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  1. Hi,


    I have problems with CamLaoNam version of the TFF 2.
    I have been playing with 3 mods: CBA, SOG AI and BC Two Primary Weapons.I have been playing with these mods for some time, and I had problems very rarely. I completed whole campaign (5000pts), with maybe 3 restarts, when game do not load. So I think mods are not the problem.


    The main persistent problem is that game doesn't load next mission.
    I verified game files - not effective
    Created new campaign - not effective
    Created new game profile - not effective

    I looked in RPT file and it ends with these two lines:

    21:55:00 "MissionFinished - Finished"
    21:55:01 "NewMission - Init"


    I can send you RPT file if you want


    Also I have a little suggestion to add 9mm HP magazines to vehicles's cargo, since you can equip suppressed M1 carabine.

  2. On 5/10/2021 at 3:50 AM, MuRaZorWitchKING said:

    I may add the DLC into the Ravage Dedicated server once it has Ravage support, supposedly it has melee? 

    If you train a little, bayonet kills zeds in one stab. Without bayonet it's harder, cuz you need to get close to enemy (zeds will 99% hit you) + you must hit the head to kill in one attack.


    For sound coefficient .... most guns from SOG are working with sound system,

    From my testing:

    Sound detection coefficient 0.5-0.6 is sweetspot

    For 2-3 weapons from DLC suppressor doesn't work (one of them is .22LR pistol with integral suppressor)

    DLC adds new grenades (molotov, incendary, my favourite poisonous gas) which are very efficient for killing large hordes. 



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  3. 20 hours ago, Gill93 said:

    Hey guys does anyone know if the Bandit Vehicle patrol works with vehicles such as ATV's and or Dirtbikes or does it only work with cars and trucks? 


    Possible difficulty can occur, when the patrol consist 3 or more raiders. Two guys in ATV, 3rd runnig behind them 😂. ATV usually makes it to the waypoint, then it waits for the 3rd.

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  4. 2 hours ago, HereIsJones said:

    This is awesome, thanks for this! Can the CUSTOM TRADER LIST be used to sell weapon parts (suppressor, scope etc)?

    Yes, this works for everything!

    You just need to change parentclass of the item!

    You can buy every item in game, but unfortunately you can't sell every item. You can sell every weapon, ammo + binocular type items. On the other hand you 100% can't sell uniforms, vests, backpacks, NVGs, weapon accesories...

  5. On 11/21/2020 at 9:12 PM, UnDeaD. said:

    If anyone is using Outlawled's Mag Repack script and don't want other people on a server to exploit by combining for example toolbox with matches, just swap inside MagRepack_Misc.sqf this line:

    if (getNumber(configFile >> "CfgMagazines" >> _magType >> "count") > 1 || {[_magType] call outlw_MR_isConvertable}) then

    with this:

    if ((getNumber(configFile >> "CfgMagazines" >> _magType >> "count") > 1 || {[_magType] call outlw_MR_isConvertable}) && (_magType find "rvg_" != 0)) then

    This way it just disables the combination of Ravage items, so no more exploits. 😉

    This exploit is present also in SW addon version. Does this code block repacking all ravage items including same type (e.g. matches-matches)?

  6. Hi guy,

    Lets say situation with this pandemic get worse in my country and authorities ban free time activities. I get more time to spend on PC, cuz my every other hobby was banned.


    So I'd like to add my part of work to ravage. I'd like make furniture compositions for Livonia or Chernarus Redux. I don't exactly know who made that for Altis buildings, but I'm asking that guy for tutorial how to make it.

