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  1. have you added repair vehicle in Classname_extension.sqf ? vehicle_repair_sources_extension = [ "rhs_gaz66_repair_vdv" ]; works for me fine, playing with rhs.
  2. Yep, installed it on my ver of this mission. Are you playing vanilia liberation ?
  3. You can try use this ver of med. system.
  4. Found Diyala pretty cool, although it`s quite rare map, i think.
  5. Wanna port Lib on new map, a bit tired of altis. Any ideas,offers ? I think about Takistan (RHS ver. - US with talibs & RF). Prefer CUP, it is more common.
  6. Hey everybody. I use TADST for about 2 month. Have only 1 question : what does options verify signatures(none, v1, v2) & allow file patching(0, 1 , 2 ) mean ? Can anybody explain what does it mean ?
  7. Looking forward for help.
  8. Just check 2 last pages... there can find what you are looking for.
  9. It`s not so hard actually, also u can find detalited instructions ( few pages pack) how to change soliders, vehicle etc... I`d do it, but havn`t dlc :P Post about port to Tanoa, so u need to change infantry / build menu only.
  10. Hello. For a long time now making rhs edition( RF & US) with some edits to adding some features & moar realism ( disabled markers on map, mobile spawn - now only heli version, changed revive system etc..) Found that there is fob templates for tasks - search & destroy ( at path \scripts\fob_templates) Can any1 explain, how i can use it ? For example, i want to add another templates. upd: Also need help with disable with scoreboard point saves, if it`s possible i`d disable it. Thanks.
  11. Any ideas how to done that at 1.60 ? Because it`s broken now... Using my ver from this post But i can`t choose deploy preset arsenal , i really want it :C
  12. How do you see realization of this idea ? Just adding gref vehicle to selection menu and new stuff in arsenal ? You can do it yourself, or i can try to help u.
  13. Faced with same problem. No way to check how i`m done, but can try to remember, also, with that u losing feature to set loadout during respawn 1. Go to scripts\client\actions\open_arsenal , and delete all except line 100 ( so left only 1 line ): [ "Open", false ] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal; 2. Go to \ui\liberation_deploy.hpp Edit line 6: controls[] = {"OuterBG", "RecycleBG","OuterBG_F", "InnerBG", "InnerBG_F", "Header","DeployList","DeployButton","DeployMap", "LabelDeploy", "MapButton"}; delete class LoadoutsCombo, LabelLoadout Edit line 56 y = 0.16 * safezoneH + safezoneY; Edit line 64 y = 0.19 * safezoneH + safezoneY; Maybe I forgot something, step 2 is just cutting everything from menu connected with arsenal.
  14. got it, thanks. yep. Now, on respawn i can only set a spawn point(without choosing saved arsenal loadouts). after that i`m scrolling, press arsenal, and only then can load loadouts. it`s slightly harder, but not much. upd.: catch it. yeah, now i havn`t that feature. Yeah, tried with Hemmit truck, huron container, also with custom repair truck ( pointed it in classnames_extenstions as repair supply ) Fuel & rearm stuff works as it should.
  15. 1. I didn`t place them at all, at any array. Charge, grenades is still in arsenal ( vanilia & rhs ), although i didn`t put them in arsenal.sqf 2. Switched west / east. So, now players playing opfor ( Red ) , and enemy - bluefor ( blue ). everything works fine. 3. Have ability to save loadouts, just deleted greuh menu. Now I get straight to the arsenal when click on wheel menu " arsenal " 4. Exactly. Rhs vehicle has a slightly different system damage, so, repair truck / box think that transport repaired, although it can be completely shoted. i know, my eng really awful.