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  1. 44 minutes ago, Schreber said:

    I play on Tanoa and made the scenario mostly msyelf. The player guy placed looks blue on the map and its classname is also Blufor (B_Survivor_F). I have checked the AI module and the relation between Blufor and Raiders (Indep) is set as hostile  (the secondary hostile faction.) Idk where else to set or check a box. Am I missing something with that: " [...] you check the box under Attributes [...] "? 

    Yes you have to go to upper panel, click on atributes, and there are side relations. It should be displayed via two pictures: one for opfor and second for independent.

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  2. @bl2ck dog

    Hi server probably needs restar cuz "garage manager" and trader at Junkpile base are not at their positions, and someone leave vehicle at Junkpile spawn point so I couldn't get my own vehicles out. I think that CBA is updated and Ravage 1.49 probably repair that vehicle issue. But personaly you should wait. Haleks will release fixed version because in current version tents are deleted even if they have something in inventory.

    And one last advice: make sure that Junkpile base is not radiated.

    Thank you for providing ravage mission on your server!!!

  3. 17 hours ago, bl2ck dog said:



    Also returned XP/rank/money HUD in latest version, what do you think? I'm kinda 50/50 here, personally I prefer no HUD at all, but I realize it might be confusing, especially for new players.

    Or you can make player's stats visible only by pressing 0-0-0, but there should be all stuff that you mentioned above. When I played before I could see only actual XP but not XP needed to next rank.

  4. 9 hours ago, bl2ck dog said:

    @Hans(z), currently there's no way to save mission progress, but I'll try to fix that, can't promise it will happen soon though.

    After some time on your server I realized meanings of all markers on the map.....

    Sometimes I don't get points for discovering radioactive zone, but maybe it's  because I quickly get in and then out of the triger zone

    Other problem is that I'm don't have repair, refuel action in action menu in respawned boats, but I think this is Ravage problem and it should be fixed in the next update.

    I managed to get some Van to garage but after I spawn it near the garage I can't get in vehicle, only inventory of this vehicle is available for me.


    I can reproduce problem with vehicles:

    1) Get some vehicle

    2) Reclaim vehicle

    3) Park in garage - everything was allright till this moment

    4) Unload from garage

    5) Action menu is gone, I can only open inventory of my vehicle


    BTW Can I buy some NVGs later in game? And how many ranks are in this mission?

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  5. @bl2ck dog thank you for your work!

    I tried it alone and I must say, that your mission is cool!

    Please send some notification when you will play with squad. I'd like to join up!

    And some question:

    When I want to play it alone as hosted MP, how can I prevent mission from restarting. My gear is saved but it is possible to make progress persistent?

    And I didn't be able to find what mean some signs on map (I think it was from contamination mod) , so  you should add some annotation on map.

  6. 30 minutes ago, haleks said:


    Man, that's a brilliant idea - and Arma3 already has a couple of commands related to bleeding. It's also a good occasion to add a new item - bandages as well as the ability to rip clothes...

    Definitely going to investigate that! \o/

    That would be super cool!!!

    This could partially solve the problem with very rare FAKs in the game.

  7. 1 hour ago, haleks said:

    By the way, how often do you guys die at the hands of zombies? Just so I can get a clear picture before tweaking the default zombie damage output.

    How many of you would want them to be a bit more deadlier by default?

    Zeds specially runners or crawlers kill me only in early stages of playthrough. Once I have auto rifle, then R.I.P zombies :shoot:

    Walkers are easy - they are too slow, giving them more powerful punches should balance gameplay.

    But after 1.48 patch zeds can easily spot you from greater distances and from wider angle of view.. you can run 90 degrees to its LOS and it zed can still spot you. I think that this can be tweaked.

    Runners are very scary in night time but I like it. That forces player to find a shelter rather than wander in night time.

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  8. Question for mission makers!

    I want to make my  Ravage mission and maybe publish it lately, but:

    1) Which way is more FPS friedly scripting or make whole mission in Eden editor?

    2)Can I make mission intro (outro) only in Eden editor?

    3)How can I restrict spawned weapons (lootable and on AI) only to certain types?

    Thx for reply

  9. Hi @haleks thank you for your work!


    Now quick feedback to the new update:

    Zeds can see player from higher distance than in the past (I quess 150 metres, maybe more) and they can spot player from wider angle. Is it intention?

    Nice to see some new weapon on what rakursk colimator can be atached.:shoot:

    What about research military buildings.... they don't have furniture layout, so hight tier loot is not present. How can I help you with layouts?