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  7. Hi,


    does anyone know why I'm not able to sell certain things to trader? I can sell weapons and ammo-like things, but cannot sell e.g. vests, uniforms, and weapons accesories. I think that it can be caused by cfg parents class. rifles are cfg_weapons and IRL are weapons, but vest are cfg_weapons but IRL they aren't weapons.


    rvg_gear_custom = ["Gear",  
          ["rhsusf_acc_omega9k", 50,"CfgWeapons", 1],  
          ["muzzle_snds_acp", 50,"CfgWeapons", 1],   
          ["rhsusf_acc_rotex_mp7", 60,"CfgWeapons", 1],  
          ["optic_Holosight_smg_blk_F", 45,"CfgWeapons", 1],  
          ["rhsusf_acc_wmx_bk", 30,"CfgWeapons", 1],  
          ["rhsusf_acc_nt4_black", 50,"CfgWeapons", 1],  
          ["optic_Holosight_blk_F", 45,"CfgWeapons", 1],  
          ["rhsusf_acc_ACOG_USMC", 60, "CfgWeapons", 1],  
          ["rhs_acc_dtk4short", 50,"CfgWeapons", 1],  
          ["rhs_acc_pkas", 45,"CfgWeapons", 1],
          ["rhs_acc_pso1m2", 55,"CfgWeapons", 1],
          ["rhs_acc_2dpZenit", 35,"CfgWeapons", 1],
          ["rhs_acc_pbs1", 50,"CfgWeapons", 1],
          ["bnae_truglo_blk_virtual", 55,"CfgWeapons", 1],
          ["rhsgref_acc_l1a1_l2a2", 65,"CfgWeapons", 1],
          ["optic_SOS", 65,"CfgWeapons", 1],
          ["bnae_scope_v3_virtual", 70,"CfgWeapons", 1],
          ["bnae_scope_blk_virtual", 75,"CfgWeapons", 1],
          ["rhsusf_acc_M8541", 75,"CfgWeapons", 1],
          ["rhs_1PN138", 115,"CfgWeapons", 1],
          ["rhs_pdu4", 175,"CfgWeapons", 1],
          ["rhsusf_bino_lerca_1200_black", 150,"CfgWeapons", 1],
          ["Binocular", 45,"CfgWeapons", 1],

          ["rhsusf_ANPVS_15", 130,"CfgWeapons", 1]

    From code for custom trader above I can buy everything, but I can sell only binocular-type things.


    Only idea... make money virtual like healt, thirst hunger and radiation. Only cons: Ravage wouldn't be that realistic. Pros are: more room in backpack for other valuables and no more clicking when I want to change backpack. Actual item rvg_money can have its own nominal value for traders, e.g. 1x banknotes=10bucks to virtual account when is sold to the trader.

  8. 15 hours ago, LSValmont said:


    2) The safe zone module does not work (confirmed on hosted servers). (Configured to make zombies retreat rather than delete them)

    3) The ai module is missing custom init fields for west, east, ind or renegades. So unlike the zombies module you cannot run custom code on them easily.

    Zombie safe zone only prevents zeds from spawning, if you somehow lure them to your position, safe zone doesn't help you. If you make custom base, and you don't want zombies keep coming you should equip guards in base with suppressed weapons.


    I agree with custom init fields for ai module. But I think that GF or VA made script that gives you banknotes when you kill raiders, it can be easily modified to your needs.


    Ravage has it's own retextures.


    I think, that money system should be reworked, or at least make money stackable.


    @haleks nice work with night camps. Once I got NVGs it's my favourite thing to do, since in the the tent you can find very rare items (usually which you placed in rare pool). My rare pool consists low gear collimators, suppressors and one NVG. After about 10h gameplay (about 200 killed raiders) I found maybe 10x NVGs on AI but no other items that I put in rare items line. In night camp tents items were better randomised than on AI.




    For everyone that make mission with RHS assets, from my experience 0.25 in zombie hearing is sweetspot, they hear unsuppressed gunshots far beyond spawning distance, suppressed assault rifles aprox. 120m, beyond that distance they don't react, at smaller distance they are atracted, but not allerted. For suppresed makarov the distance is shorter aprox 40m.


    My suggestion:

    You can implement fatigue system, when hours without sleeping affect stamina, weapon sway...


    I don't know, if it's arma 3 or ravage thing... when I carry much loot, even if I'm standing still and have stamina regenerated, I have enormous weapon sway, IRL it doesn't effect me (sway) when I'm aiming with 30kg backpack, let's say it's more exahausting but I can aim with nearly the same sway.

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  9. Hi,

    is it intended to that I'm not able to sell anything to gear trader? I can only buy things from him, but he doesn't buy anything back. Tested in both vanila and moded.


