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    Feedback Thread

    Thanks but I already rebinded it, it doesn't work for the objectives, I'm forced to use the spacebar to interact with objectives and airdrops.
  2. Salfa Afir

    Feedback Thread

    Hi, I wanted to post some feedback too but it looks like I can't make a thread. - It would be a nice addition to the scoreboard to have the player ping. - One thing I noticed is when multiple allies ping multiple locations it's hard to know who talks about what, I think it could be nice to have a color for each player in your team (the player name would be the same color as his ping above his head and on the chat/voicechat so no more confusion). - I never really played Arma in multiplayer so I'm a bit lost with the different channels, I think it would be simpler to have only two channels : local (people, both ennemies and allies, around you hear you) and radio (people around you still hear you but your whole team will hear you as well). - Let us rebind the "interact" action, it's really weird to have it on the spacebar. - To have the compass as a UI element would be nice. - Please add an option to have a wider FOV. - Maybe let us decrease the size of the UI because it take a lot of space on the screen. That's all I can think of right now, Project Argo is a cool concept and I hope you will develop it further.