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  1. Hi guys,


    I'm asking for help..... I'm working on mission where I want add "recruit unit" action after you complete some task.

    This is the default code from wiki:

    this addaction ["Recruit Unit", "\ravage\actions\recruit.sqf","", 1, false, true, "", "alive _target && {group _target != group _this}"];
    this addaction ["Dismiss Unit", "\ravage\actions\dismiss.sqf","", 1, false, true, "", "alive _target && {group _target == group _this}"];

    Could it be something like that:

    this addaction ["Recruit Unit", "\ravage\actions\recruit.sqf","", 1, false, true, "", "alive _target && {(group _target != group _this)&&(!alive _HVT)}"];

    For example I want to make something like "I'll join you, but you must kill HVT", so you kill HVT, then when you get next to "taks guy" and voila! "Recruit unit" action appears.


    2nd question:

    Do you know how to stop ambient animation with condition? Injured guy lay on the ground you must find first aid kit and heal him, after that he should stand up and act like normal AI.

    THX for help.

  2. Hi @haleks

    I can't find any FAKs on NPCs neither in loot. Healing via eating and drinking is possible but character can't be seriously injured. Now it's possible to have 100 healt but status chart show "Dying".

    I think that probability of spawning FAKs on NPCs and in loot should be same as antirad pill.

    Regards Hans(z)

  3. 3 hours ago, RZNUNKWN said:

    Yeah, I remember now, the Outlaw repack mag is the one that stops working after the first load. Going to try this second one, thanks @Gill93 !

    If you use @moduload you can reinitialize every mod after loading a savegame.

    I just read what others wrote.

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  4. 1 hour ago, The4thSurvivor said:

    I noticed something today on Panthera Winter, and other open maps. When i kill a Bandit AI, zombies will spawn on the dead body. Is this normal? If so is there a way to remove that?

    Do you use some other mods except Ravage, CBA, and Panthera map?

    Zeds spawn on dead bodies is caused probably by BloodLust or some other mod that creates objects (blood splatter).


    Car patrols are customizeable via AI Ravage module by setting Car patrol to yes, you don't have to add any classname. If you want custom AI patrol, then you should place some vehicle classnames in respective line, but try to add only cars with 3 or more seats, I have experienced that 2 guys was in 2 seats vehicle and 3rd one was running behind them.

  5. New upcoming RHS GREF weapon

    16 minutes ago, Redphoenix said:





    And if you want to go all in:




    I think that this is new member of Ravage family. I don't know but I could hear some "clip sound" in RHS showcase, so I'm expecting some "M1ish" rifle.

  6. 3 hours ago, Donnie_Plays said:

    Is it possible to restrict Arma 3 vanilla guns from loot systems? I am using a weapons mod where I add specific classnames to common, military and rare. I am not including Arma guns in the list but they keep showing up in loot systems and on AI. I tried switching the Arma 3 vanilla content to "limited" in the equipment pool. This caused all roaming AI to run around in their underwear and had no effect on weapons.

    Problem with clothes should solve e.g Frith Ruins (or another RVG supported addon with clothes) which add another fafigues than Vanila.

  7. @haleks how does the custom weapon module works?....What exactly means "civil, military,  rare" for weapon loot spawning and how does every of this class affect pool for AI? What I want to know is probability that AI is equiped with weapon from specific class.

    THX for answer.

  8. Hi dear ravagers,


    Friend provide me code, that make custom weapon classes. This work with ravage modules, so if you want AI can now spawn with weapons with attachements.

    I made first part for Breaking Point Weapons mod. My addon Include some basic WW2 rifles with optics and other stuff.

    Here's the link:


    I want to make another weapons from BP, but not all. Maybe later I'll make some for RHS

    You are free to edit.


    Edit: You can suggest some typicaly Ravage weapons, that are not defined by class and I will make it.