    I played Livonia ravage mission, where author manualy placed weapon attachments (with custom prices) to trader, again I could buy everything, but he took back only binoculars, laser designators...

  10. Hi @haleks is there an option to heal up to 100% including injuries on arms and legs. Maybe I'm wrong, but from my experience, I can regain RVG health to 100 by eating/drinking near fireplace, but my character still suffer from injuries on arms (weapon sway) and legs (running slow). In vanila, you can regain up to 75% of the health with FAK. How is  FirsAidKit implemented in RVG?

  11. I need help, I'm trying to set up UGV whic should guard object, but I want to make UGV's enemy to all other entities. Same thing like Haleks do with renegades. Problem N1 is that I'm not able to set armed UGV to civilian side (if I could change the side to CIV, I should be able to addRating -xxxxx and problem should be solved). Problem N2: If I set up OPFOR UGV and addRating -10 000; Red raiders fire on the UGV, but UGV doesn't fire back on them.

  12. I have one question about trader system. I'm using code from ravage-wiki for custom trader system.

    rvg_supplies_custom = ["Supplies", 
          ["rvg_plasticBottlePurified", 30,"CfgMagazines", 2], 
          ["rvg_canteenPurified", 50,"CfgMagazines", 2], 
          ["rvg_flare", 15,"CfgMagazines", 5], 
          ["rvg_toolkit", 250,"CfgMagazines", 1], 
          ["rvg_tire", 100,"CfgMagazines", 1], 
          ["rvg_hose", 50,"CfgMagazines", 1], 
          ["rvg_guttingKnife", 75,"CfgMagazines", 3], 
          ["rvg_Geiger", 200,"CfgMagazines", 1], 
          ["rvg_canOpener", 25, "CfgMagazines", 3], 
          ["rvg_sleepingBag_Blue", 150,"CfgMagazines", 3], 
          ["rvg_foldedTent", 300,"CfgMagazines", 1],
         ["FirstAidKit",30,"CfgMagazines", 10]
    ];this setVariable ["istrader", "rvg_supplies_custom", true];


    Where I change classnames and cfgclasses e.g. ["Binocular", 70, "CfgWeapons", 2]. I can buy things without any problem, but I'm not able to sell anything, but binoculas (range finders, laser designators...). The same thing doesn't work for clothes => Can buy, but cannot sell.

  13. 2 hours ago, kodabar said:



    This is a possibility. I recently played Once Upon a Time in Livonia and it had exactly that. Have a look at the Workshop page for it - there's a section marked "Skills" that does a lot of what you want.

    Actually I get this idea from this mission, but the stamina is completely turned off (when you complete a quest) and max. weight is the only restriction.

    My idea is something similar to Mauseris Livonia mission, but not turn off the whole stamina system, but upgrade stamina little by little. Messing with camo coefficient came in my mind too.

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  14. I just found out that Rad protective gear decrease antirad pills effect.

    Repro (with geiger counter):

    1) get some radiation

    2) eat pill

    3) watch radiation (sould be negative number around -60)

    4) put on antirad mask

    5) watch radiation - it is between -30 and -40


    @haleksis it possible to apply some RPG mechanics for stamina system and now entirely screw Ravages stamina system? I mean something like: pay 100money to "stat-trader" and you get permanent increase of mass limit player can carry without to be forced to only walk (or decreasing stamina consumtion). At this time I only know some coefitients that you can put in units init line, but i don't know if that can destroy Rvg stamina mechanics. Do hunger and thirst have effect on stamina?

  15. 4 hours ago, ChlckenWlng said:

    How to increase the radiation with the radiatio active zone placement?


    Edit: So I am trying to do is: I want like a 8m radius radioacitv zone but in the middle I get like 60 on the muller geiger and when I walk out of the 8m I 0.

    Amount of radiation is dependent on the size of Rad zone. But Radiation from two ovelapping zones have additive effect, put enough small rad zones one on another and you should get what you want.

  16. I tested new audio detection and I must say, that it worked best with vanila weapons (suppressed/unsuppressed) ASP-KIR 🔇= silent zeds killer!


