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    Hey Haleks, thanks for the update, and thanks to everyone else involved as well! Any chance you could use some help spotting bugs? I'm no good at coding or scripting, just if you need another guy to confirm certain bugs like inventory glitches, zombie glitches or general problems that you've found and might need another player to try and duplicate, or anything else someone like me could help out with if you need it. Not asking for a beta or anything like that, just wanted to see if I could chip in and assist with the current build.
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    DSS: The Mod

    Just downloaded DSS. I've had my eye on this for a while, so after playing Ravage for a few weeks I decided to give this a go. I haven't played any missions and only messed about with the items in the editor. Loving the animations, an excellent touch alongside the crafting system which is quite intuitive. Looking forward to see what happens with the future of this mod. With what's planned in the future, I can't wait to play it. Ravage scratches a Stalker-ish, Sci-fi itch whilst this looks to scratch a general "survival" itch, especially if temperature is added, so it's great to have variety especially for single-player. Can't wait to see the next update! A couple of questions if it's okay to ask; Is there going to be an ambient AI spawner for AI humans? Any chance of an ambient animal spawner as well? Also, I know the loot spawner isn't in yet, or not working I can't remember, but will it support A2/OA buildings as well as the vanilla A3 buildings? Honestly wish I could help you and Haleks out somehow, but I know jack-diddly-squat about scripting or coding. That said, I'm willing to test out stuff in the mod, in editor or the mission if you want anything looked at. Finding bugs or things like that, anything easy for a coding and scripting luddite like me.
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    So I had a longer play on the redone Namalsk map for A3, and oh dear was it terrifying and immersive. So I created a char using the arsenal, an "Undercover Operative" armed with a silenced makarov and a camcorder. It was early afternoon and I had set off scavenging. I ran into a remote controlled vehicle, a Stomper I think, that cleared out the zombies of a factory and started patrolling up and down the roads on its own, taking out any humans or zombies who got too close. So the first rule now was stay off the roads. I couldn't for the life of me find any food, and any water bottles I found were empty (side note, the pumps I found in Namalsk don't work for filling up containers unfortunately, at least for the redone A3 Namalsk, so I'm still figuring out where to fill them up from). Then night started falling as I made my way down a hill to the coast and into fog. It was incredible, not to mention tense as I anticipated the crack of a rifle somewhere in the distance, the incognito mod really helps a lot as well. I went into a factory building and found about five OpFor bandits in there, so I chucked a grenade in and killed three of them. A death and a reload later (I had saved just outside the building thankfully) and I chased the last two off, who took of running down the road and into an awaiting Stomper, who gleefully carved them up with the machine gun up top. I had an AK now, but it was almost pitch black, which is where I found out that the camcorder had a night-vision setting which was a godsend. I was walking around, checking out buildings in first person with the night-vision on the camcorder like I was in a hardcore Ghost Adventures episode or something. I could hear battles going on around me in the distance, but for a good forty minutes it was just me and the zombies. Again, I found no food or water, so I headed off into the night and, luckily enough, caught a rabbit with my night vision, so I was able to kill and eat that. I later died, though not from thirst. A gang of OpFor had found me as I was driving in the night, and I jumped out into their line of fire and one of them got a lucky shot off and killed me.This is the mod for ArmA 3 I've been waiting for for a long time, it's like stories play out as you go through the game and I can't wait for more features to be added!
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    Nice, thanks for the speedy reply haleks! Liking the look of the changelog. Okay, that sounds cool about the water. Hey, if base building is implemented, maybe rain catchers could be built using some sticks/metal poles, a pot and some tarp a'la Mad Max? Maybe that could let you fill up water containers in your base. I wondered about the food items. I understand the clash, I did think that they wouldn't be compatible.
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    Seriously enjoying this mod, it's great to see a modular single-player survival mod in ArmA 3. Can't wait for base building and dogs! A few questions if you don't mind haleks (Or anyone else if they know); Is there any possibility that in the future you could fill up tins and bottles whilst it's raining? I'm not familiar with ArmA 3's scripting so I don't know if it would be easy, difficult or outright impossible. And another question; about the Warfare Thai mod, does it add that mod's food and drink items to the spawn list alongside the ArmA 3 items? Also, nice touch with the human AI spawning. I was attacked by a bunch and took refuge inside an apartment building. I think I killed four with a Lee Enfield before two ran under the apartment window, making me stand up to see where they were going just as one of them snuck around to the balcony side and shot me.