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  1. I have a problem exporting the project (what i builded) with xCam as Mission File or SQF File. It always comes up with the message: Used mods: - CBA3 - xCam (latest) - (iniDB latest from xCam Install) Tested "locally" and local MP and local DS "without" Battleye running. (used normal Arma.exe) Anyone else having that issue? Thx,
  2. Resolving this issue is quite simple using symlinks. The Problem is that linux handles .Foldername different for whatever reason it creates that crazy path - anyway i am running Debian 8 with a Database without any issues. I use LGSM (Linux Game Server Manger Library) 'cause it is really handy and nice to use. It requires Bash Access so i think if you want to give Linux a go you should def rent a Dedicated Root Server. Otherwise you will have only problems. I prefer using webtropia - but everyone has its own preference. You need to have some basic knowledge how to handle linux otherwise you should prob stick with windows server. If you decide to go for it on a dedicated root here are my steps (in very very short expl. can add detailed if wished): - Finalize Setup of OS (Firewall, Package upate, adduser, and so on) - Install all required packages for Arma 3 (look them up or find them on the LGSM Website) - Install the LGSM Script Library (Follow Installation steps) Now here starts the fun: Make sure "BEFORE" you install arma or anything to create the following folders: mkdir dotsteam mkdir local then ln -s /home/user/dotsteam .steam ln -s /home/user/local .local After that you can install steam and arma (sometimes it helps login with steamcmd first to get the Security Token set once). When you start a server you can use different process names just lookup the bash script (default is arma3server or something). Arma 3 doesnt use -profile instead use -name=arma3publicserver which will create the profile files under a path something like this: /home/user/local/share/Arma 3 - Other Profiles/arma3publicserver (If your symlink was setup correct then this should work) I dont want to spam this post here and apologies about my english. If you have any questions feel free to ask! My Setup: http://www.webtropia.com/de/dedicated-server/root-server-vergleich.html I am using the ProServer with Debian 8 and two SSD Drives. Have in total 4 Headless Clients running (same machine) and 2 Arma Server Instances. No issues at all, works like a charm, most of the issues come up when you want to install it for the first time, once you got it is pretty decent.