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  1. in the arma 2 HiP the LVT drivers would stop driving when on of the gunners would be killed will this change in arma 3?
  2. I was wondering do the AI LCVP drivers open the ramp when they hit the beach because on Arma 2 I made a mission on peleliu with over 80 LVTS and LCVPS and the ramps didn't go down and the LCVPS got destroys or the men when they hopped out they got launched and died because I have plans to do that on Arma 3 and try to make a wave effect with the LVTS and LCVPS with the max of LVTS and LCVPS I can get that's like 1000 men and over 80 boats similar to my mission on Arma 2 also do the LCVPS stay stationary when they are landed on the beach or can they drive off because I would like to make that wave effect again thanks for this mod I appreciate a lot I cannot wait keep up the good work and don't cancel this mod lol
  3. Quick question will Iwo Jima be in the mod or peleliu because in arma 2 Iwo Jima wasn't playable in the editor only armoury and it wa a real pitty I saw a video on the map on YouTube but it never was playable in editor?
  4. Ok thanks for telling me I'm still excited for the mod is there a quarter of the year the mod will be released in like a estimated month?
  5. Is there going to be any LST ships where the lvts can launch out of or an animation when you spawn in a LVT and you can launch out of a landing craft ship kind of like the peleliu landing scene on "the pacific" or the 2nd mission on WAW thanks the mod looks great keep it up!👌ðŸ»