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  1. I haven't used triggers in a while and have no clue how exactly ACE AI handles the medical. There might be a more robust way which utilizes ACE's own functions more efficiently but the following should work. If you were to write a function for the whole thing, it could look something like this. _medic doWatch _activator; // Medic AI turns towards the activator (dunno if doWatch is the best command here.) _medic playMove "somehealinganimation"; // Run some treating animation on the medic to simulate him doing something sleep t; // where t is the time of the animation in seconds. Just check this beforehand from animation viewer [_patient] call ace_medical_treatment_fnc_fullHealLocal; // do the healing just like before Now this doesn't check e.g. for the distance between the patient and the medic and you still have to figure out a way to set the correct unit as patient. I don't remember if triggers have a simple way to return the unit who activates it (the patient). If not, you'd also have to figure out a way to set that.