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  1. 18 hours ago, Evil Organ said:


    Static objects (trash piles, wrecks, garbage cans) are set to 0 in the Tanoa demo mission so no loot will spawn in them. :f:

    naah :eh: I figured that out lately, on Altis it works!!..... but in some workshop missions not, so I was confused :grinning:.

  2. 29 minutes ago, UnDeaD. said:

    Hello everyone,


    I have another problem, but this time its related to the loot. ( Luckily I managed to prevent my character from dying when joining the server, some scripts were messed up)

    Since the 1.70 update came in, I was not able to loot some "containers", especially the white ones that spawn mostly in military locations, and the white ones that look like a weapon case (or something like that). Anyone might wanna check it out?

    Hi all,


    I can agree with this. And I can't loot trash piles, wrecks. I played in-build Ravage Tanoa mission.

  3. Hi,


    I find colour filter glitch or bug.... When I aim through any colimator like RCO, ARCO, Holo.... my screen become darker and I'm not able to see anything through it. This problem occurs at late hours(or in bad weather conditions) and WITHOUT NVG. If I turn NVG on, problem is gone, but NVGs are really rare in this mod :down:. I prefer playing withour colour filter but I want you to know this. Here is screenshot http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198305015162/screenshot/830196727536374129

  4. 36 minutes ago, zuzul said:

    It seems I got a big issue: the last CBA version (3.2.0) they have changed the CBA_fnc_taskPatrol. Now no survivor or renegades are moving, they seems to be stuck on position (seen by using zeus around a player).

    I'm using a TADST dedicated server, and I'm going to make some local check if I can find more information. 

    If anyone encounter the same issue, please provide feedbacks. 

    I can confirm this.

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  5. 8 hours ago, zuzul said:

    The how many is not handled by the Ambient AI module but by the scripts itselves. If you wish to see how many friendlies you can have on a map : 

    - launch with the debug module to see where your friendlies can spawn

    - launch as zeus with ares mod to check the npcs around the player. 


    Careful, Taunus is harware consuming. I did a quick test, Ravage seems to work correctly on this map.


    You are playing SP or MP? In MP I never seen food and water providing health. 

    I play SP. And if you are injured consuming food and water near camp give you small amount of HP (3-8%). I'm 100% sure that this works, but after some time in game (like 2-3 days) consumables don't give you HP anymore. So I don't know why this doesn't work :/

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  6. Hi,


    I can see awesome step forward!!! Just one question.... food and water should give some health% up if it is used near campfire, but when I drink (eat) ravage only update my thirst (hunger) status and health doesn't change. It happend after long time in game so is in Ravage any healing limit for drink(food)..... should I use FAK? It used to work properly, I don't know what cause this issue.


    Thx for answer

  7. Why do I have so much trouble getting an AI to switch to the gunner position in a vehicle? Sometimes using command menu 6 it has the option, sometimes NOT... I was in a fight trying to make this guy get into the GUNNER seat and he wouldn't do it, he's jump in the passenger, no option to switch to... Don't see why it shouldn't work, this was on 1.66 RC I hope it's changed for the full release but I don't expect it...


  8. Goood job!!


    Nice progress Haleks. I'm waiting for 1.40 release! One thing.... has anyone experience with mag repack after exit arma and continue saved mission? I tried it and mag repack didn't work for me after I reloaded mission.

    Are traders in showcase? I played 3hours and didn't find any.

  9. One question about FIA "skill upgrade" ...... when I upgrade FIA skill, does it upgrade my skill too? I note that if you place character in Eden editor, there is skill slider, so you can set character skill. Does "skill upgrade" improve both skill level for AI and for playable character? It will help not only with awfull aim shaking ;). THX for answer

  10. Hi all,

    Haleks what about ambitient heli and repair kit...... is that plan make this helis unrepairable? I played cosmic10r mission and I could not completely repair ghosthawk only with repair specialist in my team, but it was still unflyable. I had rvg repair kit in my inventory and it din´t do anything. If it is you plan I understand you ghosthawk can be very OP beast.

    GL with new update!! :icon14:

  11. Hello,


    I just started playing ravage and it has been great so far!  :)


    I am however having a problem with saving. After I start a new game I can use the save from the pause menu once but then after that its greyed out and I cant select it anymore. Save and quit is still available and I can resume from the spot I save and quit from but If I die it only lets me load from the first normal save and not from my last save and quit. I am not using any mods besides the ones recommended on the initial posts including CBA.


    Any ideas? I tried searching the thread and wiki for this and no luck.  :(



    you can just do this in game: esc-settings-game-difficulty-match RECRUIT-ok-return to game-esc-settings-game-difficulty-match f.e. VETERAN-ok- SAVE BEFORE YOU RETURN TO GAME......... game is saved in Veteran difficulty anytime you want. ;)

  12. Hi Haleks


    I thing shortcut for SVD dragunov from RHS is wrong. In rvg_mainWeapons is   "rhs_weap_svdp_npz_dtk"  but I tried copy gear from Virtual arsenal and there isn´t this shortcut. And definitely in RHS there isn´t any DTK muzzle brake for SVD. How can I fix this?

  13. Maybe I didn't write it understandable, I mean build base or some barbed fence right when you are playing the mission.... like in Arma 2 final campaign mission. You could bouild armory, air factory , heavy factory. So is it possible to make something like this in ravage mission.

  14. Hi guys,


    Thanks Haleks for this awesome mod!!! (y)


    Sry for my bad Englih. Are you going to do any tool for rearming offroad or heli?


    Is it possible to make scripts for build your own base in mission? f.e you can find some material (sandbag, barbed fence, wood board,..... load it into offroad, unload where you want and build little base for some time pennalty.


    I haven´t any experience with scripting.... so how can I put some weapons, attachments that I want to add to Haleks base mission. I tried add weapon shortcut in lootlist.sqf, gearlist.sqf..... but I didn´t see that weapon whole game.