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  1. On 12/2/2016 at 5:40 PM, anfo said:



    I couldn't see the answer via a search, so my question is if I want to exclude a helicopter altogether (ie attack helicopter), which command would work for that?


    I tried:


    It wouldn't surprise me if it is the wrong code or the wrong parameters.




  2. Do some google maps street view around Fiji before commenting on these design characteristics :)

    Exactly, I was just about to say that. A lot of the asphalt roads do look like they do in game; some old some new.

    A suggestion would be to add a bit more dirt on some of the ones closer inside the jungle that have dirt on the side of the road(see image).  

    I do agree, however, that a lot of the wooden materials should probably look a bit more worn out/faded.