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  1. Great work! It was time to replace TADST, but I have a question: When I setup for the default folder, the program finds the missions, but not the steam mods (in hidden folder: !workshop). It only shows the mods in the root directory of the arma server executable. How to solve it? TKS !
  2. Ok guys, I deactivated slingload and it really works. At times, the smoke signal takes about 3 to 4 turns of the helicopter to be seen, but if you use the indication on the map, it works quickly. I have performed some tests to assist you in developing in dedicated MP. method and results: 1 ° All bots activated, slingload off - perfect working, transport and drop (parachute); 2° other bots disabled (only player), slingload off - perfect transport and drop operation; 3 ° All bots, sligload off, Warlord protocol - does not work the menu, but the message that helicopter is ready appears; 4 ° All bots, slingload off, Changing the name of the units (from unit1 to John, unit2 Mark... for example). Even changing the names in RYD_HAS_STT (I think this is a problem of my lack of knowledge ... LOL) does not work. I'll continue testing later, thanks again for the script!
  3. Ok, you really did!. Congrats! is running on MP. I tested the demo mission on the dedicated server, and it works perfectly. (ping 102) In the test of transport, it worked without problems. In the supply drop test, just at the moment of landing the load, the helicopter did not land, although it released the smoke signals as well as the light. I canceled then (after a lot of time). The helicopter dropped the load on the way back to RTB. But it's already very good! TKS
  4. man, if this works in mp, it will be the mod of the decade...go ahead! Tks a lot!
  5. Guys, this mod/script, in my opinion, is the best of the year. Really good. Perfect job, congratulations. Just a note: it is not running on MP, on dedicated server. I'm looking forward to seeing when you can upgrade to work in MP. Thanks for your job.
  6. Same Here. In MP , missions made in old 2D, work perfectly. Missions in EDEN ( Hell? kkk) no.... No triggers... Please , resolve this Bohemia! In time....Missions made in 2D, for some players, not load in MP / Dedicated servers, freezing the game (Ctrl + alt + del necessary)..after EDEN actualization...