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    Arma 1.96 bugs in Exile

    You can try using unsafeCVL = 1; but dwarden explicitly warns against using this. The command but also the checks that were, possibly mistakenly ?!, introduced in 1.96 are very much unstable and undocumented. If using it you should definitely keep an eye out for updates if you can remove it remove it.
  2. vabene1111

    Server x64 crashes?

    Yea thought so, but if BI says they need it i will provide it .. right now i would send them a copy of the server or let them look via TeamView (or whatever they need) because these crashes are really annoying, for both our admin Team (constantly restarting & explaining to / helping players) and for the players (since they cant really play normally.
  3. vabene1111

    Server x64 crashes?

    We are having similar issues. Our two Server crash around 2-6 Times a Day, this only started happening after the x64 Update an never happend before, mostly during prime time with high loads on the Server (~70-80 Players). Next Time it crashes i will include some RPT files. Also coming from the Life Community i know that many other Server are experiencing the same Problem and are desperately waiting on a Fix from Bohemia, as there is broad consent that this must be on bohemias side (i myself haven't analysed the logs so i can only repeat what i hear/read). EDIT: To have an Idea of the frequency: Our server ran the whole day and than, when the load rose, started crashing : 17:50, 18:16, 20:11, 20:36 Here are the RPT Logs just before the crashes occurred https://drive.google.com/uc?id=0B_TmB6GeWD7PUlh0ZS1jbzBpaWM The Logs are pretty small, as Server generally run better with the -noLogs Parameter, i might turn the Logs on this afternoon to generate a few complete sets if needed. As i am not sure if the mdmp, bidmp files contain sensitive Information, i will not post them publicly, but if any BI DEV is interested in taking a look please send me a Message.
  4. vabene1111

    Anti-zombie Operation Dandelion 2 | Part Deux

    Great Event, had lots of Fun, thank you Icebreakr and everyone involved in creating this Mission.