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    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Seems like stealing mission idea's like their genius revolutionary new idea "combat patrol" seems to be more important than this. I will never understand why priorities in this company are so fucked up and im sick of just everyone goes along with it. Just check how long this game has been released and still there is a ton of bugs in the game that even existed in ARMA 2. I rather keep speaking up about this major issue and get me banned again and and again. i just dont give a fuck anymore about your stupid feelings BIS. I demanded that the guy who is responsible to the long term strategy to be fired like couple years ago already.(fastest forum ban in my life) Im pretty sure many Devs would love to fix arma but there is this guy or this group of people who is pushing to milk the most money out of everyone asap instead of providing a solid engine that returns steady profits for decades. The only thing that makes people stop playing arma and stop modding/scripting is basically the sheer amount of bugs. How many good modders have we already lost to other engines like UE4? Imho the best are long gone... They are already publishing standalones or working hard on them. And its because of this retarded long term strategy. If BIS would have invested all their effort in fixing the game, instead of making unwanted, unneeded, overpriced and low quality DLC like marksmen, kart, tanoa, etc... we would have alot bigger player base, alot more modders and scripters etc. Just look at Skyrim. These guys still focus on engine issues, years after release and dont waste their effort with releasing DLC that get boring after 2 hours. And it's still the most played RPG of all times and will probably be for the next decade. And ARMA is dieing a slow and painful death. RIP. Mark my words: In 5-10 years, BIS, EA and Ubisoft will be on the same level of consumer exploitation.
  2. Johnny Drama

    Combat Patrol

    this joke needs to be cancelled asap. instead of stealing other peoples mission ideas start fixing this game. its getting more and more ridiculous.
  3. Johnny Drama

    VCOM AI Driving Mod

    So the reason why many custom objects do not get recognised by driving AI is because the object has no (proper) physx setup?
  4. Johnny Drama

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    srsly, devs take a look at vcom driving AI. hes gonna publish an update hopefully soon. compared to vcom driving the vanilla AI(yes the one on dev branch) is just unusable. specially on custom maps with high density like Taunus or other x-cam maps they cant drive without crashing into something for longer than 30secs.
  5. Johnny Drama

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    works fine for me. I added the Russian RHS units to my unitpool and it turns out that many BTR's, BMD's and some tanks have tons of crew "gunner" seats defined on top of it. For example some BTR's have more than 12 defined "gunner" seats. So i didnt want to have like BTR's with 10 crew members on top. This is how i fixed it (there is still 0 to 2 crew members on top, but i like that): //eos_spawnVehicle.sqf _position=(_this select 0); _side=(_this select 1); _faction=(_this select 2); _type=(_this select 3); _special = if (count _this > 4) then {_this select 4} else {"CAN_COLLIDE"}; _vehicleType=[_faction,_type] call eos_fnc_getunitpool; _grp = createGroup _side; _vehPositions=[(_vehicleType select 0)] call BIS_fnc_vehicleRoles; _vehicle = createVehicle [(_vehicleType select 0), _position, [], 0, _special]; //FIX START for RHS by Johnny Drama if ((_vehicleType select 0) in ["rhs_bmp1p_msv", "rhs_bmp1_msv", "rhs_bmp1d_msv", "rhs_bmp1k_msv", "rhs_bmp2e_msv", "rhs_bmp2_msv", "rhs_bmp2d_msv", "rhs_bmp2k_msv", "rhs_bmp3_msv", "rhs_bmp3_late_msv", "rhs_bmp3m_msv", "rhs_bmp3mera_msv", "rhs_brm1k_msv", "rhs_btr60_vdv", "rhs_btr70_vdv", "rhs_btr80_vmf", "rhs_btr80a_vdv", "rhs_Ob_681_2", "rhs_prp3_msv", "rhs_bmd1", "rhs_bmd1k", "rhs_bmd1p", "rhs_bmd1pk", "rhs_bmd1r", "rhs_bmd2", "rhs_bmd2k", "rhs_bmd2m", "rhs_bmd4_vdv", "rhs_bmd4m_vdv", "rhs_bmd4ma_vdv", "rhs_sprut_vdv", "rhs_t72ba_tv", "rhs_t72bb_tv", "rhs_t72bc_tv", "rhs_t72bd_tv", "rhs_t80", "rhs_t80a", "rhs_t80b", "rhs_t80bk", "rhs_t80bv", "rhs_t80bvk", "rhs_t80u", "rhs_t80u45m", "rhs_t80ue1", "rhs_t80uk", "rhs_t80um", "rhs_t90_tv", "rhs_t90a_tv"]) then { _a2 = [["Turret",[3]],["Turret",[4]],["Turret",[5]],["Turret",[6]],["Turret",[7]],["Turret",[8]],["Turret",[9]],["Turret",[10]],["Turret",[11]]]; _vehPositions = _vehPositions - _a2; }; //FIX END _vehCrew=[]; { _currentPosition=_x; ... ...
  6. Johnny Drama

