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  1. Hey guys, I just wondering about health items and all that. Is it possible to script in health items (the bandages for example) to act as a sort of IFAK? Say IFAKs restore 75% of health, then would it be possible to script bandages to restore up to 50% or something? And having those huge red medical kits restore 100% as if you've been treated by a medic? If so, I wouldn't mind taking a bash at it at some point myself

  2. @haleks Ah, so I need to do it on a group's init. I'll be honest, I didn't even know groups had an init! Thanks Haleks, I'll give that a try.


    1 hour ago, EO said:


    By any chance is this request for Napf Winter?...If so, I have a patch for Napf Winter that converts rain for snow it's currently private but I'd be happy to publish it if it's useful. ☺️



    Yep, it's a Napf Winter mission I'm working on. That would be wonderful EO, yes please!

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  3. Been doing some voice acting (AKA the worst American accent you'll ever hear) for a couple of radio stations in my upcoming Napf Winter mission. Looking forward to seeing what people think of the radio station aspect!


    EDIT: Hey, does anyone know how to get the ambient chatter to work on hand placed units? I've been trying to get the code from the wiki to work but I can't figure it out.

  4. Thank you very much. I like writing, and being able to write stories, even bad ones, in Arma 3 and have players actually play them as well as read them is such a cool thing. I'm also thankful to the Arma community as a whole, I wouldn't have been able to do a little of what I've done without all the help I've received and the scripts I've been able to use.

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  5. @johnnyboy Ah, I see! I did see the zombies killing the dogs at least, so they hate one another. Plenty of them had blood around their mouths too. Seems like everything's working so far. In the interest of transparency (and because I'm still a noob when it comes to scripting) I'm using an older version of the script, the one I tested way back when. I was just worried about how your up-to-date script and Vandeansons' spawn script would clash, since I don't really know much about how that could work. Usually in my case, everything goes well until I decide to mess with it and screw it all up lol

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  6. @Vandeanson Thanks! It worked ok on my Napf winter mission at least as far as the zombies are concerned. I'm not too sure about AI yet though, I'll need to do more checking but the zombies and dogs don't like each other which is cool.


    On a side note, I've updated my Esseker mission: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1155398137


    It's got bar music, Johnnyboy's dog pack script (although it's more a test to see if they actually do spawn in Esseker or not) and a bunch of other "features"😉 


    Hopefully I've credited people correctly and things are kosher. If I've done anything wrong with anything like that, you guys let me know. I'd hate to have not credited someone properly or done something wrong without realising it.

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  7. Been working on getting Jboy's dog script up and running along with Vandeansons' script to spawn them around the player. I was disappointed when it looked like it wasn't working, but I carried on anyway. Was searching a house when all of a sudden there's tons of barking. I look down the stairs and see about 8 or so dogs running around in circles barking at me. Nearly crapped myself, had to make a break for it out of town. Some of them were already bloodied up too, which was weird. I wonder if the Blufor AI squad was shooting at them, since they didn't shoot at zombies if the zombies weren't alerted (is that meant to happen because that's actually super cool). It would mean that the AI are attacking dogs too which is good, I had that issue a while back where they wouldn't, so I'm guessing it was a conflicting script somewhere.


    EDIT: By the way, as a side note, does anyone know of any dynamic weather scripts featuring snowfall in place of rain? For some reason I vaguely remember reading it somewhere but I can't seem to find it.

  8. Just messing around on the Esseker mission. Got a looped sound script working so the southern bar now has chill music playing 24/7, which'll be great for making chillout zones where the player can relax, read up on intel and plan their next move, kind of like what the MISERY mod for Call of Pripyat had. Really enjoying how I can change the mood of a mission just by doing stuff like that. I can do a lot more of the triggers too, courtesy of ALIAS and Jboy and his dog scripts. The end goal is to have players play my missions and always have that sense of apprehension of never really knowing just what is going to come at them. That sound could be ambient or it could be the Strigoi coming to rip their face off >:D


    By the way, the zombies hearing sounds is a great touch. Being able to lure out a horde of them by firing a shot at the edge of town and sneaking in around them is great. I was watching a firefight a while back and the guys shooting managed to lure about 20 running zombies to them. It looked like a mosh pit of blood and screaming, with the bolters literally climbing over the other zombies to get to them. Ravage has really turned into something else over these past years, it's incredible.

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  9. Hi guys! Finally figured out how to get sounds to activate on triggers, so my custom missions will have a bit more flavour! Already been updating them. Expect a few spooks and Easter eggs in the future.


    Just a quick question, but I'm having a glitch where the holster action works but using the scroll wheel to take out a weapon after doesn't. Also, I found an A-frame tent that allowed me to store gear, and I believe I'm allowed to sleep in it too, but it doesn't let me. I'm still using the old Ravage modules on the map but I've opened all of them to make sure they're up to date (Which they appeared to be but I'm probably wrong). I'm guessing I'll have to replace the modules with new ones and that'll work? It's been a while and I'm out of the loop on some changes (AI camps, woohoo!)

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  10. @alekzenit I'm not sure if this is helpful but I had a framerate as well as a (similar to you) slowdown issue using TPW and Ravage. I noticed an odd error with the line "crows" in it, so on a whim I disabled the ambient animals part of it. It seems to have solved my framerate and slowdown issue altogether.

  11. @Recaldy Rad zones are turned off, no radiation in this map. However, I've been hit by zombies a number of times, which seemed to reduce my overall health to "weak". I also tried eating near a campfire and I even hunted some rabbits. No such luck, I couldn't get my health to go above 85 and the "Weak" status still remained.

  12. I was testing out another upcoming mission on Chernarus Redux, and I got hit a few times and became weak. When I ate food to try and get my health up it only capped at around 85, and I couldn't find any medkits. I also became slow and movements were sluggish, obviously since he's weakened. So I was wondering, since it's tricky to find medkits, is it possible to script a rest and heal kind of option? Perhaps a "Rest until Healed" option for tents or beds that makes your character rest in a bed for 8 or so hours from weakened until healthy (Maybe stopping at around 90 health?) and a longer 12 hour rest for the state below weakened until it gets to weak, then another 8 hour rest to get to healthy? Maybe there could be a food and hydration depletion since your character's body is healing, plus the time passing, would be the downsides to it? Just a suggestion I've been thinking about posting for a while, I've had the "weak" issue before and couldn't find the medkits to heal myself so I basically ended up dying eventually, plus rest is always a good but slow way to heal.

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  13. Wow, loving the new updates Haleks! Came back after another long break, have to say, it's improved tenfold since I last played. Feels like its own thing now, not just a mod. I'm digging how the zombies react to gunfire, I shot some zeds around a barn and about 30 secs later about fifteen more show up stumbling out of the woods. Some AI in a town started shooting and they were overwhelmed by walkers everywhere. I saw one guy get ganged up on a'la The Walking Dead, with bolters climbing over others to get to the dude. Crazy stuff!


    Just a question, I've noticed with the loot now that fridges and cookers seem to spawn only food related items? Lockers and such spawn gear or weapons? Is that intentional or have I just had strangely appropriate luck with the random loot? If it's intentional, I love it, really feels good to loot a fridge and not find an AK-47, two boxes of 5.56 and an APERS bounding mine lmao

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  14. Yeah Haleks, 5 years is a long time for a mod like this. It's been awesome to see it grow, and be part of making some content in a small way with my missions. Thanks very much for making it, it's exactly what Arma 3 needed I think! And don't worry, I think the community will keep this mod alive for some time to come.

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