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    Cologne, Germany
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    Arma, eSport, animes?

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    All around me are rangin faces
    scoping tracers - moodless cases
    In the night NVG'S getting places
    in their bases - strangers greatest..

    Between the save zone an the gunstore dealer
    medics working - for bambys healing
    airdrops comming for man kinds feeling
    silence meeting - arma is breathing..

    And I find it kind of funny
    I find it kind of sad
    Best servers - where I'd like to die
    i get kicked before i get rekt..
    But when you see the player run in circles on the map
    It's could be
    KOTH or wasteland gunstore under attack..

    Friendly civs with hidden guns are driving
    PMC's hiring - at the drug dealer hiding
    robing hobos or just overdriving
    rdm crying - for comp fighting

    Player waiting for the updates comming
    on the 30th - New Campaign is rolling
    i think i am gonna play this either
    i'll get me the bundle
    cuz i am ARMA player..

    And I find it kind of funny
    I find it kind of sad
    Best servers in which I'm dying
    Runnin best mods i'll ever had
    I find it hard to tell you - cuz I find it hard to take
    the global chat spamm is always - with out... with out any brake


    The idea of this cuz of wonderfull and god damn amazing lovely fun time i had playing Arma 2 Takistan Life Revolution server.. "FTA my brothers!"
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About Me


Arma 3 K.o.t.H. Gameplay Movie 

Arma 3 K.o.t.H. Gameplay cuts 


More on my Twitch.tv channel. 


Why is there no IMDB link for imdb profile  


and my STEAM GROUP here, feel free to add me and to join on steam.  


Mods i play on: Wasteland, Breaking Point, King of the Hill, Exile, Epoch, 
Takistan Life  (A2 T.L.R.  F.T.A. http://www.takistanliferevolution.com )


Maps i enjoid : 
Bornholm, Isla Lingor, Isla Duala, Panthera, Overon, Nomalsk, New Heaven, N'Ziwasogo, Esseker, Everon, Podagorsk, Fallujah, ToraBora, Thirsk, Thirsk Winter, Chernarus, Takistan, Zargabad, Taviana, Altis, Stratis,Tanoa.. more comming soon


Maps i would like to enjoi:
 Rahmadi, Sahrani, Southern and United Sahrani, Porto, Utes, Desert, Shapur, Proving Grounds, Bukovina, Bystrica, Takistan Mountains, 
 Isla Abramia, Everon, Clafghan, Afghan Village, Australia, Baghdad, Dingor Island, Atlantis, Kholm, Sugar Lake, Nam, Alaska 2035.


CPU- i7


Just one of many:


As allways GG GL&HF