    downgrade dev branch?

    use arma 3 tools (game updater) to get 2 seperate installs. stable and dev. problem solved.
  7. Johnny Drama

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    I did quite some testing with the VCOM AI driving script on the new Taunus map and i gotta say its alot better than bohemias driving ai (running the latest 64bit dev version). There seems to be minor issues from time to time with some new objects that seem to be introduced with taunus (for example new trees). I tried checking the code but couldnt really find out how you could possible fix this on VCOM AI side. maybe its a problem with the new objects, not registered correctly? _nearestObject = nearestObject [_Position, "ALL"]; it seems like they dont get picked up by this function. I reported this to the vcom team aswell. would be awesome if we could fix this.
  8. Johnny Drama

    VCOM AI Driving Mod

    i did quite some testing with the script version of this mod on the new Taunus map and i gotta say its alot better than bohemias driving ai (running the latest 64bit dev version). There seems to be minor issues from time to time with some new objects that were introduced with taunus. I tried checking the code but couldnt really find out how you could possible fix this on your side. maybe its a problem with the new objects, not registered correctly? _nearestObject = nearestObject [_Position, "ALL"]; it seems like they dont get picked up by this function. i will report to taunus team aswell, maybe they can find out the problem.
  9. i think you misunderstand me. i would like to use soundfiles in a seperate mod for our server, so i do not have to pack the sound files in every missionfile, like one usually does. but nvm, ill dig into it and see what i can find out
  10. well done, nice collection. i heard very nice ambient sound explosions in one of the videos, is that another thing you made? i never have done a mod myself, so im curious: is it possible to pack this into a mod, have it run on clients(+server?) and then just call the sounds in the missions? so people dont have to download them in every mission file?
  11. deleteVehicle _smoke; or what do you mean? _future = time + 30; waitUntil {time >= _future}; taken from the official wiki
  12. ALIAS always gives very long instructions how to use his scripts, he even makes how to use it videos. just make sure you read the workshop page throughly. and yes, what serena said ofc!
  13. even if you can get it loaded somehow, he explicitly says that all the functions and scripts are not made for multiplayer. this probably will mean alot work, since some commands you can use in SP/LAN do not work at all in dedicated environment. This looks like alot more work than just changing 2 lines of code.
  14. what about the issue with the serverconfig not getting loaded on windows dedicated?
  15. so I guess the only solution right now is to rollback to the old version until this is fixed...
  16. Johnny Drama

    Arma 3 SQM Mission File Crashes Game

    a friend had same issue today, once he went to "load mission" inside eden it just crashed the game. i managed to open the pbo with the development build and save it again without binarizing. then it was possible to load up the mission again on stable. maybe you can give that a try..
  17. Johnny Drama

    [Release] Shk_Pos_Functions

    thanks for releasing! anyone compared this to bis_fnc_findsafepos yet? if it has same issue with spawning units inside rocks (even with 10m distance to objects)?
  18. Johnny Drama

