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  1. 1 minute ago, Scotty_Z said:

    Do you have GREF loaded because it's a GREF weapon 

    Yep ... I have all RHS stuff loaded.

    When I'm in editor I can change soldiers loadout via Virtual Arsenal or put Mosin SBR simply into the crate, but I can't find Mosin SBR on the right side where are units, weapons objects .. etc located and place it like an object on the ground or table.

  2. 18 hours ago, cosmic10r said:
      Reveal hidden contents

    //////////Ravage Rusted Firearms Retexture Mod///////////////////////////////////////////////////
    //////////Created Exclusively for the Ravage Mod/////////////////////////////////////////////////
    //////////By CosmiC10R///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    //////////Follows same licence as Ravage/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    //////////Not to be used without permission outside of Ravage////////////////////////////////////

    List of classnames

    v1.1//// Not released

    Added UI icons for all the Rusted guns featuring rust and blood.


    Going back and tweaking all guns including updating all 

    -stats in the config - needs adding and to be adjusted
    -rvmats - adjusted for shine
    -cleaning up the config - unify code and clean up redundant code
    -tidying up some of the textures like the some of the stocks. - in list below

    so that that I don't need to circle back to any and from this point on any new
    firearms can follow the same workflow. 
    v1.2 will have all this completed and won't have any new firearms until such a time 
    as all the previously done are complete.
    It will just be better this way. As it gets bigger it is getting fragmented and harder to keep
    track of. The config is going to be at least 1000 lines by the end, I imagine.

    Gun Tweaks from v1.05
    Rifles/pistols ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    - Cyrus - Rusty ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    ----Textures -- buttstock edges have rust (tbd), icon done
    ----Config ---- needs stats, rvmat

    - Asp Kir - Rusty --------------------------------------------------------------------
    ----Textures -- buttstock needs dirt, icon done
    ----Config ---- needs stats, rvmat less shine

    - Mar 10 - Rusty ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    ----Textures -- Done, icon done
    ----Config ---- needs stats, rvmat done

    - Navid - Rusty----------------------------------------------------------------------
    ----Textures -- done, icon done
    ----Config ---- needs stats, rvmat less shine

    - SPMG - Rusty-----------------------------------------------------------------------
    ----Textures -- buttstock edges have rust (tbd), icon done
    ----Config ---- needs stats, rvmat

    - EBR - Rusty ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    ----Textures -- ok
    ----Config ---- needs stats, rvmat less shine

    - ABR - Rusty ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    ----Textures -- ok
    ----Config ---- needs stats, rvmat less shine

    - EMR - Rusty ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    ----Textures -- buttstock edges have rust (tbd), icon done
    ----Config ---- needs stats, rvmat

    - Zafir Rusty----------------------------------------------------------------------
    ----Textures -- buttstock edges have rust (tbd), icon tbd
    ----Config ---- needs stats, rvmat

    - AKM - Rusted - first add - not happy with 1st attempt... tbRedone----------------------
     ----Textures -- redo tbd
    ----Config ---- needs stats, rvmat tbd, classname changed

    - AKS - Rusted - first add-------------------------------------------------------------
    ----Textures -- buttstock wood, redo texture to lighter, finalize texture choice, icon tbd
    ----Config ---- needs stats, rvmat adjusted, classname changed

    - Ak 12 - Rusty - first add ,--------------------------------------------------------- 
    ----Textures -- buttstock edges have rust (tbd), icon done
    ----Config ---- needs stats, rvmat done

    - Lim - Rusty - first add-------------------------------------------------------------
    ----Textures -- done, icon done
    ----Config ---- needs stats, rvmat tbd

    - Pmm 09 - Rusted - first add----------------------------------------------------------
    ----Textures -- done, icon done
    ----Config ---- needs stats, rvmat less shine, class name changed

    - Spar Drum Mag Version - Rusty - first add-------------------------------------------
    ----Textures -- done, icon done
    ----Config ---- needs stats, rvmat less shine

    - Rpg - 7- Rusted --------------------------------------------------------------------
    ----Textures -- done, icon done, cleanup files and versions to final
    ----Config ---- needs stats, rvmat less shine

    - 45 - Rusty - first add----------------------------------------------------------
    ----Textures -- done, icon done
    ----Config ---- needs stats, rvmat done, class name changed

    - acpc2 - Rusty - first add----------------------------------------------------------
    ----Textures -- done, icon done
    ----Config ---- needs stats, rvmat done, class name changed

    v1.05/// Not released


    Added following firearms
    - AKM
    - Aks
    - Ak 12
    - Lim
    - Pmm 09
    - Spar Drum Mag Version

    Added following Launcher
    -Rpg - 7

    Also developed code for weapons jamming. Haleks tweaked it and it is in a semi finished state.
    Needs extensive testing before release.

    v1.0/// Released
    Version 1.0 was released some time back and included a small selection of Early textures
    Rifles included were from the Marksmen DLC
    -Asp Kir
    -Mar 10

    A few of these had weapon stat adjustments but it was not uniform and the textures were a first
    attempt at making some more suitable firearms for the ravage environment. v1.0 was released as part 
    of Ravage 1.42, I think it was, but it was an amalgamation of about 4 versions as I figured out how
    I wanted it to all work. I started this changelog late just to help keep track of the workload as I found
    the config was getting into the 300 line mark and it was about to balloon. 11/21/2017


    Thanks to the following

    _haleks - for being generally awesome and for all the work bringing us Ravage.
    _Bad Benson - showing me the various ways I was doing things wrong, playing and developing Escape. And Awesomeness!
    _Evil Organ - for being generally awesome and helping me with all my spelling mistakes.
    _Tourist - for being generally awesome and helping develop Escape.
    _Reyhard - for helping with the config issues I was having in v1.05.



