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    No sound after joining server

    Thanks i will try that ;)
  2. Hello, I just bought arma 3 and i started playing the campain and everything was fine but then when i went into the multiplayer i joined a server and lost all the sound (menu music, sfx ...) i then disconected frome the server but the sound didn't come back and i had to restart arma to regain the audio... I tried changing the cpu count and all but nothing changed and it does it on every server ... I loved arma 2 especially for it's multiplayer :wub: and now arma 3 looks epic but i can't experience it without any audio! Anyone know how i can fix this ? <_<
  3. WazzupDesigne

    No Game Sound (I Can Hear Only Voice Chat)

    I have the same problem but nothing has worked so far ...
  4. WazzupDesigne

    Problems with sound

    Ok thanks I wasn't sure and since i'm new to arma 3 I'd rather ask
  5. WazzupDesigne

    Problems with sound

    I only have 1 CPU so how do i fix this?