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    Sector B [MP Problems]

    Yeah i agree. but i have no clue how to do that.
  2. The_Grimm

    Sector B [MP Problems]

    Come on guys. Any Ideas ? maybe I need to sync the clients somehow.
  3. The_Grimm

    Sector B [MP Problems]

    Ok i saved your mouse wheel :D
  4. Hello Community, First off im new to this forum and im not very good at scripting in ARMA 3. Im the typically copy & paste scripter :) Im currently working at a Custom Sector B Mission. Your task is to destroy / defend the objective. I used this script for my mission: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24272 In the SP there arent any problems, But there are a few problems when you play this in the MP. Problems: Timer issue. The countdown timer is on every client different. It means that my timer for example is on 60min while my friends timer is on 55min. Respawn Tickets. The next issue are the respawn tickets (Lives). If Blufor (Attackers) dies 15 times the mission will be over and Opfor wins. In the SP the respawn tickets are working but not for the MP. Sometimes it does work and sometimes it doesnt work. Its totally random in the MP. Here are my scripts: description.ext init,sqf OnPlayerRespawn.sqf motor.sqf tiempo.sqf hud_create.sqf hud_update.sqf There are more scripts but i dont think you need them. I think only these scripts are relevant. Let me know if you need anything. I hope you can help me. Sincerely Yours Grimm And im sorry for my bad english :).
  5. The_Grimm

    Coming back....

    I would recommend the RHS mods. They are really good.
  6. The_Grimm

    SLI yes ore no :(

    "make sure you have Core parking off ". What is this core parking and how do I switch it off ?
  7. The_Grimm

    Arma 3 ported to Mac?

    I played on my Mac arms 2 via bootcamp. It was terrible because I only got like 20fps. :) and the Mac gets really hot too. I would recommend buying an extra fan for your Mac.