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  1. Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I'm still not playing Arma at all (last proper session was in january this year), still tired of dealing with all the glitches, fps issues and weird AI problems that Arma scripting always involves, still have very few motivated people to play with, still playing other games (trying and mostly succeeding to git gud at Overwatch). The recent purchase of a rift has made it even worse as Arma is the only simulation I'm playing that's not fully compatible with it (and even if it was, it wouldn't be playable anyways due to very low fps). I feel bad about leaving you guys stuck in the mud like that, but if feels too much of a hassle to do anything about it.

    :( Well, as it is, it works wonderful, thankfully :)

  2. Do you guys have a list of upcoming projects? I was sure I saw one before..cant find it now though. I was wondering if you had plans to do the Mk20 version of the Scar?



    V3.0 on the SMA website

    – F90\EF88 – 

    – Custom AK – 

    – SRS Sniper – 

    – ACOG – 

    – ARX 160 

    – F2000 

    – Mk3 minimi 5.56

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  3. Sure but with a little work probably beyond my own knowledge lol.


    In gameplay_constants.sqf you could lower the sector_size, that'll stop sectors spawning unless you're real close. You could lower the GRLIB_battlegroup_cap too, from like 8 to 6 or 6 to 4, however you're setup. There's a cleanup_delay you could lower if you're struggling for FPS/server load. From just looking too there is a GRLIB_blufor_cap and _sector_cap, maybe these are what you need specifically but I don't know how they work for sure, sorry. 

    Thanks for your help again :) I'll take a look at these

  4. Unit cap in parameters @ lobby. 

    Thanks, but I mean a little more stricter than that. As in limiting the amount of AI that can be spawned at once. Example, if there are say, 80 AI spawned, and I don't want anymore to spawn until they start dying, is there a way to specifically set something like this up?


    Hi blazenchamber


    Thanks for the awesome mod.

    Just one request, we run a Linux server and unfortunately doesnt accept uppercase file names.

    Is it possible that in the future you would please change all the bpo's and bisigns to lowercase.

    Its not a big issue, we do it manually afterwards but would save some time.


    Thanks regardless!!



    For Linux server, I usually just fix this by using convmv to convert all files in the addon to lowercase. Pretty quick and easy.

  6. Yes you can have multiple Zeus modules for each player you want to have the ability to use Zeus as the example i gave you.


    Go with that option since i don't think having multiple PUIDs in the Owner field of Zeus module would work.



    Something now seems to be conflicting on the server side. Locally, it works fine with the PUID. When I run the mission on a server, all I get is a ping before and after respawning. Very strange.

  7. did you try to synchronize the zeus module with #adminLogged still as owner defined?

    that won't work... you need to empty the owner line first.


    #adminLogged delete this entry and synchronizing zeus module 100% works

    Yes, I did do that. But, the goal was to have a separate #adminLogged module work as I want only people with access to the admin password to access unlocked zeus. 

    The PUID method seems to be the only working alternative though. So, I'll try that.

  8. Download this:



    It is on Tanoa (DLC map). If you don't have it upload your mission and i could have a look at it,


    Inside editor find the Game Master module that has in it's Owner field my PUID.

    Either replace it with your PUID or enter the value #adminLogged.


    Tell me if it worked.


    Also take in consideration what people told you in previous comments about LAN and Server.

    In server you have to type #login adminpassword to gain admin rights.

    Thanks for that. After testing on your mission, results are the same. Seems like the issue is related to #adminLogged. Using the PUID in the module works correctly after respawn though.


    I am testing locally, for it to be played on a server. I have tested on the server and results yield the same with #login password on the server for #adminLogged modules. So I guess the only route would to be using PUID. I noticed that you had two individual Zeus modules, not including the one synced to the costs and set attributes etc. Is it possible to have multiple PUID's in one Zeus module, or does each PUID need it's own Zeus module? 

  9. #adminLogged means you need to be logged in as admin on your server to use zeus.


    to use the zeus module local (LAN) simply synchronize it in the editor with the unit you use to play.


    Also as mentioned above avoid using the Commander Slot again, so sync a new Zeus module with #adminLogged to any/all player units aside for the commandant, then make sure you're one of those roles and logged into Admin on your server. 

    The objective is for the #adminLogged module to work server side. I was not syncing the module to all the units, but I will give that a try and report back. Thanks for the help, guys. :)


    Edit: Still no luck. Syncing the #adminLogged Zeus module to units yields the same results. Zeus still only works until respawn, resulting in just being able to ping. Could someone send me their mission that they've got this working on?

  10. Are you trying to access #adminLogged Zeus on Commander slot? If you are, i'm sure it conflicts.

    I'm using the Zeus method you posted and still having this issue. Locally, Zeus works with #adminLogged until I respawn, then it just pings it. On server side, it just pings it. Not sure what could be causing the issue.

  11. Really enjoyed this weapon mod! really good quallity stuff. However I was wondering if you plan to release the attachments in a seperate pack. My groups is planning on removing this mod to cut off unneeded weapons, However I would love to keep the attachments. It's fine if its not possible, but thought to ask, anyways keep up the good work.

    Why your group is even considering removing this mod pack is beyond me. Of all the weapon mod packs I've used, none of them can begin to contest SMA, across the board. 

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    Name the guy with actions >chief< and try this:

    fnc_setVehicleName = {
        params ["_veh", "_name"];
        missionNamespace setVariable [_name, _veh, true];
        [_veh, _name] remoteExecCall ["setVehicleVarName", 0, _name];
        if (_name == "MHQ1" || _name == "MHQ2") then {
            chief remoteExec ["removeAllActions", 0, chief];
            [chief, ["Teleport MHQ1","teleportMHQ.sqf", MHQ1]] remoteExec ["addAction", 0, chief];
            [chief, ["Teleport MHQ2","teleportMHQ.sqf", MHQ2]] remoteExec ["addAction", 0, chief];

    Wow. It worked....Holy shit, thanks so much, davidoss.