    With RHS, and CUP I didn't get good results.... zeds reacted equally to suppressed/unsuppressed rifles and even with VSS and AS VAL (special subsonic ammo) heard me.

    I tried multiple values and I didn't find good one. With lover values I was able to go stealth (suppressor), but mid range zeds didn't react to unsuppressed shoots.


    I'm waiting for CBA update because with Contact DLC came DMS optics for ASP KIR (zeroing from 50m to 600m by smaller increments), but with CBA loaded I can't mount DMS(KIR) on any other rifle than from Contact DLC.


    @haleks are you going to add special suits and masks from Contact DLC to antiradiation equipement?

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  17. 18 minutes ago, Donnie_Plays said:

    I tested Ravage tonight with all the same settings I tend to use. There were a lot more zombies than usual. I didn't really have performance issues or anything. I drove along one of the main roads on the new DLC map. Just kept seeing a constant flow of zombies. This is not a gripe. Just a comment. I wonder if it has something to do with this new map and the way zombies are spawning in relation to the objects around them? I'm also curious what kind of impact it will have on a server.

    I saw that on non vanila maps. Looks like they are atracted to electrical poles (wind turbines), sometimes I can see many zeds on crossroads (without horde placement).

    New zeds are more dangerous and now I have to count with walkers too. Love that!!! Disadvantage is almost zero survivability of AI raiders.

  18. Hi guys,

    just a reminder...

    about new custom weapon module:

    common: []
    military: []
    rare: ["rifle"]
    launchers: []

    this will results in weapon module will ignore all above settings in module (like RHS=yes, CUP=yes) and it will put vanila weapons in empty brackets for common, military and launchers.

    If you want use custom lists, you have to manualy fill all brackets like this if you want weapons from mods to be spawned.

    common: ["rifle1"]
    military: ["rifle1","rifle2"]
    rare: ["rifle3"]
    launchers: ["rpg7"]

    @haleks please affirm my thought.

  19. 31 minutes ago, haleks said:


    If you can post the classnames of the missing weapons, I'll be happy to add them.


    By the way, I've modified how the custom weapons lists are handled since that part was a bit confusing. As of next update, weapons defined in those arrays will override any other settings.

    Invalid classnames will be logged in the RPT file, but won't trigger any notification ingame : that allows mission makers to use optional mods without creating dependencies.

    "rhs_weap_m3a1_specops"		M3A1 with suppressor, with rail (no iron sights)
    "rhs_weap_pb_6p9"	MakarovSD

    I think they will add some new weapons that will match ravage, but how knows.. they are a little bit "classified" about their work (I get it because they are getting tons of annoying requests "will you make this and that")


    If you want, they have some weapon classnames that contain attachements so you can put them in "Rare weapons list" and you don't have to use your script to equip some weapon with  colimators and suppressors.

    There are some:

    "rhs_weap_m76_pso"				//PSO-1M2
    "rhs_weap_45th_vss"				//PSO-1M2-1
    "rhs_weap_45th_asval"			//1P63
    "rhs_asval_pso1"				//PSO-1M2-1
    "rhs_weap_vmf_asval"			//1P63, grip, PERST 1IK (RIS)
    "rhs_weap_aks74un_sup"			//PBS-4
    "rhs_weap_45th_ak74m"			//DTK-1
    "rhs_weap_45th_ak74m_camo"		//DTK-1, NPZ, 2DP
    "rhs_weap_45th_ak74m_gp25"		//DTK-1, 1P63
    "rhs_weap_45th_ak74m_pkas"		//DTK-1, PKAS
    "rhs_weap_45th_ak74_ekp1"		//DTK-1, EKPS-1S-03
    "rhs_weap_45th_ak74m_sup"		//DTK-1, EKPS-1S-03, DTK-4 sup
    "rhs_weap_45th_akms"			//PBS-1
    "rhs_weap_45th_akm"				//PBS-1
    "rhs_weap_m39"					//Mk. 4 ER/T 3.5-10x M3, HARRIS BIPOD
    "rhs_m4a1_acog2"				//M150 RCO (ARD)
    "rhs_m4_compm4"					//M68 CCO
    "rhs_weap_hk416d10_compm4"		//M68 CCO



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