    Current weapons changelog...


    Will it be implemented in ravage mod or will it be released as a standalone mod?

    And one more question.... what about Zub .45r revolver with optics and special ammo. Can we see this in your mod?

  3. 6 hours ago, Ian Hoar said:

    Thanks for all the great info, I will try out that stamina mod and some missions. With unlimited stamina do you just keep running until you lose them? Would removing the fast zombies be a one liner somewhere when creating a new mission ? I fired up the editor once so far. :)

    But remember: if you use any stamina mod it only affect stamina but not your running speed. Maximal running speed depends on mass which your character carry, so do not overload! I recommend you to use Enhanced movement like EO said in some post above, the game gets another dimension.

    Tips for zeds: walkers are annoying but relatively slow, so don't shoot at them and try to evade, it's hard to hit their head when they're wobbling. Runners are completely different: they are fast, but easier to hit head, since they are running in straight line. If you are in town try to evade zed's into the building, brake LOS.

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  4. 6 minutes ago, boyce05 said:

    You are a legitimate legend, any clue where in the scripting I can find the pricing, I would like to tinker. Also anyone know why this isnt uploaded to the steam workshop?

    Hi, I think, from what I saw in code, price is defined by weapon mass, but I'm not 100% sure. @haleks should confirm that.


    And Haleks doesn't agree with EULA or smth like that.

  5. 44 minutes ago, haleks said:


    Thanks for the feedback mate.

    I'll take a look at the sleep menu issue - or might simply remove the HoldAction system for it as it doesn't really bring any benefit.


    Regarding the mission folder : I decided to remove it as it was eating up time to constantly update everything twice - and the unpacked versions were outdated anyway.

    I'm working on a couple of separate missions for Ravage, and I intend to use them as showcases/tutorials for mission makers - no ETA on those though...


    Is it possible to add some label when you are searching "garbage things" on the ground. When they are close to each other, I don't know which was searched and which not, since I don't know on which I'm pointing at.

  6. Hi,

    THX for your hard work. Hold action is best feature of this update!


    1) Can zombie one-hit you if you have 65 health?

    2) Is chernarus redux mission compatible with new update?

    3)How can I put some other weapons (optics, suppressors) in ravage code..... what about 40mm grenade launcher round how can I add it in? I can't find any "ammo cfg" , so I think that you add ammo by some command and it assign basic ammo to weapon, but GL round is't basic ammo.


    It would be nice if you implement some repack script in ravage! I think that most of us don't repack after 2 shoots like in COD. I ussualy use it when i found more half-empty mags or some rvg items like antirads.

  7. 31 minutes ago, lv1234 said:

    So by default, all traders in the tanoa demo (shops and roaming) should have items they sell re-randomized let's say each day or something like that?


    From what i know, i only changed stuff in the equipment pool to get more items and increased trader presence to my own likings and those shouldn't effect those arrays right? 


    new RHS update is out, Haleks will you add new equipement like one-round shotgun, sa58, scorpion, SBR Mosin (with sound supressor)!!!?

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  8. 2 minutes ago, da12thMonkey said:

    This. By default it uses the game's standard Controls>>Weapons>>Optics Mode keybind (mouse button detection can be sketchy though)

    IIRC an option to set a separate bind to Optics Mode is available in the RHS Game Options menu (under "Optic")

    RHS user action key does not work for me, and ctrl+rmb does not work too.

  9. 6 hours ago, wasbob45 said:

    Hello All.

    Just a quick question about a mod. On the "official" Wiki it stated that the supporting mods are EDN Fortifications.
    So when I load up ravage (My custom Mission) do the Materials I need to build spawn in loot if not how do I add them to the loot table?


    Yep you must place it add to the loot table. I don't know how ravage save system works, so you sould test If it's compatible with saves.

    I read somewhere that on the map terain there are some "traces" which ai use to move on the map. I deduce that if you build your fortress, it stops bullets, but zeds and renegades will ignore it and they simply run through wall.


    6 hours ago, lv1234 said:

    Without the ASR ai, you have no stamina bar. This therefore allows you to run endlessly with no fatigue unless you are radiated or have low health. With the ASR AI you now have a stamina bar and will run to a limited distance before your character slows down due to fatigue 

    Thanks, another new thing I learned today!

