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  1. 345th Soviet Uniforms Mod Thank you for checking out this page. I'm from the 345th SGVAR Arma Unit. We have made some equipment for our latest campaign, and we would like to share it with everyone, due to the unexpectedly high quality. It is a bunch of 1970/80's Soviet equipment. We are a VDV unit at the core but we will also add equipment from other branches soon! We're super hyped to see various mod teams working on more Cold War content. Features: This mod contains uniforms, vests, backpacks and headgear to recreate the Soviet Armed Forces of the 1970s and 1980s Cold War Period. All uniforms/gear are compatible with Red Hammer Studios style uniforms and gear. This mod currently contains VDV and VMF equipment, but other branches are on the way. It also includes “roleplay” uniform variations that we use within the 345th SGVAR Arma 3 Unit. If you would like a slimmed down version of this pack that does not include rank shoulder boards, I suggest you download the Soviet Armed Forces mod, which will soon be updated! Future Plans & Bugfixes: We plan to include full sets of Motor Rifle (MSV), and Tank/Artillery equipment – including unique uniforms with rank variations, and unique service-appropriate gear with class variations. The mod is currently progressing rapidly, so expect regular updates. Please report any bugs you encounter here in the thread. Mod Contains: Full Set of M69 Field Uniforms (VDV), with ranks Ryadovoy to Major. Full set of M69 Barracks Uniforms (VDV), with ranks Ryadovoy to Major. Full set of M69 Uniforms (VMF), with ranks Ryadovoy to Major. RD-54 Desentnik Backpack (With Variations) RD-54 Desentnik Radio (TFAR) RD-54 Backpack Pouches (With Variations) VDV Berets (Officer and Soldier) + VDV Jump Helmet VMF Berets (Officer and Soldier) Steam Workshop Download - 345th Soviet Uniforms Mod http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1111540071 Steam Workshop Download - Soviet Armed Forces http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=716518271 Dependencies: RHSAFRF and NI Arms AK are required. Credits: Basher (from IFA3 Lite and Soviet Armed Forces Mod) - Basher did all the imports and 90% of the bug fixes. Xeno (from IFA3 Lite and Forgotten Fronts) - 3D models, rigs/skin's and textures. Aleksei - Quality control, texture streamlining and reference models. Staines (345th SGVAR Co-Founder) - Moral support and research (useless ;) ). Thank you to RHS and NI Arms teams for your wonderful weapons.
  2. I think the new Ace Medical is good. It would be nice to see some extra options though. Being able to set the probability of success or timing of actions for things like CPR and applying splints/bandages. For example; CPR Success Rate Soldier: 20% Medic: 40% Doctor: 60% CPR Action Time Soldier: 12 seconds Medic: 8 seconds Doctor: 6 seconds It's nice to be able to tweak the skill gradients.
  3. Staines


    It's a shame the mod is dead, but that's the natural course of things. I'd like to thank you, from our unit, 3rd Shock Army, for your work on ADV Medical over the past 2 years.
  4. Staines


    Heya. Love the mod. Our unit plays older decades where combat medics don't have defibs. The ADV setting "Maximum Time for successful CPR" (default 1200 seconds) is pinned to the Ace Medical setting "Maximum Revive Time" Additionally, the "Seconds added to revive timer (+/- 3 seconds)" for CPR is minimum 15 seconds. This means that in many cases, especially with multiple people doing CPR, if there is no defib it can get people stuck in a deathless revive state where CPR will keep them alive but they can never be revived due to the patient having passed the Ace Revive timer which is tied to the Maximum Time for successful CPR. Would it be possible to add a checkbox to decouple "Maximum time for CPR" from "Max Revive Time" to allow patients to expire? Or, allow the "Seconds added to revive timer" to go all the way down to 0 seconds? Thanks.
  5. Staines

