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  1. I FIXED IT!!! But there's bad news. It was two triggers set to detect Opfor or Independent forces if they entered a certain area, and then trigger a siren throughout the base. Deleting those and republishing the mission worked. Now I have no idea how the hell that caused my issue, but maybe there was some function taken out of triggers that the game could no longer understand. Basically Knight81, delete your triggers and see if that fixes it. If it does, figure out which ones you can put back.
  2. The mission generator bug is confusing me now. When I make a new 3D mission, it works, but if I copy and paste any of my old ones from the 3D editor into a new scenario it doesn't work. I thought it was going to be any missions imported from the 2D editor into 3D editor got the bug. Luckily, it rules out all description.ext, init.sqf, and texture files as being a problem. So now I'm left with the realization that something, somewhere, in the thousands of objects I've placed in each of my tactical unit's bases is causing this.
  3. This week I'll try to figure out what causes the mission generator to get stuck. I've narrowed it down to being the 3D editor saving differently, running MCC when saving mission files, and description.ext scripts that cause errors. The most likely is the 3D editor. The mission generator works on missions created a while back by myself, indicating that mod compatibility is not the problem (thank god). That means there is a 99% chance of a temporary fix. I'll post once I find the fix. Eden has caused so many issues I've had to spend hours on to troubleshoot and solve. Maybe Bohemia can make intelligent life to do this for me? No? Can someone make a mod? :P
  4. Mine has worked since Eden, but stopped a few days ago. I realized it was after I updated my tac unit's missions but that took a while to find out. I can generate a mission on any game aside from the ones I made for my unit. The only difference between missions I've made for my modded unit, and vanilla arma missions, is that I saved the missions when all the mods were on. Maybe if I turned MCC off and re-saved it? Another possible but unlikely reason could be the most recent mod versions conflicting. We have CBA, RHS, and ACE in common. The ACE update didn't seem to have an effect since MCC didn't work before v3.5.0
  5. I saw the description of the achievement which says "Played a scenario as a non-player character in the Eden Editor". I was curious how to play as a non-player character so I tried to figure it out. Needless to say, I have no clue. I tried playing as Zeus, a Playable unit, doing a team switch upon dying as a Player unit, became a dog, and I have no idea. HALP! IM GOING CRAZY!!!
  6. moricky, you're a lifesaver! Back to tac unit operations at last! +1 for fastest dev support of all time :D
  7. There seems to be different issues, all revolving around getting stuck in the loading screen. I would suggest for those of whom can't fix this by removing the respawndelay in description.ext to eliminate suspicious variables one by one. It takes a while, in fact it took me a couple hours to figure out the respawn scripts were to blame, but until Bohemia releases a bug fix this is the only way to solve the problems we're having.
  8. Removing description.ext in my mission file and running it is working. I will edit this post once I figure out what in my description.ext is causing this problem. I suspect it is the respawn code. Please let me know if anyone else has found this to be a solution.
  9. I'm the one who makes the operations bases in my tac unit so I'm always using the editor and playing my missions. Until Eden. I can no longer load up the majority of my workshop content, so far I have only found one which I can load into, and it is the only one which doesn't have a description.ext or init.sqf file. There is a mission.sqm file and that is all. After the first loading screen I reach the map and the player list. I hit continue and that second load screen will stay up there loaded at either 0% or I will be in-game for about a second at which point it flashes back to the load screen to be eternally stuck at 80%. My steam name is iPwnR if anyone is interested in trying to run my missions (the one I can actually get in is Freedom of the Press). Those are old missions and of no use to me now. I'm going to try making a new mission and see if it runs, then add the description.ext and init.sqf to see if it still runs once those are added. Will post results. ~mods or no mods has no effect