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    War Chronicles: The Forgotten War

    Hey guys (and girls), its James. I have had the pleasure of working on the War Chronicles team through both War Chronicles WW2, and now, War Chronicles : The Forgotten War. My role has been creating environment art and weapon art over here at War Chronicles. As maybe a few of you know, my primary focus is on hard surface modeling, like most of the other artists on the team, which is why we are looking for your help. Currently, we are looking to fill a few positions along the lines of 3D Art, Animation, and Configuration inside of Arma 3. If you are an artist looking to get some industry experience, or if you are just looking to give the Arma community a new, fresh title, then look no further. We here at War Chronicles understand that you may have a life outside of modding, which is why we operate on a “do what you can†basis, although we still have deadlines, and expect continual content from both our artists and config guys. The other perk of joining War Chronicles is that YOUR work is YOURS. Given that this is an unpaid position, we do not need you to sign those awful NDO’s (not the quixel kind). Below is some of my work on the project, alongside the positions we need filled. Don't hesitate to send us your interest, we would be more than happy to take a look. Wanted Positions Art : Animation (Rigging Weapons, Characters, Vehicles, etc...) Character Artists (working mainly on uniforms) Texture Artists (Must know how to texture and unwrap models, and be able to work with a diffuse, spec, normal, and gloss workflow) Coders Config (Proven track record of modding in Arma 3) All positions may be subject for an art test, which will be a determining factor in your entrance to the mod team. All Artists must provide a portfolio All applicants should tell us why you want to join, why you think you are fit for our team, and any related experience with art or modding. If you do not have any experience that is still ok, as stated above, this is perfect for people looking to get into the industry. Thank you for your continued support - James Ritossa : Environment Artist War Chronicles. Ammo Belt, and holster modeled mapped, and baked by Thomas Mcloughlin, and textured by me.