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  1. 28 minutes ago, haleks said:

    Updated vanilla gear lists.

    Will you look on supported mods weapons list? RHS released some good WW2 weapons, it would be fine to have them in default RHS list. I know I can make custom weapons list, but it causes problems with traders (they are not equiped from custom weapon list - not a big problem), but loot system spawns vanila weapons if custom weapon list is used and everything else is set to disabled.

    And how I can add GL ammo to AIs and loot list. I remember that rifles with GL used to be in ravage loot list, but they were useless because you couldn't find any GL ammo.

  2. 7 minutes ago, whiteface73 said:

    Wishlist #2: I‘d like to have two additional fields in the equip module. One for adding gear (not firearms) to the loot list and one to exclude (i.e. remove) stuff from the loot list, like A3 weaponry.


  3. 10 minutes ago, haleks said:


    I won't be of much help as I'm not very familiar with MP, but "ravage_ai" is the classname of the ambiant ai module : sounds like ravage isn't properly installed on the server?

    yep I made some typo

  4. Hi guys

    I need help with setting up dedicated server.


    I finally managed to run the server, but when I want to connect my monitor start flashing and I can find this

    mpmissions\__cur_mp.newhaven\mission.sqm/Mission/Entities/Item0.type: Vehicle class Ravage_ai no longer exists

    in server "manager"

  5. 1 hour ago, kerozen said:

    Probably not a JSRS bug. Me and my group use JSRS quite frequently with ACE and other mods and never ran into that issue. I also think JSRS doesn't have a "healing" sound as you mentioned.

    100% JSRS bug, I tested it with vanila + JSRS + JSRS reloading sounds, 2nd time with only JSRS loaded and I was still getting healing sound loop when I healed at ambulance van (medical tent).

  6. @haleks hi,

    I found little problem:

    Custom weapons works only for AI, buildings are still spawning non-custom weapons and ammo.

    Vanila set to limited,

    RHS, Frith ruins to equipment only

    and I used custom weapons from RHS Gref (my WW2 rifle edition)


    Did you remove ambient heli script?

    If not, where I can found it and how is it named?

    How are ravage NVGs diferent from vanila ones?

  7. Hi @LordJarhead,

    I encountered a bug. If you heal from medical vehicle (or medical tent) you get healing sound loop. It can be stopped only by injuring myself and using FAK (but that doesn't heal you to 100%). This bug doesn't occur when you use other AI to heal you.

    Do you heard about that? If yes, could you please add unresolved bugs section to OP on the first page. 😎 Keep your good work!!!

    Best regards


  8. Hi guys, is there a way to extend ravage item list for other items that are not included in present list or to add same items to increase probability of spawning in game.

    I'm looking something like that:


    Additem to rvg_ items



    Something that I can write in my mission files

  9. I have an idea for missions .... give player full protection in some sort of vehicle. I think that modern tanks are able to protect its crew from radiation. I like the idea of place high level radiation on whole terain and give player 100% protection only in e.g IFV Panther without ammunition to make sure player take road on foot. The mission can be some kind of special force retrieving medical information. AIs are more likely to get RPG and random placed antitank mines will spice up atmosphere.

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  10. 9 hours ago, GEORGE FLOROS GR said:


    This is part from my GF Fog script

    in order to fix the ai spot distance

      Reveal hidden contents
    //________________  Author : GEORGE FLOROS [GR] ___________ 01.11.18 _____________
    ________________ GF Fog Script ________________
    Please keep the Credits or add them to your Diary
    Don't try to open this with the simple notepad.
    For everything that is with comment  //  in front  or between /*
    means that it is disabled , so there is no need to delete the extra lines.
    You can open this ex:
    with notepad++
    and also use the extra pluggins
    (this way will be better , it will give also some certain colors to be able to detect ex. problems )
    or use any other program for editing .
    For the Compilation List of my GF Scripts , you can search in:
    diag_log "//________________ GF_Fog_Change_spotDistance.sqf _____________";
    systemchat "GF_Fog_Change_spotDistance";
    //________________ Settings ________________
    //________________ Set true or false  ________________
    GF_Fog_Change_spotDistance				= true;		//	Change AI spotDistance
    if (GF_Fog_Change_spotDistance) then {
    [] spawn {
    	while {true} do {
    if (
    	((alive _x)) 
    	&& (!(_x getVariable ["Var_GF_Fog_Change_spotDistance",false]))
    	) then {
    	_x setSkill ["spotDistance", 0.05 + (random 0.05)];
    	_x setVariable ["Var_GF_Fog_Change_spotDistance",true];
    	{waitUntil {!alive _x};
    	_x setVariable ["Var_GF_Fog_Change_spotDistance",false];		 
    }forEach allUnits;
    sleep 15;




    I only want @haleks to explain me what mechanics he's using for sand gusts since there is no sand gust in vanila.

    If I know how it works, then I can do other steps. I know sand gusts are not constant so I think that your fog is overkill - I dont want to butcher unsuspecting AI from 100m if I'm in gap without sand gust.

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  11. Wow new update looks awesome!

    One question.... How is sand gusts handled by AIs? From my experience it looks like I can't see 💩, but AIs snipe me from bigger distances than I can even see. (I can see maybe 30m and they shoot at me from 200m)

    BTW @bl2ck dog has awesome mission on malden so I recommend it to everyone. It's tough a little bit, so you should bring your friend and play in team.

