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  1. Hello folks, Yesterday I got a virus on my PC wich stole some of my acc data... Among other things it used my Discord account to send spam/scam messages to all friends and Servers/Server Channels I was on. Also on the Arma Discord(s). I cleaned up my PC and changed -all- of my e-mail and other acc passwords. To be sure I deactivated/deleted(2weeks frist) my discord acc and made a new one with two factor login. Im sorry that this happened. I do not know how I should handle this now. Is it possible to get unbanned? So I can get on the Server again with the new acc? kindly regards Jake
  2. Hey folks, i have some problems and i guess that it have to do something with my config or maybe the addon builder. I was working on little objects to understand how I get it in the game. Im always getting it working into the Bulldozer but ingame I get everytime problems. I made two barrelbombs, they worked fine as a static object ingame. After a few weeks I came back to it and modelled an Improvised Hellcannon and added it raw without any textures applied. I want to try another workflow for the bigger objects. First configure them and make changes to the object and the config and when this work I would texture them. Problem: When I added the new object in the config and the p3d, it showed me ingame that a texture of one of the working objects could not be found. So all three objects does not show up ingame. Even if I remove the new object with the configurations. Cannot load texture Error: Dragged the objects and there is only the text: Config: My folder Structure: Bulldozer is working: Addon builder list: *.pac;*.paa;*.sqf;*.sqs;*.bikb;*.fsm;*.wss;*.ogg;*.wav;*.fxy;*.csv;*.html;*.lip;*.txt;*.wrp;*.bisurf;*.xml;*.hqf;*.rtm;*.rvmat;*.shp;*p3d Hopefully its only a tiny problem... Something I forgot. regards JeckZeRippa
  3. Ok... nevermind. I just tried out all variations with the configuration of the Addon Builder and I got only Errors. As I was packing and binarizing my first Objects it worked fine... I downloaded this programm http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=2068 and it finally worked after days of errors... I do not understandig why, but now im happy and the motivation curve is growing again
  4. JeckZeRippa

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Does anyone knows a mod wich contains earlier leopard variants like the Leopard 1 or Leopard 2A4?
  5. JeckZeRippa

    [WIP] Greatcoat WW2

    Hey, nice work on that . Im playing almost only ww2 stuff in arma 3. Thats the reason I love to see the progress on some mods. In reallife im also interested in ww2 area history. Now Im scanning all old photos and documents from the cellar. So for some history between the lines and maybe usefull for you (i think your mod is ready to be played). I would love to play the finished work! greetings from JeckZeRippa
  6. Interesting Mod! When my great grandfather served in the Wehrmacht he was also stationed in Norway. I only know that he was wounded there because of a explosion and he was doing some stuff with the pioneers (mom said "building bunkers; He was something like a architect in the civilian life so he was put for something similar in the war") Also he hated fish the most time in his life, because they were eating this stuff in norway all the time :D. I got a lot of old documents and photos from the war period, but only one from norway; its a blurry and overexposed photo in snow. Some soldiers standing on a bridge (silhouette) and the not readable notices on the back. Good luck and have fun with this project! I really love it! ps: If someone could read the sütterlin stuff, would be nice :B
  7. Buddy, you are not alone, I failed at the same stage :(
  8. JeckZeRippa

    NFE Barrel Bombs

    Hey buddy, nice mod. I was on the way to try a mod in the same shape a few months ago, but my scripting and config skills are pretty shit . So I tried to learn the progress to bring a simple object to the game (from Blender to Arma 3). Here are the two first objects I ever created : https://sketchfab.com/JeckZeRippa) (There are comparison pictures in the sketchfab description) (ingame: https://imgur.com/fzR0xl3?) I guess the objects would fit nice into this mod :B. I take your license description serious. So I would try to put my objects in to the mod (hopefully my learning curve is growing ) My expected problems are the proper config and the right facing of the object. I got it to work as a normal static object with physics and the possibility to hook it. best regards (hopefully your are still on this forum) , JeckZeRippa
  9. Hey R3vo, Its working for me fine in singleplayer but not in mp. When im playing it in a coop mission with a friend the subtitles doesnt want to show up. I have tried some solutions but I couldnt figure it out how it will work in mp. I only know that I must do something with this both things: <params> remoteExec ["fnc_someScriptedFunction", targets, JIP]; [[line1,line2],"SIDE",0.15,true] execVM "fn_simpleConv.sqf"; Im to stupid to understand how i can convert functions to remoteExec. regards, JeckZeRippa
  10. Hey Mike, So do you want to let the unit play an animation for an scenario or do you only want to make photos? There are many of this "static animation" mods like these: Also you can watch the animations from vanilla arma in the animation viewer. Go to Eden -> Tools -> Animation Viewer. There you can choose your animation and copy it. Then you can use it in your script or command. For the script command you will find interesting and useful stuff on the bi wiki page or ingame on the function viewer. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/playMove https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/switchMove https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_ambientAnim
  11. JeckZeRippa

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    It would be nice to see an Improvised Weapons Mod. Barrelbombs, Hellcanons, Catapults... All kind of DIY Weapons like these one: There are hundreds of variations for theese weapons. These were only a few images. Furthermore there are improvised mortar systems connected to simple offroad trucks or own build rockets etc. To come a bit into modeling I tried to recreate two barrelbombs from a few images I found. I got them as static objects working in A3 but for deep script sh** im to stupid to make them working like in real life :P. Maybe someone have the time, know-how and pleasure to create a mod. Im to busy now because of school. My two first models of the barrelbombs:
  12. JeckZeRippa

    EM_buildings - new buildings

    Hell yeah! Pls keep up this excellent work! :D
  13. JeckZeRippa

    Eden Editor - Question/Suggestion

    Hi folks! :D Only a little question: Is there a way to use the "3EDEN - Editor" with more than one person. Like "COOP - Editing"? Are there similar ideas/projects/mods out there? Please tell me if it would be possible to make something like that. best regards Jeck :D
  14. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=660460283 Seen on the Workshop page of the Mod. I think you should update this. I wanted to download the conversion, but saw the other post here
  15. JeckZeRippa

    EM_buildings - new buildings

    The buildings are awesome. Please keep up the excellent work :)
  16. Hi mate, i tried it with an A-10 and it worked fine for me. :) the mission (eden editor): http://cloud.directupload.net/4Id2
  17. JeckZeRippa

    Dismantled Autonomous GMG back pack

    Hi mate, to assemble the "Dismantled Autonomous GMG" backpack you need the "Folded Tripod" backback too. So you need both of them. Make sure both backpacks are ingame You must take one of the backpacks. (It doesn't matter which one first) Then you go with the taked backpack to to the other backpack on the ground and there should be then the action to assemble the GMG. When you disassemble the GMG, the two backpacks are lying side by side. To re-assemble it, you easy take one of the backpacks and then do it how i described it above. sry for my englisch ^_^