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  9. 6 hours ago, Gill93 said:

    you will need the classname of the rifle/attachment combo that you want to add for example "srifle_DMR_01_DMS_F" this will spawn a Rahim 7.62mm with a DMS Scope and this will spawn a Rahim with a suppressor and DMS scope "srifle_DMR_01_DMS_snds_F". Once you have the classnames you will want to paste it into one of the three sections inside the Equipment Pool module Common,Military,Rare. Hopefully that helped a bit. (:

    Thanks, I already know that, but what about weapon mods (Breaking Point weapons mod to be specific), if they don't have "srifle_DMR_01_DMS_snds_F" kind of classes, how can I do it on my own? New addon where I make some presets?

  10. Hi guys,

    can someone suggest me how I can add rifle with attachments to weapon module? For example I want some bandits will be spawned with bolt action rifle with optics (or supressor) attached. Those who play with RHS know that SBR mosin is useless without colimator or scope.

  11. 1 hour ago, Donnie_Plays said:

    We have a possible bug with the trader system. When selling an item from your backpack, the item does not disappear. It seems to only sell properly if you have the item in your hands. You still get the money for selling the item, but it stays in your backpack. We are using George's script for not accessing backpacks. Could this be a cause?

    I think no ( @haleks should confirm that) . This is known bug. If you play alone in SP just don't do it. If you play MP it's all about honesty between people on server and that's sometimes hard to maintain :down:. Until players group up and fight against zombies and AI it should be ok, but at moment that server becomes more PvP, players will be cheating more and this can bury trader system.

    I belive that Ravagers are good and honest people so this behavior will be minor!!!:f:

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  12. @haleks I have question for you, I'm using Left Shoulder Scripted Weapon mod, with which you can carry two main weapons. I read somewhere on Exile forums, that for persistency you have to add some code to the mod, if you want to keep 2nd weapon saved. So will it be possible that you at least look at that option? I think that in SP it works well, sometimes actions in the action menu appear multiple times.

  13. 1 hour ago, lex__1 said:

    Thanks for Mod. The best Mod expanding the immersion in the game. This is a good example of how the player's interaction with surrounding objects should look.
    Sometimes, or depending on the mode of transport, in the menu of the entrance to the vehicle, there is no inscription "commander".

    A picture in the spoiler


  14. 9 hours ago, haleks said:

    I have to say, the Workshop is practical to use for small updates like this...

    Exactly what I want to say.... that will appreciate users with bad internet connection like me!

    Thanks for your effort @haleks and others for helping him!!!

    I think that since the Ravage is on SW, fanbase will be twice as big as now.

    Mission maker will confirm that most of negative feedback is given by plp who are not able to correctly install mod, and they give up on playing rvg scenarios.


    I want to ask you @haleks : what are your next goal(s) with mod? I know you are rewriting old code now, but do you have any new addition (or big change) on which we can look forward to?

  15. 56 minutes ago, dlegion said:

    yeah nice!
    hey benson...i always wanted to ask you...for the guys not using ACE (mainly to keep vanilla compatibility), have you ever thinked to add a sort of rappeling to EM ?
    i think would be a nice addition!
    thanks for your great work !

    Rappeling mods exist, for building and for helos. They're made by DUDA and I have them in my enhanced Arma modset together with mighty EM.

  16. 4 hours ago, damsous said:

    Melee weapon are working with that mod ?

    I think no.... melee is part of Breaking Point (it has over 12GB), this mod is only extracted weapons from BP (and it has about 1,5GB). I think in weapon mod there is some melee but you can't use it due to lack of code from original BP.

  17. Hi,


    how AI Ravage car patrol should work? For me it only  stay at one place and doesn't move till someone shoot guner or gunner spots me and starts chasing me. All this action happens only with initiation from my side, they don't patrol by default.

    Another suggestion: after some time in game map is overpopulated with cars, it would be nice to have some limitation like car patrol should spawn only if in radius e.g. 1km is not another active car patrol.

    I think that despawning system doesn't work for carpatrols.... dead bodies are still there even if I go to opposite side of Map and go back.


    I don't have bad experience with zombies stops attacking so this work for me.


    BTW for mission makers: If you want to add some special weapons https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=973548592&searchtext= That crossbow is awesome!!!