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    Enhanced Movement

    No, sorry, i dindn't meant combat roll, it's not realistic, doing that on asphalt for example is pretty painful, especially with a jump like in "The Division" (there character would get dead from jumping pretty fast ) ), additionally with 30-80kg of equipment, what i meant is jumping into cover like: (https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/479589/111360945.1/0_19a085_12083c40_orig) (top view) (additionally cool what in the game is the stance the animation would get character into) and it would be great if would be possible to setup button+button for it (i have space+W|A|D|S=change stance, if that thing could be space+Q|E (left|right roll buttons) it would be awesome)
  2. Ilias48rus

    Enhanced Movement

    Hi dear developers of the awesome mod, did you thought about adding some life saving movement, like jump left|right on side.on ~1m. into |lying on side| adjusted position?
  3. Ilias48rus

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Is it possible to change loadout while playing mission ?
  4. Arma launcher (small addition request): Save, load parameters presets (for example for ability to run,restart,make changes to server and client on one machine without needing to change all settings each time you switching between starting server,game) Or option to export parameters to file (because the launcher already have option to read from file) or some more advanced way to get the parameter's syntax then parameter's name on background (to simplify the process)
  5. Hi, the mod got broked, I really hope you could fix it, because the awesome ship became essential part of our gameplay, thank you for developing it (event just for time it been working).
  6. Ilias48rus

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    It's really would be much useful: ability for unit members to communicate with each other
  7. Hi, sadly to hear about the problems, i'll look if i can update the script, but it's old project and i'm in work now, so maybe it will be updated not soon.
  8. sorry for long response delay, added ability to disable dragging for entity, i'm working on big project now, and it will not miss the abilities, so i'll post them standalone, but sorry possible not soon, glad you enjoying the script.
  9. Ilias48rus

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Messages coming to email have mistake (address's color)
  10. Does event handlers suspending next frame rendering until completion? Does FSM executing in own processes? /\ \/ If possible what other ways exist to execute something in new process (not vm sheduler)? What speed difference between FSM links and SQF elements (if..)? What execution rate of looped on self condition in FSM? How technically engine searches for variable in missionnamespace(just in case, in any of course) on getting it command execution? (what performance influence is increasing namespace's variables count) Would really appreciate any help.
  11. Ilias48rus

    Scripting info

    If deleting all links to array does the array stays in memory? (a=[0];at=a;a deleterange[0,count a];a=nil;/*at==[];*/at=nil //does [] stays without possibility to get to it?)
  12. Ilias48rus

    HELP: Deleting AI Group.

    Please help, really strongly need solution for the problem
  13. Ilias48rus

    HELP: Deleting AI Group.

    Can someone explain how is it \|/ possible ?
  14. How in Eden realized drag and drop tree and how to apply the realization to own one? Very appreciate any help.
  15. Ilias48rus

    Drag and drop tree view (gui).

    onTreeMouseMove returning [|c|,|patch|];
  16. Missed commands for CT_TREE : tvselection tvcurexpanded
  17. Ilias48rus

    Zeus tech.mistake

    Long time ago mentioned at some moment zeus beginning unable to place units. Arma have limit of groups and when zeus deleting units empty groups stays |mistake |
  18. Ilias48rus

    Disabling Radio Chatter

    So supportive community.
  19. Ilias48rus

    Removing class UserActions

    HI, can you help please? what can i possibly do wrong? description.ext class RadioChannels{ class DirectSpeakingChannel{ level = 0; micOuts = "micOuts"; noise = "loop"; pauseAfterNumber = 0; pauseAfterUnitList = 0.05; pauseAfterWord = 0; pauseInNumber = 0; pauseInUnitList = 0; }; delete GlobalChannel; delete SideChannel; delete CommandChannel; delete GroupChannel; delete VehicleChannel; }; , would really appreciate.