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  1. 43 minutes ago, snoops_213 said:

    Yeah i've been messing with it since it first hit dev branch. I can say with 110% certainty that the AI don't react in any capacity to data linked targets. I would like to see how your testing it.


    my test:

    place two centurions next to each other one to the north, one to the south.

    have one facing east, and one facing west.

    enable data link send and receive for both.

    enable the radar for both turrets.

    have a helicopter (taru) fly towards the turrets from the side with radar.


    as the helicopter gets closer, observe the turret facing away. without datalink information it shouldn't be able to notice the helicopter unless it's within optical sensor range, so it should only react, if datalink info is beeing used.


    my result:

    the turret turns around and starts aiming when the helicopter is about 2km away. (optical sensor radius)


    next test:

    same layout, but at night.



    turret facing away is not reacting at all.



    my conclusion:

    AI doesn't take information from data link targets.

    it only reacts, if their own sensors pick up a target.

  2. 11 minutes ago, Flax said:


    Dev is always ahead of main - RC for DLC is now out and is version 1.70 so any changes in Dev are now more likely to be in a patch after the Jets DLC release hence the 1.71.


    10 minutes ago, Zygzak191 said:

    DEV Build versions are odd numbers stable ones are even. Yesterday testing of Release Candidate for 1.70 has begun.


    ah nice to know.

    i was just confused by it jumping from 1.69 to 1.71 last week

  3. 8 hours ago, goldtoaster said:

    Love the fact they finally added sonic booms for jets. It sounds awesome. I don't suppose it wouldn't be too much trouble to add a vapor cone around the plane too?


    the vapor cone has not much to do with super sonic flight. it is just an effect that occurs, when the pressure of the air drops so much that the air humidity starts condesing, because the dew point drops below the current air temperature. this is more likely to happen whith a very high humidity (eg. above water surfaces or around clouds) but it can also happen at very high speeds (supersonic) with high humidity but going supersonic is no necessity for this to happen.

    so to have this effect coverd in a realistc way (or else other people will complain) you would need to have so many parameters coverd (air pressure, air humidity, speed, geomety of the aircraft, angle of attack, etc.) that it's propably better that it's not in the game.



    29 minutes ago, MK84 said:

    The virtual runway guide on the ILS doesn't align with Freedom's deck (testing the Showcase mission). Has anyone reported this on the feedback tracker before? Searched through it but didn't see any mention of it.



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  4. 1 hour ago, chortles said:

    Please be aware that to the best of my knowledge, the advantages in IR-guided missiles (in return for the trade-off of range) are seemingly supposed to be that #1: they don't set off aircraft lock warnings (as opposed to launch warnings) like active radar-guided missiles, and #2: they can be launched/locked without active radar enabled -- so if you can find the target aircraft within view distance you can turn/keep active radar off -- while active radar-guided missiles must have the launching vehicle's active radar sensor all the way through launch in order to begin and complete the missile lock.


    that can all be true (and i think it is) but still completly miss the point.

    the point is:

    should the missile lockon range be influenced/limited by the view distance (object drawing distance) in the player settings?


    even if my PC was so slow, that i couldn't run view distances >1000m (so i have object drawing distance set to 1000m) and i can't see the aircraft i am trying to lock on to (because my PC isn't drawing it), the target is still there and my missiles should be able to see it.



    so currently it is like this:

    missile lockon range: 3km

    object drawing distance: 6km

    you can lock targets at ≤ 3km distance


    missile lockon range: 3km

    object drawing distance: 1.5km

    you can lock targets at ≤ 1.5km distance


    how i think it should be like this:

    missile lockon range: 3km

    object drawing distance: 6km

    you can lock targets at ≤ 3km distance


    missile lockon range: 3km

    object drawing distance: 1.5km

    you can lock targets at ≤ 3km distance



  5. 12 minutes ago, dragon01 said:

    Except that you are able to see him (on radar) and logically should be able to see him on both IR and visual, except that the graphics settings prevent you. IRL, someone that nearsighted wouldn't be allowed to command an AA vehicle (or even drive a car without glasses, for that matter). IMO, both IR and VIS sensors should work beyond the actual VD. Graphics settings are only there to control the looks of the game, they're not supposed to influence gameplay.


    yes and no.

    having him on the radar doesn't necessarily mean that it would be possible to see him on visual and ir spectrums.

    because it could be a cold dark target at night.

    or because IR and visual frequencys are blocked by weather conditions (eg. fog). since radar works on a differnt frequency it should be possible that the radar radiaton doesn't get absorbed or dispersed by the fog, so that you can still get clear signals.



    as long as the only difference is the view distance set by the client/server, that should not affect the vehicle and weapon sensors, because what you said.

    graphic settings is about looks (and performance), it shouldn't influence the gameplay if possible.

  6. 10 hours ago, chortles said:

    the Cheetah's radar is not limited by view distance but their Titan (AA) missiles are, since those missiles have IR sensors.


    i would understand this if the view was limited by weather, but in my case it is limited by player (server) settings.

    so if a jet pilot has 1km more view distance than me, he could approach, lock and destroy me without any chance i could fire back, even if my missiles would be able to lock him if only i had the same view distance set.

    doesn't sound like it should be this way to me.

  7. i think this is not realy reladed to the sensors itself, but i have been told today and confirmed it myself, that you can lock on slingloaded ground vehicles with Titan AT, Scalpel etc. but not on the helicopter itself.

    so i was wondering if this is intention or just an oversight.

    i also have noticed, that Titan AT can't lock on ground vehicles that are up in the air without beeing slingloaded (setpos), but scalpel missiles can.


    next thing i found was, that with a chetah AA i was able lock air vehicles with my radar as soon as they got into range, but the weapon lockon was still dependend on the (object) view distance.

    (view distance 12km-> Orca lockon at 4km range; viewdistance 2.5km-> orca lockon 2.5km)

    and i thought, that AA tanks should get some UI additions like aircraft have with their hud, so that you can see radar targets in the hud and what target you are locking on to.


    if any of the described behaviour is unintended, i'll gladly file a (or more) ticket on the feedback tracker.



  8. I didn't have the endurance to read through more than the first page, so i'll just share what i thought of that could fit in:

    1: better vison for drivers. doesn't have to be modeled interieur, having some kind of free look for the camera or difernt camers to swich to (using numpad freelook)

    2. better damage models as frequently requested

    3. improving tanks is good, but how about some AT improvements?

     so if we got beter damage models, why don't we get top down, attacks for missiles like Titan AT, or that NLAW firemode where the missiles flys over the top of a tank and explodes there for the pcml

    maybe we could also get options to stick explosives to a tank hull without scripting

    4. fire from vehicle positions for tanks/apcs where the infantry just mounts on top of the vehicle, just like it's already in RHS

    5. improved countermeasures against missiles

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