  10. 7 hours ago, lv1234 said:

    Hi, i have another question


    Have you used the ai enhancement mod ASR AI 3 mod on ravage? It seems to disable the unlimited running system and puts the stamina system back in ravage. This is forcing me to use an alternative mod to remove stamina 



    I don't know about that. I think Ravage only affect stamina by reduce your current amount of stamina according to Health, Hunger.... Till now I didn't know that you can unlimitedly run.  I use it everytime cuz AI is dumb and ASR AI is one of the recommended mods.

  11. 6 hours ago, lv1234 said:

    This is hard to understand, probably because your English is limited..Which is fine but i will try my best to process


    First things first, are you stating that drinking dirty water + having my character still running slow around 30-50 health (therefore not being able to jump using enhanced movement mod) is causing the bug? 


    Next, the enhanced movement options that are shown on the bottom right screen is BLOCKING the moduload's "reinitialize mods" button, which is also on the bottom right screen? Therefore i cannot initialize my mods AT ALL


    HOLD ON, I have a VERY similar mod loadout as you do when i loaded the ravage tanoa mod in terms of weapons: 


    ravage is on top of enhanced movement, and therefore is out of view


    So before, we even bother restarting. Am i supposed to get different weapons from looting dead ai bandits or from loot in general in tanoa? Do you experience the same problem with the loot thing? 


    take note , i get different loot and items from RHS + CUP WEAPONS in ravage altis but not tanoa even with this loadout



    1. EM is conected to stamina and health, health and stamina is conected to THIRST, HUNGER, RADIATION. In my previous post I wanted to prevent you from drinking dirty water cuz it has bad consequences for you. You drink dirty water = get radiation poissoning, so you will be thirsty sooner and you will be forced to drink again = again get radiation = your HEALTH, STAMINA, degrades and finally you won't be able to jump with EM.
    2. For me Moduload menu is right below the EM menu so I can click on both. And sry I quoted wrong question so it can be confusing.
    5 hours ago, Evil Organ said:


    The Equipment Pool module (which is responsible for adding "goodies" from supported addons) has a different configuration in the Tanoa mission, in contrast to the Altis mission....that's why you will see a different weapon and gear pool in both missions.

    Equipment and weapons from RHS are enabled on the Altis mission, only equipment is enabled on the Tanoa mission. All these configurations are defined by the mission-maker, but they can also be altered to suit your own tastes.

    I'd recommend opening up both demo missions in the Editor and familiarize yourself with the modules, you'll be amazed how much control you have over what happens in your very own mission.  

    This is absolutely true. It's on the mission maker to set loot pool. I have never played Tanoa with mods cuz of performance, so I thought that in Tanoa demo mission there can be non-Vanila weapons.

  12. 53 minutes ago, lv1234 said:

    Sorry for the constant posting but i have another issue with ravage tanoa


    It seems like the loot content is all the same in terms of weapons +ammo (PM,zubr,pdw2000,stinger, and some other specific vanilla guns). I have other weapon mods that add new weapons to the game (cup weapons) that are on but they still don't appear in the loot crates and it makes looting boring to find the same stuff for all of the guns you already have or you have seen before

    So you should restart your mission witch this kind of problem. As for dirty water .... it is on the mission maker to set water to radioactive ON or OFF. Try to drink only clean water - it adds 50 thirst and no radioactive, or various soda cans - they can be radioactive, but they add 50 thirst like pure watter. The worst thing is drinking dirty water - it add only 5 or 10 thirst and add raiation, so with every can of dirty water your character will be thirsty earlier cuz of radiation it's vicious circle! In my oppinion best weapon mod is RHS stuff especially with GREF. Try to study some things on this page http://ravage.wikia.com/wiki/Ravage_Wikia cuz searching basic information on 227 pages of discusion is pain in the a*s.

    My mods are usually: CBA, Ravage RHS(USAF, AFRF, GREF), EM by badbenson, MagRepack (you must load that one with moduload every time you recover your save), advanced Towing, Rappeling, ASR AI, and some sound and graphic mods.

  13. 3 hours ago, lv1234 said:

    Hmm for some reason halfway through my playthrough of ravage tanoa, arma enhanced movement just stops working and I no longer can jump over objects? Not sure if this can affect it but, i have been in a vehicle for a while 


    In ravage altis, it works fine + other scenarios


    try some moduload mods. Usually if you reload your save e.g next day, some mods should be not loaded. Moduload (http://www.mediafire.com/file/oopk1bl6llgvr9f/Moduload+[0.5.2].7z) fix that problem. It moduload can be loaded in the midle of you playthrough. How to use moduload is in "readme".

    Or maybe your character was just overload or injured.

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  14. 2 hours ago, Chuc said:

    oh right thank you for that info, very helpful.


    got it working very well with another script that damages you after awhile if your not wearing a gas mask in area of a trigger and a smoke module to tell you there is rads there.


    Do the AI take rad damage?


    AI does not take rad damage.

  15. Hi,


    Is there any way to make my own new preset in weapon module. I want to make mission but I don't want some weapons in it .... I want only submachine guns and bolt action rifles to be in loot and to be equiped on raiders.

    As far as I know Haleks disagree with workshop regulations, so I don't want to edit ravage files cuz I can't share edited ravage files on workshop afterwards.

    Thx for reply