointsblu1 - 28; ctrlSetText [1000, format["%1",commandpointsblu1]]; _veh = createVehicle ["I_LT_01_AA_F",position player,[],25,"NONE"]; [ _veh, ["Indep_Olive",1], ["showTools",1,"showCamonetHull",1,"showBags",1,"showSLATHull",0] ] call BIS_fnc_initVehicle; } else { hint "Not enough command points"; }; }; It's a long and already ungrateful journey, and I don't know where else to look, what else to do. If there would be someone to point me in the right direction, or is able to make a functioning code of the examples above - old code or new one, doesn't matter as long as it works and the spawn behaviour is correct and identical to the old one, I'd - again - be more than very thankful. Hope to hear from you folks, enjoy your time! Regards, MajorBlunderbuss.
  3. Hello friend! I actually couldn't find any sleep, so I've checked if someone already replied to my question - and here you are, surprise! I literally kicked myself out of the bed to see if I can get the stuff you gave me running, cause this issue really frustrated me. So I have copy pasted it, made some minor adjustments. Started the game, tried it, didn't work. Adjusted again, tried again, didn't work again. Then, shortly before I was giving up hope, I recognized that I accidently deleted the bottom "};", cause when I copy pasted it, everything shifted back by four digits, and I thought that the bottom "};" isn't needed since I already had one. Then I manually shifted everything forward by 4 digits without deleting it, and... TADAA! It actually really worked! You have done me a great service, for that I really thank you. I really appreciate it, seriously! To answer your question: You can choose all the units, vehicles and squads in an UI, seperated from each other. One selection for units, one for vehicles and one for squads. You can scroll up and down when you're in there, and all the vanilla and mod units are arranged one above the other. Very simple example: Same goes for vehicles, etc. The main reason I implemented more factions is diversity. The guy who made DUWS Unofficial already implemented support for some little RHS content. I expanded this aswell, and added the other factions I mentioned, some of their important stuff, their units, vehicles and so on. You can play it vanilla, or with mods - it doesn't matter. Since DUWS's missions.sqm only contains the playable vanilla characters, while all the stuff you can buy is only an option and not a must, you now at least have the option to play with different stuff, without having to completely rewrite the whole mission for one specific faction. The NATO leads so to speak, while all the other armys are available if wanted. I put much effort in it to make it look good, play well, feel pleasent etc. And it's fun - the road is the goal, right? Well, that's it for now. I really need to get some sleep. But again, I can't thank you enough! Saved my sanity. Enjoy your time friend! Regards, MajorBlunderbuss.
  4. Hello mates, I hope this is the right place to come to, cause I'm about to get chronical headaches from trying to solve this problem by myself. The last couple of days I'm spending some of my time overhaulin' a version of DUWS (Dynamic Universal War System), and most of the time everything worked like a charm. But right now I'm not able to find a solution for this problem I've ran into. To make my issue more clear, I'd like to be a little bit more specific, so maybe my helping hand is able to fully understand. In DUWS - I guess many of you know this mission - you are able to buy vehicles, units, squads etc. Since I'm reworking some parts of DUWS Unofficial from scratch - esspecially the units, vehicles and squads -, the one who made it in the first place delivered a very nice template for the things I wanted to do. The unofficial version of DUWS has build in mod support, like for RHS Escalation, etc. I have expanded this, by adding in support for some other mods like "Global Mobilization", "BWMod" and "FFAA" . You can play it vanilla, or with those mods. If you have the mods, you can buy the units and vehicles of those factions, if not, a little hint will pop up, telling you that the mod is missing - this is done by checking if the requested unit is available in the first place. Here is a little insight of how it looks for requested foot soldiers: The same goes for vehicles, of course... BUT... here comes my problem: I'm not able to get it to work for requested mod squads - like a fireteam, or a tank platoon. I mean I'm able to get the mod squads working of course, I can buy them and they are fully functional, but I want the game to check if this squad is available in the first place. Otherwise you will pay credits for nothing if the needed mod isn't installed. And since I'm planning to release this version someday, I really want to get this fixed and implemented. And here is a little insight of how it is defined for squads: (Original, only changed the squad and the faction) It's really driving me crazy. I'm no professional programmer, sure, I've learned and catched many things by myself, and I already tried to solve it by myself, but after many failed attempts I can't think of anything else then asking for help, cause I'm running out of ideas. If some mighty coding paladin would be so kind to point me in the right direction, or even take this template above me and make it functioning, I'd really, really appreciate it. I just want it to work like it works for units and vehicles, and I'm sure this is possible. But I can't figure it out. Well, enough said. Have a nice day folks, hope to hear from you! Regards, MajorBlunderbuss.
  5. MajorBlunderbuss

    Global Mobilization

    This is by far the mod I'm looking forward to the most! I've just checked your Imgur-Images, and I'm absolutely stunned about how excellent and authentic those vehicles look. If you guys really pull this mod off in it's full extent, it will have an massive impact! I'm more excited about this than about any official game I'm looking forward to. Keep up this stunning work, cause I'm already in love with it! Regards
  6. MajorBlunderbuss

    Removal of the 2D Editor

    Stop saying that pressing "M" in the 3DEN-Editor would solve anything. It ain't about some stupid perspective, it's about the 2D-Editor itself ! 3DEN uses complete different mission.sqm structure and design, which can/does causes unpleasant problems and many errors ! I have plenty of missions which are ruined during the import-process by this without any chance of restoring their original state or make changes to them without building it up from scratch using 3DEN. The back-ups of those missions are the only playable ones. If 3DEN would import everything correctly I couldn't care less, but since it doesn't, I still prefer the oldie but goldie 2D-Editor. Like the guy above me said (Not the "Press-M-Smartass"): CTRL + O in terrain-selection screen, and you can use it again. Hope they don't delete this.
  7. MajorBlunderbuss

    [WIP] G250 Wolf [Arma2 Port]

    Hope this is still in development ! I already love the fact that you have ported the AMT-Gepard into ArmA3. Beeing able to take command of the Fuchs or the Wolf would be awesome !