    Do you plan to add more weapons from RHS?

    From 2 hrs gameplay I can say that vehicles don't exploding!


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  10. 20 hours ago, bl2ck dog said:

    @haleks Oh, I've forgot another issue. Zombies spawned by Zombie Horde Module does not despawn no matter how far player is. Not sure if that's intended behavior or not, but that makes those modules barely usable in persistent game.

    That is known "bug" haleks doesn't find solution yet.

    So you should place two triggers one for spawning hoarde and one for deleting horde.

    I'm not a mission maker so more experienced forum member should confirm that.

  11. Hi,


    I have a request for @haleks:


    1)Could you please remove  // signs infront of some RHS weapons (more specific AFRF rifles with NPZ rail)? I don't know any way, how to add weapons to loot list and equipment table without changing ravage PBOs, but I think there is a way to restrict AI spawns only with specific weapons, like in Haleks 28 years later. So you can add more weapons by deafault and mission makers will restrict spawning on their own taste.

    2)Could you please add some new weapons from RHS.... I would appreciate vz.61 scorpion (it has been very common smg used by police) and suppressed makarov (for silent zombie li.




    This is the worst scope that I found so It could replace rakursk


    3)If you play and you are very lucky you find optics or colimator, could you please change (or delete) Rakursk colimator. Because it's absolutely useless due to lack of NPZ russian rifles and on the M4 front sight that cannot be folded, it block the crosshair.

    4)And the last thing:  What I have to do in order if I want to reduce spawning Bandit cars? I want one car is spawned only once i random location like 5km diameter and doesn't allow car respawn.

    If you play any ravage mission with car patrols enabled, you can kill bandit car, move past cleaning distance, then go back and there is new bandit car! Kind of unnatural that amount of  cars in post apocalyptic world, on the top of that it affects FPS.


    I'm not able to repair lights on vehicles. When I open repair menu, there is irreparable light item and the same item appears multiple times.

  12. 7 hours ago, Foozlekiller said:

    As a side note, I "restarted" the mission and it appears that it saved my gear, nutrition and hydration levels from my previous run with a friend.

    Go to SP scenarios in Arma menu, then go to ravage mission folder and start "Ravage MP saves manager" you should be in VR map. Go to saved character and delete it.

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  13. 35 minutes ago, Foozlekiller said:



    I am getting the exact same error message. Here's what I've done so far:


    Downloaded Ravage Mod - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29638

    Placed Ravage Mod in my !WorkShop folder in Arma 3 folder and then added !WorkShop to watched folders in order to make it show up

    Added CBA_A3 from Steam Workshop

    Downloaded missions from https://www.dropbox.com/s/87ctlte4k9x98mz/Escape072416.zip?dl=0 (link on 2nd post on this thread)

    Placed Missions in the MP Missions folder in Arma 3 folder - they appear when I look for them

    Selected both Ravage Mod and CBA_A3 mods and started Arma3

    Host MP Lan -> Find Altis Mission (any) -> Load up mission and then get the same message: bin\config/CfgVehicles.Land_Box_Luggage1_F

    Select any slot and load and get error message again.

    Clicking through the error message, the game comes to the map screen where the "Respawn" option isn't select-able. I let it sit for a few minutes and nothing happens.

    I click disconnect and select a new survivor and enter into game. Once loaded up, the previous person that I selected is now showing up as a friendly NPC.


    Think that covers what I am seeing so far. I can reinstall and test things when I get home. I just wanted to know if there was anything else I should be doing to make it work. Thanks!




    EscapeAltis is not compatible with ravage 1.47. If you want there is EscapeMalden mission. Cosmic10r is working on escape Chernarus Redux mission too and after that he will rewrite his older missions PROBABLY.

    SP version

    On 21. 12. 2017 at 9:37 PM, cosmic10r said:


    On 29. 12. 2017 at 9:37 PM, cosmic10r said:
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  14. Hi,


    I had a good time playing this mission!


    I want to report bug: supply drop seems to be broken.... plane pass over and drop crate, crate sink under surface but never goes up. This occurs only on the Norther side where is sand.


    Suggestion: I always have plenty of food and water so you can reduce spawning vital items or I would appreciate increasing thirst and hunger ratio so player will be forced to actively search for vital items.

    Note: I play only SP so playing coop with 5 friends can be different..


    And if I want to play with Ravage supported addons like RHS, will be content of RHS in points of interest ( crashsite, supply drop..)? Or is it only vanilla?