    [Release] Simple IED Script

    nice job, will probably give it a try the next days. Can anyone confirm ACE Support(minedetectors?)
  19. These are a couple basic Helicopter Insertion / Evac Examples that you can easily copy & paste into your mission and adjust. Since this is a frequent question and I made it for my team anyway, I thought why not share it to more people: Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/szg3610cflol363/heli_evac_vanilla.Stratis.zip?dl=0 heli_evac_vanilla.Stratis.zip · 5.04 KB No mods needed. Should work in SP/LAN/Dedicated. Please let me know if you find any bugs/typos! Just unzip to your Eden save folder C:\Users\*USERNAME*\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\*PROFILE*\mpmissions\ or C:\Users\*USERNAME*\Documents\Arma 3\mpmissions If you are not sure where Eden is saving your files: Go into Eden and save a mission with the name donald123. now open your hardrive and search for donald123. it will eventually find a folder called donald123.stratis or donald123.tanao (...), depending on which map you saved it. Put the folder from the zip inside this folder, where you also see the donald123.*MAPNAME* folder. You should then be able to load this mission in Eden You will find some notes on how to use for your own on the map ingame. It's basically copy & paste the setup you need into your mission and then go through the triggers/waypoints/object init's to see if you need to change something, for example the faction from blufor (west) to opfor (east). Don't hesitate to drop me a private message if you have troubles or just ask questions inside this topic. If you want to use a different kind of chopper and have problems with finding the animation source for animateDoor command I try to help you too. Before anyone asks: I tried it on roof of buildings and it seems to work with some of them, like the big square buildings with a roof on tanoa.
  20. Johnny Drama

    Player sidechat in MP mission

    can confirm this works fine in MP. If you want "Broadway" say something in sidechat with format: _msgx = format ["var1: %1 | var2: %2", _var1, _var2]; [[west,'BLU'], _msgx] remoteexec ["sidechat"];
  21. i have not made a module myself yet, but i worked with effects quite often and there is 2 rules i know about #particlesource effects so far: 1. there is a bug i found after quite some time when i had some issues, that setParticleCircle is bugged (when >0),if you attach the particlesource to an object, specially moving objects. the Z axis then randomly spawns at 0, sometimes at the vehicle. specially in dedicated server very unreliable.(since you are using 0 in this command, should be not the problem) 2. Execute and manage effects on the server, when they should be called for example. But try to always only create them locally for the players. I noticed heavy fps probs if you started spawning effects on serverside aswell. Might be just a myth but i had bad experience with it. (3. i had very bad experience with attachTo and effects. very laggy and unreliable.) example how i do attach a particlesource to an object: called on clients only: _object = *yourobjectvariable*; _smoke = "#particlesource" createVehicleLocal getpos _object; _smoke setParticleRandom [0, [0.25, 0.25, 0], [0.175, 0.175, 0], 0, 0.25, [1, 1, 1, 1], 0, 0]; _smoke setParticleParams [["\A3\data_f\cl_basic", 1, 0, 1], "", "Billboard", 1, 1, [0,0,0.7], [0, 0, 0], 50, 10, 7.9, 0.1, [15], [[0, 0, 0, 1], [1, 1, 1, 1]], [0.08], 1, 0, "", "", _object]; _smoke setDropInterval 0.4; try it out and let me know if you got any troubles. edit: one thing just came to my mind. i think AI wont react on particlesource smoke afaik, so they just will see through. when you call it on client only its obvious, but i had same issue when called on server...
  22. anyone else having problem that userconfig that worked fine before update is not working anymore at all now? checked the mod twice for corrupt files, all good. crc is fine. userconfig is unchanged. dedicated windows server.
  23. why would you want to load a client-side soundmod on the server?
  24. Johnny Drama

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    quality + quantity + immersion - this mod has it. thanks for your oustanding work for the community.
  25. dedicated server without having the soundmod being active on it.