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    Best news all week! Thanks Haleks and test team! Were gonna have a blast with this, great work and thanks for sharing.
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    Awsome news Haleks, thanks!
  3. Hi Zonekiller, Thank you for your mission, a friend and I have spent a few nights playing on my server and really enjoyed it. Thought you would appreciate some feedback. It was easy to install and setup with your instructions and including all files needed was great. Everything worked out of the box, no errors, no hassle persistant db is a welcome addition, thanks. Fps is great! This is a well coded mission, we were both getting solid frames. The only place i struggled was kavala but my server settings were high. Lots of action to keep you on your toes and looking over your shoulder. We loved the AI helpers, very useful in many situations. Highly addictive and immersive. If we had to make some suggestions to improve your mission it would be the usual im afraid. Addon weapon pack compatibility. Haleks Ravage mod has a nice way of doing this, optional mods. Base building of some description. R3f would be fine for me, maybe creation factory could be added to large trucks? Ai to engage each other. To make it feel more bandit like, not you against an army. And Im sorry but a few zombies never hurts in my opinion! So after 6 hours of gameplay and no problems or errors, I can only take my hat off to you. Well done! Thanks for you hard work, Porkie.