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    GUI creating from 0 tutorial.

    celludriel enjoy
  2. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/189379-gui-creating-from-0-tutorial/ https://youtu.be/peWWPO3zZB8
  3. Ilias48rus

    Working on GUII, asking help.

    bull_a Thank you, definitely helps. 1. copy. 2. (pressing RMB on some item in list for example and menu with buttons popping up and functions on the buttons should understand what item was "'RMBed'") Few more questions: 2.1. How to add buttons and other controls to items in list? 2.1.1 How to make it all expandable? 3. will try, thanks. thanks again ) .
  4. Ilias48rus

    Working on GUII, asking help.

    Sorry what "bumping" the theme, but is it so difficult questions what no one can answer?
  5. I'm working on GUI now, for system for armstalker project, i didn't worked with GUI yet and would very appreciate any help.
  6. You can use commands to add and remove items on units and the ammobox.
  7. Thanks for explanation, if its to difficult then another question, is it possible to store some information for exact item? (can be picked up few the items, each one should have own information)
  8. I guies the question is answered so sorry what using the theme, but i have a question: Is it possible to simulate like some space in inventory bisy? Want to add new item to game, but it have difficult system for it, so it would be easier if it would stay in gui, but for it need to simulate weight and size in inventory. Appreciate any help | ideas.
  9. Hey. Began think about creating S.T.A.L.K.E.R. massive multiplayer on arma 3 and friend said about the project, Would like to: offer my help, and join. Have skills in scripting and creating systems, as can be |mutants's, anomalies| ambient life, dynamical trading and others. Good in generating ideas and can provide 'on way' help. Perfectly known with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. world and pretty like it. (its new profile)