    PRACS: SLA Faction 2017

    It would be great to see some of the less well known (in Arma) Soviet/Warsaw vehicles. I would imagine it might not be a be a great leap to use the BMD-1 chassis to do something similar to what you have done with the MTLB; with turretless flat top variants like the BTR-D, BTR-ZD and BTR-RD. Even having the lower portion of a KUB modeled is a third of the way to a PT-76 or ASU-85.
  6. [ 345th Guards Airlanding Regiment ] - Company Sized Unit (35+ Attendance) - No Mandatory Attendance - Realistic Battles/Equipment - In House Mod-Team - Meritocratic Leadership --Event Times-- Saturday Campaign Event: 7PM UK | 8PM EU | 2PM EST Sunday Extra Event: 7PM UK | 8PM EU | 2PM EST Wednesday Extra Event: 7PM UK | 8PM EU | 2PM EST Privyet Tovarishch! The 345th is a comfortably casual realism unit, our goal is to make high quality, OPFOR orientated realism game play that is accessible to people who don’t want to deal with the stress and drama of more rigid milsim or realism units. We play our missions in the spirit of authenticity, with corresponding real-life equipment, tactics, and settings. We embrace the practical organisation and tactics of real life militaries – but reject “Yes Sir, No Sir” roleplay of some Arma communities. We have no mandatory attendance; as long as you're still interested you won't be removed from the unit, making us a good choice for serious Arma gameplay with unpredictable real life commitments. We play a Mechanised Airlanding Company (35+ player attendance for the main event) of 1970-1990s Soviet/Russian VDV Paratroopers Our approach is realistically low-tech and period appropriate; meaning only very limited use of optics, night vision, and radios. We believe this provides the best gameplay experience, with a greater focus on tactics, cohesion and camaraderie. We're blessed with an in-house mod team that creates great content for our missions; ensuring we can enjoy Cold War Arma to the fullest. In the near future, we may play a modern 2017 Syria campaign to shake things up a bit. Our main weekly event is a custom-made, Zeus-operated campaign. Each mission is linked together and the campaign evolves based on what happens each week. Each campaign lasts around 3-6 months, with around 12-24 missions in each. We're currently running a 1970s Altis Campaign, with some custom-made gear. We also run more varied, casual events throughout the week playing as anything from WW2 to Vietnam or even Modern. Mission Making/Zeusing is available to all - the high number of willing mission creators has been a huge factor in the dramatic growth of our unit over this past year. --Media-- Mechanised Warfare Chechnya Checkpoint Bunker to Bunker Vietnam Chill --Joining 345-- Our joining process is simple. You tell us you're interested, and we'll set you up with the mods (we use an extremely simple method!) - and then you come along and play as a guest. If you enjoy it, welcome aboard! You don’t need any experience and you won’t be forced into hours-long training - you’ll learn on the go as a Conscript during the events. We’re looking for 16+ EU/NA players who are reasonably mature. We're always looking for leaders and crewmen; we have a very limited number of leadership positions, but we fill them based on merit and interest, not time spent in the unit. If you're looking for a leadership role, make sure to volunteer for Team Leader positions when they are available; they're even open to Conscripts for Wednesday/Sunday events. JOIN - Join us on Discord. JOIN - Steam Profile - Staines JOIN - Steam Profile - Brandt If you're interested, add us on Steam using the two links, or join our Discord.
  7. Staines

    345th VDV - Cold War Arma

    Altis Campaign Update [1976] Here's a media recap of our first two months of our current campaign! We're on Week 8 of a campaign that will most likely last another 2.5 - 3 months. Nidasos Valley (Mission 2) Bad to Worse (Mission 6) Prototype (Mission 7) Chalkeia Raid (Mission 8) We've also had plenty of other interesting Non-Soviet events over the past few Sundays/Wednesdays, including WW2 and Vietnam. WW2 Pacific Extra Event Vietnam Korean Marine Extra-Event
  8. Staines

    345th Soviet Uniforms Mod

    VMF Black Berets coming soon. We'll also be adding; Reworked Berets (LOD and normal map) Reworked Field Uniform textures. Wound textures for all uniforms. Additional uniform variations (Folded Sleeves)
  9. Staines

    345th Soviet Uniforms Mod

    Most assets will be rolled into the Soviet Armed Forces mod, yes. The two mods are being developed in tandem just now. 345th Soviet Uniforms Mod includes a lot of things that are, unnecessary for gameplay, such as a large amount of rank variations as well as barracks/field uniforms. Soviet Armed Forces mod will likely only include things that you'd commonly want to use in game, to keep the file size a bit lower. Plus, nothing buggy will be added to the Soviet Armed Forces mod; unlike our cavalier project.
  10. Staines

    345th Soviet Uniforms Mod

    We're going to add Naval Infantry, Motor Rifles and Tank/Artillery uniforms. Which other branches were you thinking? WIP R148 Backpacks.
  11. Staines

    345th Soviet Uniforms Mod

    WIP Naval Infantry (VMF)
  12. Staines

    PRACS: SLA Faction 2017

    Finally, an MTLB. Awesome. Will these vehicles only come with SLA skins, or will it be possible to change decals and and camo patterns like RHS vehicles? The jets are looking amazing too. Are you going to use the new Pylon system with them?
  13. This looks like a great blend of equipment, and an great way to do a themed faction.
  14. Staines

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Looking forward to the next update. Anyone know if RHS/ACE interactions have been looked at? Specifically things like 2A28 overpressure and ACE Revive/unconsciousness when in driver/gunner positions of vehicles without interiors(BMD1/2)? Also wondering about any progress on the IL-76?
  15. I'm surprised at how impressive those reenactments are, I didn't think CZ had such a strong community.
  16. I love what you've done so far. Any chance we'll see Hungarians and Poles after the main two factions are done?
  17. Staines

    How much would you recommend the Apex Expansion?

    I'm seriously disappointed they didn't even bother to add olive skins for NATO vehicles, or jungle skins for CSAT helicopters.