    Server info link

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  12. 14 hours ago, RZNUNKWN said:

    Has anyone ever experienced friendly recruited AI just start driving your vehicle on its own somewhere? My recruited survivor starts randomly driving somewhere whenever I change position inside the vehicle or get inside it. 

    I encountered smth similar but in arma generally. Sometimes I disembark from non driver or non  commander position in vehicle and AI goes like "I'm the captain now".

    Youmust be always commander of vehicle, you can't shoot friendly (this will lead to AI take command over your team) and you can't be injured (AI sometimes take command if you are heavily injured). If you are injured try to heal yourself and than type radio command 0-0 "I'm ready". That should give command back to you.

    I think that your problem is that AI is on "more powerfull" position in vehicle than you, so even that you are team leader AI is leader of vehicle.

    I wish it help you. Sorry for my english it can be confusing.

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  13. 2 hours ago, Vandeanson said:


    ;) to come - no ETA tho, i have been served scripts on a silver plate but will have to find time to set up a dynamic spawn and despawn system.




    I keep having troubles with ravage AI units spawning without uniforms. (weapons, vests, backpacks, items... work fine).

    In my equipment module setup, I have limited Vanilla gear and set adjusted the equipment settings of ravage to use CUP gear only.

    I will need to do some more testing and will provide the error report (it refers to an issue in line 29 of the ravage equipment function.)

    I have had that issue occur multiple times now in various mod set ups in the past.


    General question - is anyone familiar with this issue? I cannot recall having seen this discussion here but I might have missed it.




    One thing I realise is that you have to add sleep; before all non-ravage scripts that spawn AI with custom equipment. Ravage functions need small delay to initialize all its function. I had problem with vanila ravage only once before (I think it was Stories from nowhere on Cambodia map).

    I think that it's impossible to put character via Eden editor and give it random NON-vanila equipment choosen by Ravage equipment module.

  14. @haleks is it possible to set cleanup to "no" in ravage module and run cleanup e.g. by radio 0-0-0?

    What is the function I should use? Does RVG cleanup system include objects spawned by @GEORGE FLOROS GR drop script?


    I play some edited mission from others.I killed raiders squad, then I looted 2 guys and others 2 disappeared. Could it be your cleanup system, or this is caused by something else?

    My settings in Eden editor is here


    THX for help.


    Edit: Minimal distance is set to "0". And regime (maybe manner) is set to "NONE".

  15. @Vandeanson@MuRaZorWitchKING, script is good, but I had a problem with custom weapons system in Ravage equipment module. I think that ravage modules need a short time  to intitialize, in order to load your custom weapons classes, so if you want any unit ,spawned at the start of the mission, are equiped with only weapons you choose, you must delay a litte the  rvg_fnc_equip;. I managed to get everything OK by adding 5seconds sleep before banditcamp.sqf in init file.

    Sorry my English is very simple :D

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  16. So guy now I know why


    didnt work for me....

    The bandit script kick in right at the start of the mission, so simply all those RVG function dont have time to kick in (I think that there is small delay from the start for some function, right @haleks?).

    For anyone who are using banditcamp script that in get from "The Broken" mission made by @MuRaZorWitchKING, you should paste

    sleep 5;

    before you initialize banditcamp.sqf.


    How I can add sleep function to Units init line?

    I tried:

    sleep 5; 0 = [this] call rvg_fnc_equip;

    but I get some error.

  17. 1 hour ago, BattleChief said:

    I have seen something similar in a problem I faced once..although you seem to have eliminated the problem by ticking everything else as "No"...It may not be of a lot of use, but if you tick "no" for everything you don't have, have RHS (if your using it) set to "Yes", and all other bits set to "No" in the equipment pool, it tends to drop more RHS weapons than vanilla


    Now, the RHS equipment only, and Vanilla limited might be an issue, it moght have to be RHS to equipment only, and Vanilla to Allowed, with all others being "No"


    At least that seems to be the outcome of all my mission starts, as I use a script that Jimmakos dropped me a while ago..and its my typical initplayerlocal.sqf file..minus a few changes here and there of course


    if you run into a error code, feel free to mention it, maybe toss a screenshot up, I might have some knowledge on it..No guarantees, as I am not a great scripter, nor can I write/rewrite lines of code very well, and with how tired I am, I couldn't write a line to animate an ingame NPC!

    The main reason I want to get rid of vanila weapons is that I can change loadout for my character, but Im using bandit spawn script that uses rvg_func_equip...

  18. @haleksdo you know that function bellow equips units only with vanilla weapons?

    0 = [this] call rvg_fnc_equip;

    I'm not able to get another weapons from addons. I tried set vanila to "limited", RHS to "YES" and it didn't work. Same situation with custom weapon list... RHS was set to "equipment only" all other to "no" and vanilla to "limited" and I still got vanilla weapon.

  19. 34 minutes ago, Gill93 said:

    something like this might work in a trigger or in aI init field not quite sure.

      Hide contents

    0 = this spawn {waitUntil {behaviour _this == "combat"}; _this call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim__terminate;}


    THX for help!!! I tried that earlier, but I had bad syntax probably. Now it works

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